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 sad news for some H1B
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Posted on 02-08-09 12:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sunday 8th February, 2009

Senate seeks restrictions on hiring of H-1B visa holders

IANS     Saturday 7th February, 2009    

The US Senate has accepted a modified
amendment to the massive stimulus bill requiring companies accepting government
bailout funds to hire H-1B visa holders under strict hiring standards so that
qualified American workers are not replaced.

The original amendment to
the over $800 billion stimulus bill sought outright prohibition on businesses
receiving government funds from hiring holders of H-1B visa, a bulk of which are
cornered by Indians.

According to Senator Chuck Grassley the modified
amendment that he moved with Senator Bernie Sanders requires that a company
receiving Troubled Assets Relief Programme funds and applying for workers under
the H-1B process must operate as an 'H-1B dependent company'.

This means
they will still be able to hire H-1B visa holders, but must comply with the H-1B
dependent employer rules which include attesting to actively recruiting American
workers; not displacing American workers with H-1B visa holders; and not
replacing laid off American workers with foreign workers.

American workers for limited available jobs should be a top priority for
businesses taking taxpayer money through the TARP bailout programme.

the unemployment rate at 7.6 percent, there is no need for companies to hire
foreign guest workers through the H1-B programme when there are plenty of
qualified Americans looking for jobs,' Grassley said.

'Our commonsense
amendment simply ensures that recipients of American taxpayer money make
American workers their first priority as they look to hire new

Grassley supports the H1-B programme, but has said that
reforms are urgently needed and the programme should be used in the way it was
intended - as a temporary measure to supplement a company's need for hi-tech or
specialised workers when none are available in the US.

Posted on 02-08-09 3:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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very sad in deed.


Posted on 02-08-09 8:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Take off that stupid thing call H1B Visa. American worker should be first priority.

Posted on 02-08-09 9:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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though i am also H1b visa holder, it totally make sense to hire citizens over foreigners.

Posted on 02-08-09 10:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thats true..nowdays economic condition not good so each nation should think abt their own peopl first so first priority goes theri own  people..

Posted on 02-08-09 10:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with AAAA and henry14.
Posted on 02-08-09 10:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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when would they realize half of the technological advancement in US are due to these foreign H1 B holders...and they force companies to take citizens cause they know thier citizens are shit and cant be compared to bright H1B holders... by forcing companies to take citizens, they are in a way leading these companies to failure and losses...
Posted on 02-08-09 11:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I truly dont think U.S employers favor H1 holders over Citizens. they are just making big issues . Most IT jobs by nature are  contract positions, employers only need employee until the project term. Its true dhoti consultancies are taking advantage of this by working as a liason between their clients and their employees. They try to push up their recruits in the project by creating jhuto resume, job trainings, bla bla... khairey haru ley yesto channels janekai hudaina ani tetikai jobless bhayerako huncha.

 kuro aayo do U.S employer favor H1 holders over there citizens? offcourse not. they just look  their own benifit. job ko nature ley garda temporary employee matra chahincha tesailey po concultancies ko mukh takcha. They  rather pay high salary for contract positions just to get rid of permanent position (its true only in this kinda position they dont care whether their temporary employee is kale, gorey, dhoti, chinky...doesnt matter all they look is their own benifit) natra ta sathi ho tapain hami lai tahai cha ni regular jobs ma khairey ley khairey lai priority dina chadera ..arulai priority dincha ?

talking about Numbers out of that 60000 plus 20000 quota yearly almost half is occupied by dhoti consultancies.. yesto company haru bata janey haru ley kaam payehalyo bhaney payo yedi payenai bhaye pani bhutro ko ghata cha U.S lai baru ulto h1 filing cost yetai uti duniya garera revenue generate garcha. Arko kura Is H1 like GC jun sukai kaam garna pawoocha h1 bhaye pachi? yesto ho bhaney ta khairey ley pawooney kaam aru ley majja ley garney bhayo hoina?Not at all. bhutro ko pawoonu...everything in H1 has to go through a certain channel, there is H1 transfer cost, minimum salary requirement, pay stubb and so many other rules.

lets talk about the other half h1 quota which is through direct hire (not thru dhoti consultancy). My personal experience employers agree to file h1 only after knowing the employees, job requirement, future work load ..etc etc. In these companies people start to work as an Intern, After proving that they are the best  . company finally makes decision to file h1( yesko lagi tetikai hard work, intellience dekhawoon paro lapaan chappan garney chance maru) yeuta dueta  hola testo employers who gives priority to h1 holders than us citizens to save some money but they still have to go through long way pahila ta h1 file garney cost chahiyo, h1 lottery lagnu paro, salary maintain garnu paro..yestai yestai.

I think focus should be more on preparing citizens on how to provide necesary IT trainings, how to make fake resumes, how to pass interviews and how to compete..etc. K garney dhoti consulancy ley chalakhi nai garey pani mathi chadna khojney lai rokna ta sakidaina ni jasto lagyo hai malai.Main kuro H1 ma pahiley dekhi nai esto rule haru cha jasley garda kaam napayema na ta dhoti lai faida cha na ta h1 holder lai...ani kaam paye haley ma sabai lai faidai faida.


Posted on 02-08-09 1:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey dipulata,

               do you think around these hard time, it would be wise to get the GC through marrying a US citizen. I have been considering lots of things and I came to decision that unless we have that patta we will be on trouble.
what is your view on this matter ?

Posted on 02-08-09 3:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I didnt understand... so what will happen to the ones in H1B who are already hired and currently working?
Posted on 02-08-09 3:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nothing happens to one working in H1B. Only thing is employers have to give 1st priority to Amrican workers while hiring new employees as so many u.s citizens are out of jobs. Conclusion is getting and maintaining H1 visa will be more tough in future.

Samrock , nepali ma lekhnu parcha ni yesto kura ..jasari bhaye pani timlai amrica bhandai basnu cha bhaney ta timley sochekai bato ma gayeko ramro hola jasto lagcha hai...


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