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Posted on 05-17-02 11:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The postings in this thread span 5 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 12-09-04 10:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-09-04 11:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-09-04 1:16 PM Reply

i hope you guys are happy.. aakash ma thukyo bhane afnai mukha ma parcha bhanya sunya ho?? you guys are giving bad name to other nepalis

I don't think that was pointing particularly at the discussion itself. Rather at the comment by a member. No need to get jumpy now.
Mic check huh huh huh.
Posted on 12-10-04 1:20 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-10-04 8:26 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jagalaty boot

My opinion is the same as yoursssssssssssssssss
MY 10 commands are
Posted on 12-10-04 8:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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MoneyMinded you are one of the most foul and vile mouthed person that I have ever had the misfortune to come across. Your responses/posts, not only in this thread but elsewhere as well, reeks of immorality, foul language and senseless arguments. You personify the very quality that you say, you detest in other people which is ?talk too much?. Besides that, you lack refinement and can barely grasp the crux of an argument without indulging in swearing. This discussion in particular is about religion. ?You? on the other hand, have veered it to your personal likes/dislikes about Darjeeling/Darjeelingeys, which frankly, I could hardly give 3 hoots about. Rest assured, the feeling is pretty mutual.
It may be true that Darjeeling/Darjeeling is economically disadvantaged when compared NOT to Nepal but to Kathmandu valley ONLY. Kathmandu, MoneyMinded is the capital of a country. Darjeeling is a small, very small district within a state. Yes it is true, due to concentration of wealth, people in Kathmandu valley may be richer than people in the district. Here you are comparing apples to not even oranges but apples to cars, which is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. Yes, people within Darjeeling may not be rich compared to people in Kathmandu valley but we pride ourselves in the quality of education, that has an esteem not only in the region but also in neighboring countries. Money and the power of money is fleeting.?.One day it could empower you, the other day it could rip you off everything that you own. EDUCATION on the other hand is a powerful weapon---Something that no one can snatch away. Darjeeling may not be overflowing with money, but most darjeelingeys are proud to be residents of a place that boasts of a 98% literate population. Compare that literacy rate with a district of comparable size in Nepal??the difference will be humbling.
Ofcourse, I don?t expect a respectful response from you. THAT I am more than assured is NOT your Forte. The sea with its depth of riches is calm in comparison to a stream which could hardly boast of anything beneath it. You can do all the bashing and swearing your heart desires, but remember----I remain undeterred in my views and opinions about my heritage and my religion.
Posted on 12-10-04 9:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-10-04 9:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I told myself not to respond on this thread at all because it was really getting heaped and disrespect of believe by some Christian believer. I have to be thankful for helping me out being messiah who opened my eye with such a high intellectuality. First, let me clarify the fact that Fouling language doesn?t make me vulgar, disrespectful and moron of existing society. There is lot of factors in life which you pass through and cannot be certified in black and white. I don?t intend to be apple of your eye neither to be blue eyed boy of Darjeeling Gorkha hill council population. The vague idea of being educated which is leading you to non other than ego and pride. There is lot of things which I have gained from kalimpong like wise education, harmony in different culture and inter-caste marriage. I was extremely surprised by chettri married to subba, Lepcha to dukpa.
I would like to analyze your own population who use swearing word among the frens not for offence but part of speech. In every word they go like maaka?or jam laune . In kathmandu we do same..saying Muj..,maachik?.and rando. It doesnot mean anything. It is just a sigh from verbal side of speech to refer to friends or just being closer to buddy. You are referring me as foul language speaker because of words I like fuc?shake, holy fuc.., shi?etc. It is making you kuwa ko bhaguta because here everyone uses that word from expat to sweeper. It extends for gal to guy, homosexual to heterosexual. This is what creating big differentiate between us here. Even your 98 percent of population is educated. I didn?t wanted to mention this fact but density population of darjeeing ranks first on drug addict compare to kathmand,pokhara and other cities of Nepal. How should we take this? Is this how the educated person do hooked up in brown sugar etc. Give me a break?.i didn?t wanted to talk but you brought me a obligation.

Thanks and good nite

Anyway you sound like my ex-gf from saint philomina?

Are you by the way nindia mani pardhan?
Posted on 12-10-04 1:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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darj ko kt, getting so deffensive? for what? mm bro, was just giving his own and having a disscussion with john.s, why are u in between? if you cant take it just ignore it...

hmm. those are just ur own words, (Little remixed) used by u in the earlier portion of this thread. NOW U seem to know what it feels like to put down one's culture, country and ppl . Now u r probably learning why is it hard to hear Darj is badder than Ktm. Same situation applies to this thread. by now , hope u learned something. :)
Posted on 12-10-04 3:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's better to stay aside and watch when two bulls are fighting.
When u throw a stone in a pond it does make sound.I guess the title should be "little knowledge is danger but more knowledge is dangerous" instead of "Jesus loves you".
You guys are smart. Now don't ask me what do i mean? hehehehe
peace out!
Posted on 12-10-04 11:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you think the qualities are important I am the hard core Christian. I don't kill, steal, lie, commit adultery, and try to avoid something that hurts or harms me as well as others. I try to generate love, compassion, good will for others. I try to help people out and want to see happiness in their face. Isn't this what Jesus wanted from his disciple? So I am his disciple, so I am a Christian. But what if I don't believe in god, the unseen power who governs everything? Will he punish me for not believing on him? If so I refuse to have faith on such stubborn superpower, let me protest against him from the hell :). Hey come on, if I follow the traffic rule, a traffic police can't punish me even if I misbehave him. I am following his (god's) entire rules and he is punishing me just because I don't believe him because I haven't seen him. He is worst than the traffic Hwaldaar, he is not a supreme power. I refuse to be Christian, let me remain something else.

But another story, you commit sexual misconduct, kill, steal, lies and do something that harms you and others. Out of these rules follow some but break some, but you strongly believe in god, do you think that you will be rewarded heaven for that? If your answer is yes, let me not be a Christian; that is injustice for me. So, the important thing is not the belief, it's not the faith that is important. Important things are laws that we have to follow. These laws are imposed by the nature. Not to kill, not to steal, not to have sexual misconduct, not to lie, not to get intoxicated, not to do anything harmful to oneself and harmful to others is important. These are laws. These are important. These laws are named differently in different society, Hindus say them as "Yema Niyama", Christian said them as "ten commandments" , Buddhist call them "Pancha Sila", Jain "Anu Barta" and so on. You can give them any name.

These laws are basic laws. They are for all the times. You can not say that these rules were valid only in those old days for those old people. Don't say that these are the rules for conservative people not for modern like us. If you break these rules you are bound to suffer, you are bound to be restless. You don't know what the happiness is, that's why you don't know what the suffering is, because you have no right reference to compare. If you try to embrace these rules, then you will feel how difficult it is. It is really difficult to live moral life, but without moral life is suffering. So don't say these rules doesn't work this time as if you have already tested them, practiced them and mastered them. These moral rules are basic rules of nature or for some of you laws of supreme, unseen power. Whoever, atheists or believers all are bounded by these rules, follow them get peaceful life, break them restless life. Restless is bound to come if you don't follow these laws......search for some other means like TV, game, computer, sex, music etc to divert your attention from the restlessness.

Instead of Christian; non-Christian, Hindu; non-Hindu, Muslim; non-Muslim, Jain; non-Jain, Buddhist; non-Buddhist, believers; non-believers, I divide people into two categories, FOLLOWERS and NON-FOLLOWRS of the natural laws, the disciplines, the moral values, which are foundation stones of every religions. Those who fight for religion, they are non-followers, because for the followers all the religions have same laws.

Posted on 12-10-04 11:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Vishontar I am not here to preach or tellin you that jesus is the only god I blieve in him and you have to as well, see I am not against any religion or anyone and I am not tellin people that hinduishm is not this or muslims dont have that..
We aint born chrstians we still have our relatives who are hindus I respect them, I never tried to tell them that their bhagwan is not god.. etc....etc.
I am here specially for chrstian friends as I have mentioned on each and every thread but U know some guys they got me wrong they think that I am here doin full time job, preaching alll the time, common guys have I ever wrote anything against hindushm ?
some guys in here think that they are too smart,and whatever they say has to be supported but not here .. cause I not mr.dick cheney and U aint bush either.........
Posted on 12-11-04 11:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dhoongi baba re ? first of all I am not here to preachhh or tryin to convert you all sajhaits, I donno why U guys got me wrong
You guys were the one who said that I am here to preachhh , where the hell did I said that I work for missionary and I am here to spread the message christ?
What do U think I aint got notthing more in life to do ?
I am here for those who are chrstians and specially those who wants to share some biblical stuffs....
First ur sayin that I am gothalo or whatever and Now ur sayin That I am dhoongi baba ??
Nice joke..But thats not even funny
U dont have anyother threads to respond ? or U are after ??Pointing each and every this and that all the time...
U know what the bible says ? dheerai bolne ko mukh na lagnu, kina ki usko asar timi ma parna sakchaaaaaaaaa..... may be that's why ahmmmmmm.....
Posted on 12-12-04 1:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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John Smith ji,
let me ask you one question. In your thread you menton that you respect hinduism. You even reach to the point that you respect your hindu relatives for having thier own god. What kind of christain are you that respect the idol worshippers? Idol worshipping is considered as a sin in bible. if you're a true bible follower then you can not say i don't preach.. you have to spread the good news... (good news for you)...and you can not respect idol worshippers...

Also, how did you turn into christain? let me hear about that.. did jesus appear in your room in the night in white cloth and told you to become christain? or it was the knock from that missionary guy who bumped into you during your life as a hindu... or was it someone missionary school.. who forced you to sing hymns every sunday..what makes you think you are not brainwashed??you are truly brain washed.. you're another human being in this planet earth who is a vicitim of the fanatismm.. i'm sorry for you..

Posted on 12-12-04 9:20 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Whatever my secrets are,
When I entrust them on you
Remember they are part of me .
& If I exposed my
Nakedness as a person to you,
Dont make me feel shame.
Posted on 12-13-04 4:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hi from malaysia
Posted on 12-13-04 2:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Vishontar ji, good as always. thank you for posting some meaningful post on this thread. Now i have an answer to all those ppl who question ask me what relgion do i belong to. Now, i can proudly say i am a follower of natural laws. :)

Jhon S. k ho bro, timro dimag ma GOber(cow shed) bhareko cha ho? if your fren comes to ur house everyday and start bragging about how good his mom is, wouldnt you respond by saying something good about your mom too..or will u just sit there and hear the comments? at last, u might even get pissed off by hearing too many good things abt his mom..! testai ho, this is not a Place to preach chritianity, not place to say good things about jesus or bramha or allah, whoever, this is a place to disscuss these ideas. .hence, bottom line, GOOD FOR YOU IF YOU HAVE FOUND SALVATION WITH THE HELP OF CHRISTIANITY, just dont brag about your mom infront of us,(and if you do, be ready to hear the good things about other ppl's mom too) but the right place to brag about ur mom is ur home, infront of ur dad, where she will be appreciated without hestiation!

now , i have expalined this to u in most simplified lang. even now if u dont get it, then something is wrong with u :)
Posted on 12-13-04 8:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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As usualllll Confussed ?
When did I said that I am here to start a preaching services ?
Its some eggheaded ( Anti christ ) who didnt got me right anyway I dont care I got my response from couppla guys and I am more than happy....and I dont care at all about those eggheaderssss...........
Posted on 12-13-04 8:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thot yo family r eggheaders (in your own language) too :P
Posted on 12-13-04 11:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Foe I guess U were ignored :-?( keep pushin)
Posted on 12-14-04 5:52 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Okri says in that same essay that "stories are the secret reservoir of values: change the stories individuals or nations live by andtell themselves, and you change the individuals and nations."

What stories do we tell our children and is that why are nation is the state it is in. Do we tell our children stories of hope and mutual understanding or do we tell them stories of fear and division and hatred and fighting for the cause?

The Christian Gospel is a story of hope of love of transformation. Perhaps even in it's telling we have let our children down. We make it our sides story when the Gospel is not a story of pride or rights or one nation lording it over another. Those who live by the sword die by the sword. Jesus brings a new Kingdom where there is neither greek nor jew, slave nor free, protestant or catholic, British or Irish.

The Christian story is not just some fable or myth. It is rooted in factual story of Jesus Christ, The Lamb Of God who takes away the sin of the world. In the story of the cross of Christ we have the power for change, the past is dealt with repentence of our history and forgiveness of our sin and our peoples sins is made possible and the story of the resurrection is about hope for a new day, a new life, transformed by the reality of the story to give us as individuals and nations a second opportunity.

What stories will we tell today? That will determine how we live and where our province goes in the days and months and years ahead.

"Change the stories individuals or nations live by and tell themselves, and you change the individuals and nations."

Again Okri says, "Stories can be either bacteria or light: they can infect a system or illuminate a world."

Please God we tell the right story - His story. Only then will we be the wise building our houses on rock.

Suddenly you realise again that to follow Jesus is not about what people say if you do certain things it is about doing those things becasue Jesus says Follow me.

BOUNDARIES (7 v 1-10)
Jesus was not so much someone who crossed human boundaries as one who destroyed them.

We can think of John 4 where Jesus meets the woman at the Well. In that one instance he braeks the boundaries of gender, race, politics and religion. We can think of his story of the good Samaritan where when asked who is our neighbour he picks the nearest and dearest enemy of the Jews as neighbour and of course at other times tells to love our enemies too. If the Samaritan is out neighbour and we are to love our enemies...

In this passgae we see Jesus in an encounter with a Roman. What he claims to find in their meeting is more fairth than he can find in the whole of Israel.

Now the Jews were proud to be God's people, they were the custodians and the only custodians of the faith. They were doctrinally and liturgically and spiritually correct. Within their formula diod you connect with the one true God and their is no way that gentiles and especially Romans had any handle on it.

Jesus sees past the confines of theological correctness to find faith in this man who had probably little understanding of the faith he was excercising. We do not neeed theological degrees to have faith.

So often I find myself limiting the places that I might find faith. Protestantism, my denomination, my particular theological club within that again. Sometimes I find myself so arrogant as to think that really only I know it all and have "real" faith. I often have to judge my own prejudice and bigotry, my own limiting of God to whom I tell him he should find faith in.

I wonder how many times God looks down and says, "I have not found such great faith even in Protestantism".

God forgive me for my arrogance and help me to cross boundaries in the name of your Kingdom.

i hope john doesnot go to confess to lord after going to sajha everytime for his mind being tempted by evil sajah as he thinks.........

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