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 This is Why we need MONARCHY

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Posted on 12-03-05 5:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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OK by now we all know these so called "maoists" are nothing but indian byproduct. or i'd like to think of them as indian shit and that is why their actions against our nation stink so much. parties and their leaders are the byproduct of indian education, indian exile during the panchyat era and i bet you if you count the days they've lived so far, they have spent more time in india than nepal. thus no sense of patriotism by agreeing keep the arm forces of an independent nation under a foreign watch. let's admit it, these leaders were gifted to power of nepal when india decided to block nepali borders for then king birendra buying arms and ammunitions from china. so it is obvious for our leaders to show their gratitude to the indian establishment for bringing them from exile to the elite. not just they show gratitude but they fully beleive and have faith in india that they can and will put them to nepali power at anytime. the relationship between india and nepali leaders are so surreal that it is almost like god to devotee relationship. but lets not fool ourselves here, india is more of a devil than god while the leaders are their evil messengers. so all in all...to sum it up....in 1990 we were blessed with this so called "democracy" not because of visionary leaders or true freedom fighting patriots but it was due to the shortage of salt, kerosene, and potato in the nepali market. so to think and believe this democracy brought under such circumstance was going to flourish and produce meaningful outcome was just lunatic. so here we are today and history is trying to mimic itself. india has played the parties and maoist card to isolate the monarch only because time and again the only institution that has ever tried stood against indian direct intervention in nepal is monarchy. this time not only we have brought arms and ammunitions from china but took an active role in giving china observer status in saarc, which received a bitter reaction from india to say the least. so once and for all, india is set to abolish the instituation of monarchy from nepal, so that it won't have to keep dealing with threats she provides via china. india just like itself wants full functioning democracy in nepal or does it? maybe that is possible only if nepal is a part of india?? or nepal can be independent and democratic just another bhutan to india. i'm disgusted by indian ploy in my motherland. these so call freedom fighting nepali leaders or the maoist do not care about nepal, they want power and they want democracy at any cost to the nation...be it a democratic nepal under direct indian rule or get to the power and make every decission to hurt the nation and benefit indian special interests. we all want to live in a society where there is freedom of speech, press, and human rights protection. but we also want to live in a nepali society, don't we? the way i see it for now, institution of monarchy is the only real chance we have to save the REAL independence and sovereignty of our nation. we might not like some of things done by the kings now and in the past on a personal level but on a more national and patriotic level we need to give them our full support and have pride in that they have and will continue to say NO to indian special interest or any kind of direct indian involvement in nepal. there will be a day and time in the future of our nation that we will get to enjoy the kind of democratic society we often envision because it is in evitable. but today and in this circumstance under the current leadership is NOT THE WAY. full democratic nepal will be a natural progression because of a stronger, patriotic, peaceful, and united nepal. long live nepal and her sons and daughters who are / will continue to fight against all foreign interests in her land. jay nepal!
The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 12-05-05 1:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Saral Sharma ji: I would like to clarify about my opinion. I used the term "Servant" for those who always see king as the Nepal and there is nobody true nationalists except "RajaBadi". I don't think that taking a National flag in hand means "Rastrabadi". People thinks that "Rajabadi" can only be the "Rastrabadi". What's our fault that we can't the be the Head of the Nation? So, there should a chance to all Nepalese equally to fight for all positions up to the Head of the Nation. And, who thinks that it is the "Pewa" of Shah, I want to say them as the servant of "Shah". I would also like to clarify about the present political situation in Nepal. The Maoist and 7 parties are now united for their common goals. Just think that Maoist and Parties are competetor and Parties/Maoist and King are enmies. So, it doesn't a big deal if they are now in one agenda. It's the rule of Political Dynamics. I know you undertand well. What do you think about the present governmnet? Are they clean and clear? Do you know about the corruption in Royal Palace?
Posted on 12-05-05 2:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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good job, hukka nepali. I thought lord stopped makings people who admire to be ruled by people from some clan rather than by people chosen on merit. But you opened my eyes man-- guys like you are still around. thanks.
Posted on 12-05-05 3:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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There is no doubt in my mind that the Indian transit ban directly or indirectly influenced the 1990 revolution and the start of democracy in Nepal. Most of the senior political leaders at that time had some indian link. Even some indian politicians were involved. But does that mean the large public uprising was all doctored by india and the nepaese people had nothing to do with it. This is an insult to all the fellow nepalese who died at that time resisting the dictatorial attitude of the panchayati regime. There has been a lot of arguments that the monarch can provide us with stability and peace and he can stand up against the indian influence. Well, if the peace comes at the cost of silencing all the voices, I wonder how good of a peace that is. And about standing up against indian influence; I wonder whom he is standing up for, the nepalese people or his own power. I have no problem with people supporting the monarch. But at the same time people should not have any problem when someone else speaks his mind and opposes the king. Sadly this is not happening in Nepal or even in this message board. As long as people keep on thinking themselves as the only right voice and keep suppressing other's voices in the pretext of being pro-indian or pro-political parties, I don't see how we will have our country rolling. Finally I admire how shamelessly someone can argue that we need dictatorship to preserve free speech, civil liberty and democracy.
Posted on 12-05-05 4:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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political parites and or maoists are not capable of bringing about change in nepal by themselves alone. not much discussion there. so what do they do? go down to india and get their help by agreeing and promising to who knows what kind of deals down the roads and its consequences on nepal and nepali people. we have been through this route in the past, during the 1990 democracy movement and we all know how successful that ended up being. just like the america's war on terror in iraq. the sunnis, sheiks, and kurds iraqis who wanted freedom from saddam's regime; today some of their most influential leaders are coming out and pubically admitting that iraq and the lives of iraqis was far better during saddam's era than it is now. now i know nepal is no iraq nor the institution of constitutional monarchy is no saddam's regime. point to be noted here is that, freedom, democracy, peace, whatever name you want to give brought to a nation with direct foreign involvement is bound to fail. vietnam and afghanistan are other fine examples of that. i thought us nepalis learned after 1990 that free society at the expense of india was never going to work in nepal....but i guess we are itching for yet another example. anyways, america is in iraq for the oil and anyone else who thinks otherwise needs a reality check. so i will let the intellectuals here figure out what is at stakes for india in nepal. jay nepal!
Posted on 12-05-05 4:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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before replying anything are you monarchist?
Posted on 12-05-05 6:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What's at stakes for India in Nepal? Here: - Hydro resources (same reason as Bhutan's) - Source of foreign currency from Nepal's tourism other industry that Nepal spents on unwanted (in India) Indian goods. - Safe harbor for Indian criminals, crooks, and terrorists from Indian law (these are mostly Indian politicians or people close to them) - Last but not the least hundreds of thousands supply of chinky eyed prostitutes and gurkha bahadurs.
Posted on 12-06-05 2:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-06-05 2:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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We do need king .

Posted on 12-06-05 3:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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We don't need.
Posted on 12-06-05 4:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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let's make this one right: some of us need king most of us don't. if there had been a democratic government in nepal and we were to hold elections on this matter then we won't have king. period
Posted on 12-06-05 6:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Birbhadra, would you also make another thing right? Some of you need India to rule over Nepal but MOST of us don't.
Posted on 12-06-05 7:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hukka nepali, a very good and stimulative evaluation you have done about present situation in Nepal and possible solutions. I, just like so many Nepalese here in Sajha, respect you for your love towards Nepal. Keep it up. There may be few here who are criticizing you for your thoughts and belief. They are few in number but appear in many aliases. So you dont have to worry about these species. They will soon get tired and run away with they tail tucked neatly underneath.
Posted on 12-06-05 7:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hukka nepali jee, thank you for your straightforward and honest analysis. I hope your ideas and views will go a long way in making the rest of sajhaites realize, if they havent realized by now, that we do not need the parties and the maoists at the moment. Again sincere thank you for your nice comments. Long live my country nepal.
Posted on 12-06-05 8:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I support King G(the only patriot). He is needed as of now.
Posted on 12-06-05 9:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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III_II_I_II_III , your statement is purely nonesense. we can (nepali people) run our own country. we will close all the borders with india and we can proudly say hey we don't need you indians. most of nepali don't need india or anything from india because if we do then we will become less than humans in other words we will become indians. pashupati nath bachau!!!!! we will rather be slaves to our king than be friends with india, indians are bad they will gulp down nepal like cocacola. we don't have confidence in ourselves so we would rather be told what to do by our king than suggested by india. bohoohoo hamlai india le khancha raja hamlai bachau baru hami timro sewak dass hunchau. bobhooooho. india le khana lagyo nepal aahhh gardaicha bachau. if india wants to take nepal it can take it overnight. let's be realistic it has one of the world's powerful army. gorkhali bir chan tara 21 century is ruled by technology. my big question HOW can monarchy save nepal from india if india wants to take nepal? only people can save nepal from any outside force. so i don't see any relevance of king in protecting nepal
Posted on 12-06-05 9:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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".....we do not need the parties and the maoists at the moment..." What a joke?! But your master says he wants parties! And he has parties now, not one or two, more than 70! But how funny! Look at the number of people they have behind! Read this. And don't say you don't believe this because it comes from KOL, your master and his faithful servants (I hope no one is more faithful than you though) believe this. Your master has nothing supporting him, he is reigning just because he has army and this army's top positions are filled with inefficient, duplicate crtificate holder, no use anywhere else crook sons of shah-rana clans and some bhardar. "Of the 72 parties cleared by the Election Commission (EC) on Tuesday for participation in the upcoming municipal polls, 52 (72 per cent of the parties registered for municipal polls) have never taken part in elections. Of the remaining 20, barring the RPP (which is yet to decide if it wants to contest the polls), only one party -- Nepal Sadbhawana Party -- had representation in the last parliament. This means, 70 of these parties have never known public trust and never been elected to the highest law making body. The total popular vote garnered by them provides further indication of how many Nepalese they actually represent -- they collectively got less than 2 percent of the votes cast during the last parliamentary polls. Moreover, a majority of them polled less than 1,000 votes. For instance, Nepal Rastriya Aketa Party got only 8 votes; Mechi Mahakali Jana Samonya Dal got 35 votes; two candidates from Samajbadi Garib Party had 86 votes, Socialist Democratic Party received 97, and Nepal Janabhawana Party, 120 votes. Interestingly, most of these 70 parties do not have their own party office.
Posted on 12-06-05 9:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thank you, ShresthaN ji, Bhoonte ji, xx-nepal ji, for the kind words. as i've mention above: there will be a day and time in the future of our nation that we will get to enjoy the kind of democratic society we often envision because it is in evitable. but today and in this circumstance under the current leadership is NOT THE WAY. i fully stand by that statement. thus i say, this is why the institution of monarchy is needed. just because there are more vocal activits here or in nepal rioting and demonstrating for their own individual agendas, doesn't mean there aren't any lesser of us true patriots who will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their nation is being safeguarded as long as there is the sun and moon in the sky...as indicated by our nepali flag. DEMOCRACY IS NOT GOING TO COME WITHOUT PEACE....PEACE IS NOT GOING TO COME WITHOUT UNITY....UNITY IS NOT HAPPEN IN A NATION WITHOUT PATRIOTISM.
Posted on 12-06-05 9:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I forgot to mention another new party that your masters have organized. It is the drunken mob which roams the streets of KTM with KHUKURI. Call it KHUKURI DAL. Thats same to what was done in 2008. But too much of water has already flown in Bagmati since then.
Posted on 12-06-05 9:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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what is your definition of Patriotism hukka nepali?
Posted on 12-07-05 1:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is also one of the reason we need the King so that he can ban Indians from giving speech against Nepal in Hindi on Nepali Land. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-310143414616383538

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