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Posted on 10-23-04 9:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ladyyyyyyyyyyyy...muahhhhh happy birthday... its your birthday, go go go lady, its your birthday, we gon party like its your birthday *hugs* Hope all your dreams and wishes come true luv ya happy birthday one more time...happpppyyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyy :-D
The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-24-04 11:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Phewwwwww! Paarrrteehhh kinda over ! :p :p Got cleaning to do now....bholi bihan garulaa....:D:D:D too pooped @ de mo. Redstone, you red badar, laj chaina invisble man bhayera auna? I said fictional/non ficitonal characters WITH clothes ! <----- he then used the cake to become visible! ..GGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Palpali, ke bhaneko mathi ^ in magar they say bhanera...no bujhing. :(:( Oh yeah I am also so sorry I did not understand when you wished meh a very happy birthday in Magar bhasa. You looked so very nice in your Nepali dhaka topi and daura suruwal wiht the khukuri @ de waist! :p Echoes, everything you saidd to meh was echoed back atcha! :p Muuuaahz! Mega! for you I am 37 years old frm today! :D:D you sure looked brilliantly MEGA in your costume!! AX dada, Darshan! Hajur ko Red Sox ko prati dedication ta wah wah! Loved your jersey ! :D Kanlanki sweetheart! That " I daughter beautiful" poem was really beautiful. Mero mutu nai choyo.......Aaiyaa! :) *Hugs* and boy oh boy did u looookk soo very seusi in that Hanuman Kattu of yours!! ani we want sum more wiggling nd jiggling frm yaaaa!! * pssssst....his hanuman kattu was white and it had red hearts all ovaaa * Kooluuuuu, cake ta sappai Red badar used up, to become visible! ...if you want sum cake aba u gotta...hmmm...errrr.....go and lick it off him!!! Yiiiii!Ewwwww! Dannnyyy bwaiiiiii Mwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhzzzzzzz.......I loped that green arse of yours! Can I have a bite? *Drool* *Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* Dancing Rani! , Geeeee thanks a million for the addition to my artillery!! Muuuaahhhz! :D Momoooooooooo!!! Damn! you looked almost good to eat today! Ravishing!!! Muuuaahhh !*any guys listening...heheheh :)* Bhinazu, I hope you are still even and not odd!! :p and how was your kissing session with Rato badar? :p:p Jelluuuuuuuuuu, awwwww my lil' sis the most adorable one @ de paarrteehhh!! Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most adorablest of all! [Snow White] err...hmmm...your dwarfs did create quite a mess tho! :p Muuuaah. Sanuuu, my chattu, nakkhu,mitthu,nattu,mutu sweet frienddddd!!! <---- She is a real Cinderella! Guys trailing her all overrrrrr the party agi!!! :p and hon, you left your glass sandals under the living room sofa and this lucky guy has found it! *wink* Muuuaaahhh DC gurl! all your wishes made my day! you were perfect agi as a Fairy wiht the oh so dainty sparkling tiara and magicall wanddd!!! *hugs tite* Neoooiiiteeee!! Muuuaaahhz ! Do show sum more of your Matrix moves hai next party ma!! .. ani its not belated keyy....24th ma nai ho! Tyankk Q ! Shaquuu, Damn what was that , that you were dressed as!! Couldn't figure it out!! BUt it was oh sooooo romanticcccccc! and do I see you holding a pair of glass sandals? Now dunn try to hide ke.....:P:P:P:P <----- sappai jana gurls sanga dance garna bhya yo aja Shaq le...ehehehhe U_day, its Me_day today! :p:p It was so nice to finally meet you after hearing so much abt you frm Rato badar! Mr.Musketeerrr!!! Go ! Go! Confused honey, now I am beginning to feel like your twin!!! :p and yeah if Sitara dd had seen you today, she would forget Kalanki in a heartbeat! yea yea...everyone of us saw Kalanki being jealous of you ni agi! *wink! wink* Phewwww! looks like an essay with short paragraphs! Tehehehe.....Meh thank you ALL for coming and making my day so much brighter ! :D:D
Posted on 10-24-04 12:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh No! I missed Aunty Croft and Confused honey's bud-day! Hyappy budday to both of you! To Aunty, may you remain as you are... adorable! Aunty, you stole my poster?! :( Kalanki has been missing in action every since he signed up to be my blizzard buster! If found please kaan nimatho his ear and boot him to DC! To Confused,... may you concentrate more on your studies and less on confusing yourself! :)
Posted on 10-24-04 2:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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happpppppppppy bday - lady princess ********************************************** OGGGGGGGLYYYY CHOR>....... budho bhaichas ta mula.. thuiyaaa.. hijo samma baccha thiyo.. aaja ek barsa budho.. la moj gara :D:D:D:D happy bday oogly ...
Posted on 10-24-04 5:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Same here mah lady! BTW who is this rato badar? I hope you are not talking about the bader with rato toot.
Posted on 10-24-04 9:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy birthday to Confused, also. May some of your illusions be cleared! :-)
Posted on 10-24-04 10:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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happy birthday confused one more time happy bday ladyyyyyyyy....muah!
Posted on 10-25-04 1:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy birthday lady croft. Stay happy :)
Posted on 10-25-04 9:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Damn the party's in full swing and I didn't know. Anyway, here is me dressed as Goldilocks with Papa Bear (Confused) and Mama Bear (Sitara sis) coming to attend the party :) Where's the foodddd :D :D Before I leave, happy birthday De Lady and Confused partner!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 10-25-04 12:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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OMG! Did i miss da partay?? Me Laaaady, Happy Birthday pumpkin!! Soooo sowy for me late arrival!! I jus heard about it just nw!!Doohh!! Ohh oooo its our Lady's birday, she surely is a special Lady, hope u enjoyin ur day to the max lovi!!! I cant seem to find the place where u havn the partay, i think sum1 'accidently' gave me the wrong addreesss!!Tut tut..hee hee..no worriess il be the gate crasher stumblin around drunk n makin anuisance of myslf, aftr all a partay aint a partay without one! Teeheehee....much love n hugs 4 u sista....mwaaahhhhh!!!* (*Runnin 2 shops b4 it shuts 4 frantic prezziee shoppin....) Confused hun, Happy Belated Birthday 2 u toooooo!!! Domi
Posted on 10-25-04 12:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A song by the awesome band STYX ..........well.......... lady's bday rt? so doesn't have too much to do with the B-day but its awesome......... Lady, when you're with me I'm smiling //never seen u Give me, whoa-oh, all your love // lol don't want it for now maybe when i break up with my gf i'll look for u Your hands build me up when I'm sinking Touch me and my troubles all fade // do u wanna touch me lol......... Lady, from the moment I saw you // haven't seen u Standing, whoa-oh, all alone You gave all the love that I needed // did u ????????? So shy, like a child who had grown You're my lady of the morning // lol............. Love shines in your eyes Sparkling, clear and lovely You're my lady // here's the killer .......... Lady, turn me on when I'm lonely // oops........... Show me, whoa-oh, all your charms // lolly lolly........... Evenings, when you lay down beside me // now its getting worst...... Take me gently into your arms // hehehehehe sorry. i didn't write the lyrics
Posted on 10-25-04 3:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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what the hell....hehe.. kukurni!!*HUUUUGS* hehe... couldnt control ke...;oP...hehe..dunno why im feeling like this today..lik getting hyper etc..hehe guess seeing u aftre a while here..:o)...anyway *HUUGS* hehe take care :o) lady sorry hehe...came here for here...and dyam next time she gives u a kiss call me promto..and i stand behind her..and just as she leans to kiss u..u move out..and i move in..heheehehe kasto lagyo plan ;o)...anyways party ko pics khoi?;o)...exchange garum bhaneyko hoina?pics and songs...hehe...hope ur having fun.. and yo confused mula bro ta...never say anything here..but sidha went to ladys zone!!wonder why hehe...what format(software) did u separate the files with?ma chai ek dum stress...now gettn more stressd cant open ur files hehe..anyways laters.. time to go to uni now...gonna camp there..;oP danny
Posted on 10-25-04 6:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hehe dananah bro, lady's zone ma lady's nai lady's ani thats where i feel like being :P k garne bigreko bani, kt dekhyo ki k huncha huncha :) bro, write a batch file..to unsplit them.... meera, auuna yaha, timilai food always avilable.. LOL ECHOES BRO! you LIED TO ME! Where's the email???? Sitara, how can i concentrate on my studies when you are there?? :P ani redstone bro, yb chor, domi, sabailai thax again
Posted on 10-26-04 10:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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~ Sitara dd, hajur ko ashirwad ko lagi biiggg smile and hug ! Kalanki kaley ko purano bani, promise breaking!!! :p:p ~ Youngblooodz, meh Prince Charming! Muuuuaaaahhhhzzz ! ~ U-Day, it definitely is de red badar! what is "toot" tho? hmmmmmm..... ~ Ennaaaaaa sis! where art thou these days!? Miss ya lots honie! Such a pleasure to see you after long and thank you loads! Muuuaaahhhz ~ Red daka badar, will you puuuhhllleeezzz go and wear sum clothesssssssssssssss!!! ~Meeruuuuuuuu, lovely keti wiht the gorgeous golden lockssssss!! and Mama and Papa bear look chooo chweettttt together!!! :D:D [ psst...i already sent the food @ your crib....:D:D smart ain't I? :p:p..] ~Domiiiiii! :D:D Appreciation for all your good wihses:D:D:D mUuU muuu MUUU muuuu aaaaaaaaaa muuuuu muuuuuuuaaaahhhhzzz! :D:D *danny beat THIS kissi * party still going on! how can I have a parteeehh wiht out you!!!!! you can join/crash/fly/roll anytime you want honie!! :D:D Do send us a waring tho before you come ! *wink* have to have paramedics ke.....guys fainting aba..you in oyur Domi suit! wooohooo! ~ Pinkyyyy! I really liked the lyrics! Will listen to the song...if I find it! :D ~Dannyyyy! tehehehe you are a bit late! Ed behind meh to lean in when domi lean in to kiss moi! teheheheheheh! ~Confused! how does birthday party together next year, sound to ya? *wink* :p:p Love ya all..me send hugs to all you wonderful ppllllll! :):):): MUUUUUAAAHHH!
Posted on 10-26-04 11:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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actually i want u to hear that song just send me u'r email and i'll send it to u.. i think i have it....... just let me know......... u should listen to it its amazing..........
Posted on 10-27-04 1:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Is that your birthday croft.....cool..........happy belated birthday...sorry busy with work....i have a plan what about dinner in La pampa ( argentinene restaurant) or la comida( spanish restaurant) in central hong kong. If u can make it in next monday it will be great.............tell me coz i have to make reservation.... my office no is 25463543 fax is 29842588 mobile is 91047958 email : kcooler2000@yahoo.com or email me at kc@treasureislandhk.com make sure that u ask for kc when u call love yah babe this is daammmmmm serious if u dont want to eat there any choice of restaurant...................i can afford to take u to Gaddis( french cuisine) in pennsuila hotel......honestly, should i book a kurg or crystal champagne............what wine do u like? french( cheatueau cabbanis or cheateau rothoschild) tell me which grape varitey you like( merlot, cab sav, pinot noir, pinot grigo, semillon, pinotage, shiraz, sav balnc, chardonny) tell me. If u like new world wine like from australia, chilli and newzeland i am fine tool.............what about cloudy bay( newzeland) chardonny pretty good. muhaaaaaaaaaaamuhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa muha muha
Posted on 10-27-04 4:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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LAdy ko Birthday??? hey u gal... u're a year older... a year wiser.. and a year later u will be a year older again... :P anywayz. .lemme write a poem for u.. a dumb one.. but hey.. i tried hai.. heeheehee... :P happy birthday oh dear lady... u no longer are a baby... joined sajha when... me and topah were still quarelling then.. joined the gang of topahs... from the comfort of ur sofas... now u're a year older.. and the weather's becoming colder... Brrrr...!!! happy birthday Lady...!! Lame poem.. i know.. it;s the though tat counts key.. hehehe.. :P Tralalalala...!! :D
Posted on 10-27-04 6:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-28-04 10:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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~* Pink, thanks a lot for helping to send, but I think I will dl it, hai? *Smiles* Thanks again! [ haven't dl it yet as my comp is down ajkal :(:(:(:(:(:(] ~* EDddddiieeeee ! *Biiiggg grrrinnn* I lop lopa loppee loppyy lop your poem! Muuahz fer it! and yes I sure felt all the thoughts and wishes behind your ullu poem....*giggles* ~* Laughing Buddha, thaanks to you too with a SMILE! ~* Moneyminded/KC ! :o:o:o *scratches her head...wondering what to say* Xie xie ni for de wishes and the dinner invitation. I dunno what to say abt de choices of wines and grapes cuz I dunn drink, but yes I do like grapes! I cannot make it on Monday tho. How abt I take a raincheck? [ Hint: chunjie, times square, happy valley] :P:P:P:P However, I dunn think I can keep up wiht your food talks !! [ psst ..sumbody pass meh a food dictionay/encylo.]
Posted on 10-29-04 7:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ai Ya! Wo Chi Dao Le. Duibuqi aa! Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le! Women Dou Yue Lai Yue Lao, Ke Shi Zhe Shi Zhe Yang De Ba- " Ri zi yi tian yi tian guo Wo men hui man man zhang da.... Shi guang cong cong cong cong liu zou Ye ye ye bu hui tou Mei n? bian cheng lao tai po Ai yao Na na na ge shi hou Wo wo wo wo ye ye Yi jing shi ge zao lao tou " Ever heard "Shu Zhi Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo"? Bie Dan Xin. Chang Ge. Chang Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo. Ru Guo Ni Bu Ming Bai De Hua, Wen Ni De Zhong Guo Pengyou. Ta Bang Zhu Ni. Na Mei You Zhong Guo Peng You De Hua, Ke Yi Gei Wo Da Dian Hua, Wo Bang Zhu Ni, Hao Ma? He Jiu Ba. Weile Ni De Jian Kang Shen Ti Gan Bei! Get a ABC Han - Ying dictiionary from your nearest Xin Hua Shu Dian. Strongly reccomended.
Posted on 10-29-04 9:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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:O:O:O:O:O Ai ya! Xie xie ni aa!! Buda maaanchey!! :p:p [ abt just now , think nide shou ji, ting ji!! Dui ba? ] No Gan bei or Gan ping fer meh! Ni dashain lai le,dashain kuai le bhanera syang syang fichyoo gan bei hola!! Ewwwww boys!

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