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 Understanding Dharma

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Posted on 03-05-22 5:46 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dharma is a concept that is not found in English vocabulary. It is definitely not religion. If a person has not understood dharma then the life that is led is that of a mere animal. That is what is missing in Nepal right now, because its education is deficient and influenced by the West. I know because I was also a victim of the system but managed to get out of enslavement that was designed a couple of centuries ago in India. After finding the path to enlightenment, I have started seriously study of dharma. I listend to more than 50 Upanishads over the past five years, and understood the foundation of our culture. I hope some of you will also start your spiritual path. Here is an excerpt from the reading for today.

Take an example. People used to celebrate sacrificial rites (yajnas) in ancient times, and they sacrificed animals (pasus) in these rites. But the animal is only a symbol. It was not the dumb creature that had to be cut to pieces. The animal leads a life of sacrifice, even without its career being completed at the sacrificial pole! The animal that has to be disemboweled and offered is different.
In the spiritual vocabulary, animal means “the bodyconsciousness”, “the I-consciousness”, and this is what has to be slaughtered. The Lord is known as Pasupathi or Govinda. Pasupathi means the Lord of all individuals (jivas), pasu meaning individual; and govinda means the guardian of cows or individuals, “go” meaning individual. The tending of cows is a symbolic play of Krishna to indicate His mission of tending individuals. The skriptures (sastras) have profound inner meanings. The aim of dharma is to make the individual (jiva) give up attachment to external nature and the illusion that it causes and to make it realize its reality or rather, unrealize what it has now taken as real so that it may stand revealed in its genuine identity.


The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 03-07-22 3:21 PM     [Snapshot: 397]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok lets say your are a gay and your parents married you forcefully and since you are a gay and cannot screw your wife do you become adharma?
Posted on 03-07-22 11:09 PM     [Snapshot: 439]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gai ra sungoor ghichera dharma ka kura garna aauchan mulaa saaag haru
Posted on 03-07-22 11:18 PM     [Snapshot: 437]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here is continuation of Dharma Vahina:
All codes of duties must help in this process of destruction of the ego; they should not foster it and make it grow wild. That is the road to freedom. If a person, finding life with the son miserable, goes to the daughter and lives in her house, that is not winning freedom! That is only a way of feeding the ego. This search for sensual happiness cannot be elevated into “dharma”.

If you are confused about transportation, this will make it simple. The dharma of the driver is to drive safely and reach the destination on time and serve the passenger as promised. About having or driving a car. There is a very important concept called äparigraha in Vedic texts by Patanjali. It is the guidelines or manual how to live. The West does not have it at all. It is in the Astanga Marg. Yam, Niyam, Asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharana dhyan samadhi. This is the preskription for moksha. well, in Niyam, which is how to be aware of the social life and be responsible towards the society,अपरिग्रह basically teaches not to hoard, or amass more than what you need, which is different according to the responsibilities of a person. So, a highly placed person will be just to have cars and even helicopters to fulfill his duty, but not the same for, let's say, a simple business man, or shopkeepers, although he might feel "wow, how wonderful it would be to have an expensive car to drive around!!! अपरिग्रह ‍ भनेको आवश्यकता भन्दा धेरै सामान, सम्पत्ति नथुपार्नू। As you can see, that is our cultural heritage that we do not follow anymore, and the West is just the opposite, the more the better, the bigger the better, right? If you did not know, you are not alone. I asked this question in 2015 to all the staff of Samanya Prasashan mantralaya who were there to attend my motivation session for cleanliness, because my work had just been awarded an honor as being Top 3 Youth Project in Sustainability in the world out of 177 counries. The sachib organized that presentation, and I asked them the question of Yam and Niyam. These two are the foundation of a social system. Not a single hand was raised when I asked if they had heard of it. I myself has no idea about it until 2012.

And as for practicing what one preaches, that is the most important thing. There are many examples of such stories. It is also called त्रिकरण शुद्दि meaning that one's thoughts, words and actions have to be in harmony meaning the same. One cannot think something, say something else and do something else entirely. All three have to be synchronized. Only then you start becoming a dharmic person.

I have a very simple life with no luxuries but lot of happiness. In the past three years, since the pandemic started, I have had to travel only once to attend an AGM and meet with some important personalities in Kathmandu, social activists doing sewa or legal minds starting political movements. I took a night bus to Kathmandu and returned the same day. Accomplished all I had planned to do. So, I have no need for a personal transportation, not even a bicycle because I stay in my office which is like a small room for mediation (gupha) and study and work from 8 am till 10 pm. I go out for a Saturday walk for 203 hours to the river, forest, hill, take some kids to feed the people seeking alms, and monkeys too. No complication, only peace and quiet. No, I do not eat meat, or even eggs. It has been more than 12 years. I wake up around 3 am naturally, take a cold shower around 4 am. and then do pranayama, meditation and kriya for about an hour. I listen to spiritual lessons for 3-4 hours a day. I mentor some kids, who also help me buy from the market some items I need, like sakkar, milk, birenoon, bananas, etc. And, if anyone comes to me with any sickness, I have remedies to give them. It is energy healing and is totally free. I am not allowed to charge any money for it and that was one of the main conditions for qualification to get the training in divine healing. Just the day before yesterday a student came with her problem, panic attacks she faces because when the earthquake shattered Nepal, her family was sleeping outside and some guy tried to do bad things to her, she was in grade 8 then. And her mother is going through lot of pain and a sprained ankle. After taking the remedy, she texted yesterday that her mom's pain has come down. So, that is all I need to do, no attachments and only trying to help people, and people doing good work. I feel lot happier than any time in my life in USA or Nepal.
Last edited: 07-Mar-22 11:38 PM

Posted on 03-08-22 12:17 PM     [Snapshot: 486]     Reply [Subscribe]
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West is just the opposite - ani bhaya yo gai khane desh ani yo gaiko mut khane desh kinna yeti farak cha?
Posted on 03-08-22 11:50 PM     [Snapshot: 562]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The gist of today's Dharma Vahina:
The main takeaway of today is that once a person aligns himself with the divine, the Atmic-consciousness and lives his life, every worldly act also becomes sanctified. Such actions will be motivated by universal interest and well-being. On the other hand, all acts motivated by selfish interest are not at all dharma, even though it might appear as dharmic act, like going to the temples, donating money or clothes, or doing social work. 

As for consuming cow, the argument is called false logic. Kutarka. Just like people saying रगत सबैको रातो हुन्छ। Realize that there are different blood groups and if you give wrong blood to a patient, the case is finished. Red blood will not mean anything. Even for Covid, infection susceptibility is found to be different according to blood groups. Well, as for cows too, Western and Eastern cows are not the same, nor the mil or urine. Here I share a slide form my FB group स्वाभिमानी नेपालीः You can eat cows if you want, but the Western cow, not the local Eastern cows. But recently there has been import of Western cows in the name of increasing milk production. Indian government started this, and you know they are still suffering from colonized mentality. Even in Nepal, there was a news recently about buying Western cows for high milk production. The surface reality is not the real truth. There will be consequences, just like anything from the West, is superficial. If you want to know why the West is developed, that is also a superficial thing. Here is how. Mostly people understand "development" as physical convenience that makes labor us less, and increased the sensual pleasures. Isn't that so? That is okay to an extent, but not the extreme it has gone. Look at the cost of cow meat consumption. It has consequences for climate change due to high level of methane and the cost of farming. The West is totally a material-oriented culture. Their whole emphasis is in object manifestation. Naturally, what you focus on you excel in it. The East traditionally is spiritual-oriented. The goal in the West is to have financial freedom because you are loaded with debt all your life. But in the East, the goal is to get freedom from the cycle of birth. See, it is not the same kind of living.

Posted on 03-09-22 8:37 PM     [Snapshot: 635]     Reply [Subscribe]
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But in the East, the goal is to get freedom from the cycle of birth - cant deny that..:with such a poor living conditions there many might be in first ones to complete the cycle. Arko kuro if westerners were not material oriented then you would have to convey your messages through some spiritual medium and not via internet.
Last edited: 09-Mar-22 08:53 PM

Posted on 03-09-22 10:19 PM     [Snapshot: 657]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Todays Dharma Vahina: There are only two things and we can choose just one. These two are material world and spiritual world. Choosing the material world is like walking in the shadow or a coconut tree and expecting to pick up the coconut. The reality is spiritual, the real tree, which if you climb you can pick up the coconuts. So dedicating to the spiritual reality gives you the material happiness as well.

It there were not such emphasis and obsession with the material world alone, we would not need the internet. Spiritually accomplished people are few and they do not need the physical means to convey or understand what is going on anywhere in the universe. Ancient rishis used to travel the cosmos and even create an alternate universe with their power. They could choose to leave their body, meaning when to choose to leave this world. That is like conquering death. The West is obsessed with living longer and looking sexy. What the materialistic culture has done is to seek power without being eligible for it. Like Trump. In reality, none of the leaders of the world now really have the ability to solve the problems facing us because their knowledge is highly inadequate. I will share some real stories of spiritual power from another spiritual blog I started a while back focused on only The Autobiography of a Yogi, one of the top 100 most influential books of 20th century and the only book Steve Jobs kept in his I-pad and read once a year.

Posted on 03-10-22 12:45 AM     [Snapshot: 678]     Reply [Subscribe]
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In reality, none of the leaders of the world now really have the ability to solve the problems facing us because their knowledge is highly inadequate——--if today’s leader can’t solve the problem how about spiritual people coming down from their wonderland and showing the difference. Until now all it seems like they do need todays world creation(internet) to carry out their messages. Risi muni harulai internet chaidaja hola but they are not here to show us that and also they become lupta. Boasting about spiritual world is no difference then worshiping invisible God.
Posted on 03-10-22 9:50 AM     [Snapshot: 718]     Reply [Subscribe]
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When the forest disappears, animals living there also move away. The same is true in Kali yuga. There are a few evolved beings, or spiritual aspirants. Not even 10 million people are truly devoted now. Only when you are awake you will be able to know about them. If you are asleep you cannot see anything. Similarly everybody has a different view from different part of the journey. The view from the top and the bottom are not the same.
Posted on 03-10-22 10:33 AM     [Snapshot: 731]     Reply [Subscribe]
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When the forest disappears, animals living there also move away and human disappears then there wont be anyone to enjoy the vast spiritual universe and no need to worry about life cycle.
Posted on 03-11-22 4:34 AM     [Snapshot: 802]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Today's lesson:

So, we clearly see how humans are getting lost in the illusion of the material world satiating their sensual gratification and then in the process losing the greatest wealth, the divine wealth. The consciousness of the current humans are centered only at the physical level, hence he see efforts to look young, have toned abs or thighs and post pictures on the social media even when they might have passed 50, 60 or even 70 years in their age. Ads like those below are prime examples of such a world. 

We make mistake to think that this is the only world with life. There are countess worlds where life exists, that is why there is a prayer: समस्त लोकः सुखिनो भवन्तु। In the initial phase that understanding is relating to all the living beings in our world, and as the consciousness expands it means all the beings in all the worlds. But no matter what the life form and the level of awareness, all are content in their form, whether insects or animals. It just represents their journey. 

Posted on 03-12-22 1:39 AM     [Snapshot: 899]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We see evidence of adharma all over the world today and the events prove that we are towards the end of this cycle. It has also been declared by the Kalki avatar, which we all know is the last avatar for this cycle of shristi. All the events - the pandemic, the war, the wildfires, the flooding - are just a minifestation of climate change. But the world is too deep into profit and ego driven activities.

In today's study of Dharma Vahina, dharma has been linked to the lessons in Gita. In essence, only the elevated souls connect with the divine and reap the benefit of the oneness.

The overwhelming majority of humans find it convenient to ignore the subtle world and even more the causal world. They prefer to believe that only the sensual world is the real world and the rest are fake and imaginary, even superstition. Such is the darkness that has engulfed humanity. 

Posted on 03-12-22 8:46 AM     [Snapshot: 922]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dont worry about the adharma - Yesus already died for your sins so just chil pill for now. As for Kalki avatar nothing going to end until someone starts another world war because everyone now possesses nuclear war which can destroy world and begin new cycle.
Yo different world ko kura sunko hatti cha bhane jastai ho. Aba if you bring evidence and show the difference biswas aucha natra boldai gara timinai enjoy gara tyo sunako hatti.
Posted on 03-13-22 12:32 AM     [Snapshot: 972]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dharma is what is lost in the world today. That is why Dharma Vahini. The main confusion that is needed to remove is the idea of "I." Everybody uses this term everyday. A deeper investigation upon this I gives us the real insight into our identity, whether we are of the material world or the spiritual truth. Since the I of the world is temporary and none of them is going to stick, the only I that matters is the one inside, the soul, which is the truth, which remains unchanged life after life. Here is the passage from today's reading.

Posted on 03-13-22 11:45 PM     [Snapshot: 1037]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The hardest part for a present man is probably not being able to connect with anything that is not visible to the eyes. It seems to puzzle them to entertain the idea of formless things being real. Do they not realize that the thoughts are also formless, yet have influence on the form work? Today's lesson is just a short read.

Some ask, “You go on saying AtmaAtma. Well, what is the form of this Atma?” But wherefrom is Atma to get form? It is eternal, unchanging, immortal. It is goodness, right, beneficence. It is immutable, unblemished. It cannot be limited by any particular name or form. It can be understood by the spiritual wisdom (jnana) that dawns in and through the body, i.e. as acquired as the result of activity (karma-deha). The body alone has name and form, so, in every activity of the body, you should manifest the dharma based on Atma-consciousness (Atma-dharma).

Posted on 03-14-22 3:04 PM     [Snapshot: 1097]     Reply [Subscribe]
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दशकौ अघि युबा साहित्यकारको कविताको एक लाईन यस्तो थियो |

कोहि युद्द थुक्छन कोहि बुद्द थुक्छन |

जसले गहन अध्ययन सगै सतहि बुझाइ याने अनुबाद भन्दा माथि पुगेर बुझेका छन् र खरी पाटिमा उतार्न सकेका छन् तिनकी हरुका थुकाइ नै हाम्रा लागि धर्म भएका त होईन ?
Posted on 03-14-22 11:52 PM     [Snapshot: 1148]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Again, it is important to remind that everything changes, and that which changes is not real, or truth. Only the unchanging one is real. That is only the Atma. Others keep changing the form and get new names at each stage, and takes a new form. That is the truth. Truth is eternal, unchanging. The Atma.

In Nepal the only thing that counts is to have top position, or even a minister or something similar and then whatever you speak becomes the holy grail for the followers.  It is up to the readers to use their critical thinking skill and decide the merit, but where are the critical thinkers in Nepal?

Posted on 03-16-22 1:58 AM     [Snapshot: 1231]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Today's lesson: Also find a new earning site at the bottom.
Dharma is what the social structures are based on. Everything in the world has their unique dharma. However, the worldly dharma is temporary and if not based on the eternal Atmic Dharma, they will harm the world. Hence even tiny insects are dharma, which they fulfill accordingly, while it might be humans who have difficulty understanding or implementing their dharma, since it has been divided into so many forms, and with an understanding that is constantly diminishing.

Posted on 03-17-22 1:10 AM     [Snapshot: 1311]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ultimately, it has to be consistent with the Absolute Dharma. Today's lesson In the Kali Yuga, the absolute is hard to understand and acknowledge since most of the population are focused on the material world only. However, the material world also gets their temporary Dharma from the absolute. Societies too try to emulate the dharmic path in different categorization, but unless they follow the Atmic Dharma rule, they are meaningless.

Posted on 03-18-22 2:24 AM     [Snapshot: 1448]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dharma is the moral path; the moral path is the light; the light is bliss (ananda). Dharma is characterized by holiness, peace, truth, and fortitude. Dharma is yoga, union, merger; it is truth (sathya). Its attributes are justice, sense control, sense of honour, love, dignity, goodness, meditation, sympathy, nonviolence; such is the dharma that persists through the ages. It leads one on to universal love and unity. It is the highest discipline and the most profitable. One more passage on how dharma deteriorated....


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