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 Is international students' future in US actually over if Trump wins? I am worried

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Posted on 09-26-20 11:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I heard news about Trump's proposal for International students. One of them was not being able to stay longer without visa. Will this actually happen? I am a student and he also wants end TPS. What are the options. Please share your knowledge or suggestions.

Thank you in advance.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 09-27-20 1:49 PM     [Snapshot: 1120]     Reply [Subscribe]
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All these ones saying this is valid change and to accept it...wouldn't have got their gc if this administration were to purposed all their rules for the immigration.
To those who keep saying this happens is every country well its not..visa is for entry only and does not decide your duration of stay.
Posted on 09-27-20 2:43 PM     [Snapshot: 1136]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@keyser it's not only about that. I don't think it helps here to try to be too polite because some of these trashy people in sajha go to posts and start making fun of people, bully, harass and show their class. One "Bhede" comes and another one who is capable of thinking or using his/her brain starts creating a toxic place. This place is created to help people, share thoughts, spread optimism, be respectful, empathetic and considerate as a civilized person. we all know there are rules and we all respect that. We know how to accept fate but we all try to resolve issues and not sit there doing nothing. I think all of these toxic people, kissed a$$ and living in U.S. and got lucky or worked hard to get it. But it's funny how they can't understand the concept when it is associated with others. I know some people get lucky through DV or other things happen but those people don't go around disrespectful and being mannerless. I understand this is how they think and live but don't take it out on a helpful website like this, take it out on your close ones, you all would probably fake there, trying to be nice.

I asked because i wanted to share and see what people are doing. If you break you leg, you don't stop trying to walk. Likewise we try to find different ways to resolve issues in our lives. But some of the people started giving lectures about fate. Don't jump to conclusion just because you are bitter and toxic. It's not about not accepting fate. Like TPS, DACA and others we also express and respect. some of you guys have don't have a decency to understand that.

They only understand their language, they talk big. If they care about Nepal then just go BACK simple, don't give lectures and be disrespectful.

Posted on 09-27-20 2:53 PM     [Snapshot: 1160]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@pepsi I am not salty. I think you are because we all know that about rules. Don't you think about problems, when you face them?? People who are commenting and making their own assumptions are salty. People can't be thoughtful and start giving lectures are salty. I simply asked a question. You probably don't know the meaning of salty.

If you can notice, I posted a simple question, no need to overreact or act like they are not living U.S. or they gave up the residency here. If one has nothing good to say then they should just not say it. This rule came out of nowhere or it is too strict and a lot of things are happening, some of them are not for good reasons, so naturally one would think about it, no need to be over dramatic. Don't come to conclusion about what I am asking. if those were people with some manners then they would not have started talking like that carrying their hypocrisy.

Posted on 09-27-20 3:04 PM     [Snapshot: 1179]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@hardik I am sorry if I misunderstood you in between some of these toxic and bitter people. I have seen some Nepalese get green cards and have problems with others. What good are they going to do as a human being, being toxic and spreading toxicity. They need to get a taste of their own medicine, such as taken their citizenship or green card away and meet someone like them at work who is toxic and gets them fired. Then sit there and give yourself a lecture of fate and this unfair world.

why do you even interact with other people if you can't even respect and I am sure they want other to treat them right and fairly and be supportive. In my opinion, people like that don't even deserve a green card when can't be a good citizen or a good human being because what are you going to do ??? Create a toxic environment???
Posted on 09-27-20 3:26 PM     [Snapshot: 1192]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Haha there are toxic people in the US also. They are everywhere. You cant avoid them. 😶
Posted on 09-27-20 3:34 PM     [Snapshot: 1222]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I know that it’s pretty obvious.
Posted on 09-27-20 5:03 PM     [Snapshot: 1293]     Reply [Subscribe]
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International Students Future is not over. After graduation, you can still apply for OPT and H1B and get greencard sponsorship through job.

If the new rule is implemented-->International Tourists cant over stay and international students cant go back to being illegals and working for cash jobs after graduation.
Posted on 09-27-20 10:57 PM     [Snapshot: 1448]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@2020nepali thanks for the reply. Is it true if that rule implements we can't stay after visa expires? Like now we can do because our i-94 doesn't expire??
Posted on 09-28-20 1:01 AM     [Snapshot: 1524]     Reply [Subscribe]
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don't worry there will be a way... Wait till election results which is just month away\... better if Trump loses...
Posted on 09-28-20 6:37 PM     [Snapshot: 1832]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I like the other proposal as well which is every International Student must deposit up-coming semester fees similar to escrow account, in this case, International Treasury Services ( ITS.gov) which is under U.S. Department of the Treasury.

For example, if your per semester fee is $9000, then you have to deposit 4 semester fees( 2 years deposit) into ITS.gov account.

And schools can directly collect with ITS.

This proposal is in very early stage. BUT I AGREE 100 PERCENT.


Posted on 09-28-20 6:55 PM     [Snapshot: 1853]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I bet sexy in sari would have to s$ck alot black, white and brown c$cks just to come up with a semester fee..
Posted on 09-28-20 7:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1862]     Reply [Subscribe]
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But i am disappointed with her Nas :-) Expecting Nepali students to deposit 4 semester tuition fee means limiting the american dream for most except a few elite kathmanduites who go to St Xaviers, Rato Bangala, British school, Lincoln. There is a saying, "sabalai sukha hos, sabako jaya hos...". Be happy and let others be happy too.
Posted on 09-28-20 8:04 PM     [Snapshot: 1942]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I hope the government takes away citizenship or green card of unworthy citizen like sexy in sari. This is not your country. So give up everything and build Nepal and let us know if you only talk big or you honor your words.....
Posted on 09-28-20 8:19 PM     [Snapshot: 1959]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sexy को सपना सबै लाडोँमा रमाउन चाहना पनि होला आब भनेको जस्तो सबै कहाँ हुन् सक्छ र ।
Posted on 09-28-20 8:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1975]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas bro tapi sachhai mahan huni hudo raicha. Sansar ma ama babau jasto khoi hudaina..
Posted on 09-29-20 12:02 AM     [Snapshot: 2108]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sexy and Sari gets orgasm when people suffer. What a disgusting mentality.
Posted on 09-29-20 7:43 PM     [Snapshot: 2483]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas bro i know you are a good son k. But jaile jpt bolne bani chai alik naramro ho k.🙈🙈
Posted on 09-30-20 9:10 AM     [Snapshot: 2725]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas bro thank you mero kura sundinu bhayo. Khusi lagyo. Hamro tira covid cases haru ekdum less cha and we are doing what we can to minimize it. Let's protect the elderly and the ones with underlying disease by wearing mask.
Posted on 09-30-20 5:38 PM     [Snapshot: 2858]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bro tapaiko aba bihe garnu paryo. Nephew ki niece hernu maan cha please Chittai bihe garera malai fupu banaunu paryo. 😁😁😁
Posted on 09-30-20 8:45 PM     [Snapshot: 2980]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bro tapai sanga bolera nasakine raicha. Tapailai euta kura bhanyo bhane,
tapaile char ota kura sunaunu huncha. Where do you get all these pictures from? La mummy le chittai hajur ko lagi keti khojna ma safal hunuhunecha. I'll pray for you.😁😁😁😁

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