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 Suggestions regarding investment
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Posted on 01-30-19 11:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Namaste Nepali peeps,
Disclaimer: Im not in here to brag about how much I make or how much I have. Im seriously looking for suggestions from my fellow nepali brothers and sisters:).

Here you go: After some years of hardwork, Im finally able to save up $50k. Now, I was looking forward to invest my savings in low risk investments. Im not in rush to invest my savings but was looking for ways to make my saving work rather than just leave it in bank account. Im just inspired by the quote “Make your money work”. Okay, here are the options I have considered:
1) Invest in Friend’s store/business ( but most of my friends says ..I also have to be there to take care of business which I wont be able to do because I don’t live nearby where my friend’s have businesses.

2) I looked up online about saving account interest rate in Nepali Bank which is very impressive but was not not quite sure putting my life savings in Nepalese bank. Is it safe and worth it?

3) Finally, I looked up so some low risk investment like bond, annuity, certificate of deposit but was not able to grasp the concept properly. I would highly appreciate if some would enlighten me in those topic if it is worth it.

And finally, I am open to any suggestions:).

Dhanyebad sabailai in advance!!!
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Posted on 01-31-19 9:44 AM     [Snapshot: 146]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Invest in cannabis etf
Start investing Try this out: https://get.stashinvest.com/milanuqjjc

Posted on 01-31-19 10:17 AM     [Snapshot: 186]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Be careful with option#2 , Nepal is like freaking black hole, easy to send money , super hard to bring it back if needed.
Posted on 01-31-19 11:34 AM     [Snapshot: 222]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Not just my 2 cents, it more than a dollar -

1) Stay friends with friends, dont make them business partner, things can go wary since you are not around. Some friendship do make good business partners but that is rare and really depends on the people's personality, trust and ambitions. Odds are high that that it will go wrong and infect your friendship for life.

2) Saving in Nepal is a good option, you can fix deposit and close your eyes expecting good return of 10% per annum. This should be done if you plan on keeping your money there and will only use when you visit Nepal. Investing in other options (hotels, restaurants etc.) isn't good unless you can be there for yourself. Nepal ma paisa ko dherai nai chal-khel huncha and if you are not there people will make you bakra, no matter how close you are to your business partners.

3) is the best option - with the current market trends your stock value can rise (10% in a week or month vs 10 % per annum in Nepal) depending on what you buy. But, it comes with risk, only associated with the stock you buy. The market is going up but still volatile. If you want to manage risk be prepared to do a lots of homework and reading and digesting before you make a final decision on what to buy. You gotta read and follow market trends almost everyday or week so you know what you bought is catching up. Dont get in short selling, it will only hurt you coz you are not an expert. It's a good way to capitalize but if you want to minimize risk, be prepared to read a lot.

Good luck !
Posted on 01-31-19 7:01 PM     [Snapshot: 343]     Reply [Subscribe]
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-partnership is not for you, unless u give ur 100% in the business u will get loss even the business is in profit ( personal exp ).

- stock, bond, debenture- not for a beginner like u, u have to be badass programmer to make worth of it.
- saving in nepal fixed deposit . bad option, as this will take 10 years to double ur amount. 10 barsa ma tapai ko 100k ko value aile ko 22 k jati huncha..( money will lose its value ).

best option ( with the limited money u have ).. invest in land in nepal..if u r from kathmandu or surrounding area.. invest in dhulikhel, kavre panchkhal, sakhu banepa area.. tyaha aana ko aile 50000 kekhi 7lakh chali ra cha) purai jagga uthauda sasto parcha.. 70 k ma 30 aana aune , wide bato bhako jagga haru thuprai cha... aba 30 ana bhaneko lagbhag 2 ropani ho.. tyaha resort kholna milcha..nepal ko urbanization yeti high cha ki jagga ko bhau badeko badai cha..maile ring road bira ana ko 19 lakh ma 9 maina aagai kineko 8 ana jagga aile 25 lakh cha yo bhaneko 33% increment ho..8 maina ma 48 lakh nafa bhayo.. im thinkig of selling it n buying bulk of land in dhulikhel.. but land is so nice ki bechna man china.. ma aana ko 30 kurera basi ra...aba bhannu hola nepal ko jagga jamin ko bhar hunna hwatta badcha ani swatta ghatcha.. kosle kincha tetro mahango jagga...tapai ko tyo lagic nepal ma kam lagdaina.. yesko karan ho korea, isreal australia tira ko rogjgari.. yeti tira kam garne sramik ley daro kamaune raichan.. korea ma labour kam garera masik 4 lakh samma nepal pathaune raichan... each year korea jane popualtion badeko badai cha..since they dont invest in korea they bring every penny back home n invest in land.. as long as they r here the value of land will not devalue.. maile bond, stock , gold even education consultancy ma ni lagani gareko khasai kehi income chaina.. maile ta kathmanu ko K n K college mani lagani garekoalikati.. sala aafu nabhaye pachi sabai tira looti ra cha...my advise dnt invest in partnership unless u can give ur full time... long story short invest in land in nepal.. 2 3 year na gajjab return aucha

Posted on 02-01-19 5:57 AM     [Snapshot: 439]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ally bank 2.2 % apr... If you are looking for peace of mind.No jugling around with your hard earn money.No risk saving account.I think it's highest APR saving account. No need for cd or anyt8ng else.
Posted on 02-01-19 9:12 AM     [Snapshot: 498]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@hangman, @meeraj, @everestial007, @ kale dai & @ riverflows: Dhanyebad for your vauable input and time sabai brother haru lai:).
I will look into all the options you guys are suggesting:). Invest garna teti hatar chaina..so I think I will go with land in kathmandu as Kale dai bro suggested or will go with riverflows bro suggestion for peace of my mind:).

@ kale dai: yeah brother..For having zero experience with stocks..I think it will be safe for me to not go that route. Is 30 anna enough land to build a resort? My apology for stupid question but I only know land measurement in kattha:

31.79 sq m = 1 anna = 4 paisa = 342.25 sq. ft.
338.62 sq m = 1 Katha = 20 paisa = 3645 sq. ft.

So, from above calculation: 5 anna = 1 kattha
30 anna = 6 kattha
Can I really buy that much land for 70k in valley? Imm not from the valley so never dreamt of having land in valley lol.

So, let’s say..5 lakhs per anna. I can get 10 anna in valley with 50 k which is pretty good chunk of land. Thank you for suggestion:).

Posted on 02-01-19 9:35 AM     [Snapshot: 519]     Reply [Subscribe]
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aba kathmandu ko context ma 4 ropani mai 5 star hotel bando raicha.. Vivanta hotel in jhamsi khel...by chaudhary group... core valley ma chai tapaiko 20 lakh ghati katai paidaina ...tara valley ko surrounding area mai chai thulo tukra jamin kinda gajjag sasto paincha.. 1.5 lakh aana samma dami jagga paincha... mero sujab chai aajai alikati paisa jamma garnus.. if u can save around 70 k within a year dhulikhel, banepa site ma murai plot nai hannus... immediate sherai faida chai hunna... 2 4 barsa lai samjinus paisa , jagga kei chaina... 2 4 barsa ma tapai ko umer ni ali dhalkidai jancha, ali ali paisa ni jamma huncha, maturity level ni aucha, teti khera aaja gareko investment khernus.. tapai aafai ni chakka parnu hune chha... tapai le aajo kine ko 1 ropani jagga aba ko 4 barsa ma tyo thau ma 1/20 rapoani ni kinna saknu hunna... tanna jagga bhaye pachi resort khole ni bhayo .. bore lage bakhra pale ni bhayo.. mahal banaye ni bhayo...ma aiel ko jagga bechera ali kati paisa jamma gagrera 10 ropani hanne soch ma chu.. jindagi ko auta sano sapan chha.. 40 barsa samma arab pati abnne,,, herum ka samma puginchha
Posted on 02-01-19 10:12 AM     [Snapshot: 555]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lakhpati lai karodpati hune rahar, karodpati lai arabpati, arabpati lai kharabpati. Yo kahule napugne sansar ko bidambana.
Posted on 02-02-19 12:49 AM     [Snapshot: 725]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@kale dai - stock, bond ma invest garna kasle vanyo programmer hunu parcha vanera, tyo pani badass re. LOL, really. Warren Buffet, George Soros, Bogle etc. programmer thiyenan. You need to understand the market and keep following it, only buy value stocks - no penny stocks, dont day trade or sell to short, have patience, diversify. Ahile ko market trend looks positive again. Many companies automate trading, but understanding market is vital. For 100k amount under individual management you can trade with out automation using so many apps and brokers.

Nepal ma jagga lagani pani thikai ho, but two problems - it's hard to bring the money back, second Nepal ko housing, land price is going up because of the remittance and fast urbanization but there is a chance that housing crash to catch up, not sure when.

Another option is buying house in USA and renting the property. That's a good option I am thinking of for myself.


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