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 Fly Dubai airlines racist against Nepali passengers
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Posted on 04-06-17 11:46 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why will we never again fly with FlyDubai? They enforce racist regulations against Nepali passengers, that’s why.

Riccardo Bolzan Thursday, Apr 06, 2017  4 21494 reads


This year my wife and I decided to visit my in-laws now living and working in Kathmandu , Nepal. We visited our usual websites to find the cheapest and best flights and we managed to find a decent price on a flight from Venice to Dubai with Emirates (ca. 5 hours) and then Dubai to Kathmandu with FlyDubai (ca. 6 hours), a company we had never heard of before. It turns out that following our BEAUTIFUL flight with Emirates, drinking cocktails, soft drinks and juices for free during, before and after our meal, the FlyDubai flight was pretty terrible. It felt like flying with RyanAir but for 6 hours. All and any food or drinks, including water, were to be paid separately for the entire flight. But the ticket was cheap right? That consoled us and everything went well. After enjoying our 2 week holiday in Nepal we had to finally and sadly return home. Our FlyDubai flight was scheduled for 11.05 pm on a Saturday night from Kathmandu to Dubai to catch a connecting Emirates flight to Venice.


This is where things started to go awry.


We notice that a lot of flights are being canceled due to the bad weather (a storm in the afternoon). An earlier FlyDubai flight to Dubai, scheduled to depart at 5 pm, is delayed but manages to depart after the storm at around 10.30 pm, so we ask about our flight and staff confirm that our plane has landed and that our flight is not canceled. However, at around midnight our flight is no longer on the departure board. Everyone starts to worry and finally an announcement tells us to go back through security to the check-in area because our flight had been canceled for “operational reasons”. That was the end of public announcements on the intercom, leaving us to rely on incomplete messages from confused employees for any further information.


We reverse back through immigration and passport control, asking for confirmation that we won’t run into problems later since our visa ended at midnight on the day of our flight. The border guard says “no problem” kind of laughing it off. (The next day the immigration officials would tell us it was not “OK” and that we had to go back to the entrance of the airport to get a confirmation of flight cancellation. We strongly refused and luckily they eventually gave up and let us through.) We then wait for our luggage to be given back to us at the check-in area.


Throughout this process, we keep on asking what was to be of us and our flight, and the staff kept telling us to wait here and wait there without really giving an announcement. Communication is not FlyDubai’s strong point.It’s now getting really late and I ask a staff member when the first flight will be the next morning so we can go back to our in-laws and then drive back to the airport early in the morning. He gives a vague answer, saying that assuming the bad weather continues, the first flights might start at 10 am. We realise that all we can do for now is wait and hope that FlyDubai manages to figure out a plan. We are finally told that we will be put into a hotel and that we will be eventually woken up and taken to the airport by bus, in time for the rescheduled flight the next morning and that we have to wait outside for the buses. Figuring out transportation and sleeping quarters for a plane full of people at midnight can’t be easy, and we start to be relieved that they are managing to redeem themselves at least a little. However, this is where the situation starts to get very weird.


All the passengers are milling around outside the airport, divided into two roughly equal-sized groups: the foreigners on one side and the Nepali on the other. I imagine we are just divided like this because we all tend to stay close to people we can communicate with, however, I feel a weird premonition that we will be sent to different hotels. I decide to ask the FlyDubai staff member organizing the crowd about the division. She answers hesitantly “no worries you are all going to the hotel”. I feel like she hesitated because she didn’t want to give an honest answer, and in retrospect I know I was right.


The foreigner group, including us, is the first to be shuttled to one of the best hotels in Kathmandu: the Crowne Plaza Kathmandu Soaltee Hotel. By now it is 3 am and exhausted we collapse into our beds, with still no news of when our new flight will start the next day. Early the next morning the flights have been arranged: our bus will pick us up at 10 am to catch our new flight at 1 pm. While having breakfast at the hotel we notice many fellow foreign passengers from our canceled flight. However, there are absolutely no Nepali passengers. None. From a group of 50–60 people not a single one can be seen at the breakfast buffet.


We get to the airport, reunited with the Nepali passengers, and board the FlyDubai airplane, which takes off with an additional hour of delay. According to the official statement we receive later, we have now accumulated over 14 h of delay.


Trying to solve the mystery of the disappearing Nepali passengers, we decide to investigate. One of our fellow Nepali passengers tells us about the terrible night she went through. The separation that we saw the night before was not a natural grouping of Nepalis vs foreigners, but instead was the manifestation of a subtle and conscious division of the group according to nationality by the FlyDubai staff. She explains to us that she was the only one protesting to the FlyDubai staff last night, without result, when she realised that they were being carted off to a different place than the foreigners. They were not brought to the same fancy hotel, and instead had to spend the night in a shoddy hotel, stuffed in with 5–6 people per room! Moreover, they also waited an additional 2 hours for the bus to come pick them up! My wife is fuming with anger. She talks to one of the stewards who takes her email, tells us he knew nothing about this and promises to make an official complaint.


We arrive in Dubai, having to spend an additional night here on our ever longer journey home. Speaking there to another FlyDubai employee at the connections desk we ask about this racial discrimination. Basically, he laughs us off, saying that we should protest about this on the streets with a sign in our hands and that he loves Europeans and their naive ideals. He also tells us that the organisation of hotels is not a FlyDubai problem, it’s a country problem. He says that in Dubai we would all have been put in the same hotel. We argue back: even though it is possible that this regulation is not made by FlyDubai, that does not legitimise the fact that FlyDubai is following the regulation. He ends our discussion with a very ironic “enjoy your 5 star hotel”.


Upon getting back home I write an email to FlyDubai explaining what happened, and here is how they answer:

“Hello Riccardo,
Thank you for your feedback, which we will share with the concerned team.

Please note that the hotel accommodation allocation based on availability and not related to the passengers' nationality.

We understand how inconvenient flight delays can be, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve our passengers’ flying experience so will ensure your feedback is passed on to the relevant department.

Should you have purchased travel insurance for your travels, flydubai is able to provide you with a letter confirming the delay of your flight. Please let us know if you require such a letter.

Thank you for your understanding.”


Obviously, it is impossible that it was pure coincidence that the expensive hotel had exactly the correct room availability for 100 % of the foreign passengers. And it is impossible that there was only one other hotel in the large city of Kathmandu, which just so happened to not have sufficient space to enable the allocation of a single room per passenger or couple, for the remaining Nepali passengers.


Of course, the financial and very immoral reasoning for this discrimination is clear: why spend money on a group of mainly poor migrant workers who travel frequently to Dubai and rely heavily on the FlyDubai flights. Instead, FlyDubai opts to spend money on those passengers with a higher likelihood of disposable income and who are more likely to change airlines after the experience of a drastic flight delay. Of course. But since when can rules and regulations take only a company’s economic benefits into consideration? Are we not in 2017, in a time where institutionalized racial discrimination should be a thing of the past?


So… this is our story and the reason we should all try our best to avoid flying with FlyDubai until they change their policies. Have you ever had similar experiences? Any comment is appreciated.


Riccardo and Nadja


Riccardo Bolzan is from Italy and shared his personal experience with Anna Note.


Posted on 04-07-17 7:02 AM     [Snapshot: 1750]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Not only fly Dubai all Arab airlines as well as air India discriminate Nepalese. Once I was flying to Germany from Nepal through Air India and had layover in new Delhi. But the flight from New Delhi to Frankfurt got cancelled till the next day. All passengers holding foreign passport were put on another airline's flight the same night but the Nepali passports were made to wait 24 hours till the next day.
Posted on 04-07-17 7:19 AM     [Snapshot: 1784]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What can we do? Only thing we can do is "Change Government in every six months." We also can do "Nepal Bandha" anytime we like. No one can do such things in the world.

Posted on 04-07-17 7:50 AM     [Snapshot: 1794]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is what it happens when you are from a poor backward country with a sluggish economy. We always blame each other for our mistakes, always pull legs of our neighbors, we are lazy to work in our country. we have a GDP of around $ 670. This proves how poor we are. It's us not them. We always complain and always beg for foreign aid. It's we who are responsible for this. I know this is totally wrong.
Posted on 04-07-17 7:10 PM     [Snapshot: 2285]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Racism happens if you don't stand up against it. What you can do?
Grow pair of balls when to talk to these mofos
Last edited: 07-Apr-17 07:11 PM

Posted on 04-07-17 7:35 PM     [Snapshot: 2309]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If it was some indian actor there would be a riot ,but it's the masters from the dessert, so shhhhhhhh.....
Posted on 04-08-17 12:48 AM     [Snapshot: 2526]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ok, to everyone who wants to know-

when flights get delayed especially in situations like the one you mentioned, it is actually insurance that pays.

so, the flydubai staff and the staff at the ministry of foreign affairs must have good understanding that what ever claim form flydubai sends as claim must be signed; in return there is small favor

why not pay for the nepali passengers? why would flydubai? they are selling water, selling cheap ticket. if they can claim insurance for $500,000 (ie 700 passenger and crew times $700 per day and night) and spend mere $10,000 by providing service for fewforeign nationals.

why care for Nepali, when their nepali officials will sign any paper right for pennies

Posted on 04-08-17 2:48 AM     [Snapshot: 2556]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The reason it happens is combination of things. First majority of people who fly flydubai from Nepal are not aware of their right and don't standup against these low cost airline. Once I tried when I was flying and I was almost told that if I don't stop they will ask me to leave airplane and no one else raise any voice with me, so I end up like looser and stay quiet to avoid getting stuck in airport.

There aren't much choice in terms of airlines to avoid these airlines easily even if you want . Like if you are flying through emirates, their preferred airline to go to Nepal is fly Dubai . If you decide to choose different one you have arrange everything your self like baggage transfer etc.

And last but most important one is the freaking authority that supposed to protect innocent and less aware people from this sort of discremanatory practice are the one staying like vultures to find out when something like this happens and they can get something out of it. I some time get amazed that out of so many people, government agency, authority there isn't even single one who cares about these innocient people who fly out of country for mere survival of them and their family.

Even news media they don't report these things . This is not first time it has happened. I am sure there must be something related to this in paperwork filed with govt to get permission to fly into Nepal by airline. All it needs to end this is some warning letter from authority not to repeat it or they will loose license to fly in.

Posted on 04-08-17 4:34 AM     [Snapshot: 2591]     Reply [Subscribe]
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lu yo pani heram na ta.

एयर अरेबियाका कर्मचारीको दादागिरी बाह्रखरी २०७३ चैत २६ शनिबार ११:४१:०० वैदेशिक रोजगारीका लागि जाने र फर्किने हजारौं नेपालीहरू दैनिक संयुक्त अरब इमिरेट्स (यूएई)का विभिन्न विमानस्थलबाट नेपाल उड्छन् । त्यसमा सबैभन्दा धेरै यात्रु बाकेर नेपाल आउने विमानमा पर्ने रहेछ, एअर अरेबिया । संयोगले अघिल्लो महिना म पनि भ्रमणको सिलसिलामा यूएई जाँदा र आउँदा एयर अरेबिया नै पर्यो । एयरलाइन्सका कर्मचारीले नेपालीलाई निकै हेप्छन् भन्ने यसअघि नै सुनेको थिएँ तर पत्यार भने लागेको थिएन । यसपटक आफैं देख्न पाएँ र भोगें पनि । एयरलाइन्सका कर्मचारीको दादागिरी भनौं या हेपाहा प्रवृत्ति— हाम्रै विमानस्थलबाट सुरु हुने रहेछ । त्यसमाथि पनि यूएईको विमानस्थलमा नेपालीसँग ४ हजार रुपैयाँ घूस मागेको देख्दा झनै दिक्क लाग्यो । घटना करिब एक महिनाअघिको हो । एक हप्ते दुबई बसाइपछि म नेपाल फर्किंदै गरेका बेला सारजाह विमानस्थलमा सुरक्षा जाँचपास गराएर विमानमा चढ्न लाग्दा एयरलाइन्सका कर्मचारीले दुई नेपालीलाई रोकेर र्‍याखर्‍याख्ती पार्दै थिए । मलाई लाग्यो— केही गल्ती गरे होलान् वा टिकट मिलेन होला । उता विमानमा यात्रु चढ्न ठिक्क परिसकेका थिए, यता दुई नेपाली छटपटाइरहेका थिए । उनीहरूको अवस्था बुझ्न मन लाग्यो । नजिकै गएर सोधें । उनीहरूसँग एयरलाइन्सका कर्मचारीले ४ हजार रुपैयाँ घूस मागेका रहेछन् । सबै कुरा मिलेर पनि ह्यान्डक्यारी ठूलो भएको भन्दै उनीहरूलाई राखिएको रहेछ । झोलाभित्र हेर्दा केही थिएन । रित्तो जस्तै झोला ठूलो भएको भन्दै बहाना बनाएर नेपालीबाट रकम झार्ने मेसो रहेछ । दुई नेपाली र एयरलाइन्सका कर्मचारीको जुहारी चलिरहेका बेला विमानस्थलमा एकजना नेपाली आइपुगे र ती दुई जनाको नजिकै गएर भने, “यो माल हान्ने मेसो हो, नडराउनू । चुप लागेर बस्नू । विमानमा मानिस चढाउन थालेपछि आफैं छाड्छन् ।” उनीरू पनि पैसा नभएको भन्दै बसिरहे । विमानमा यात्रु भरिन थालेपछि कर्मचारीहरू एक—एक गर्दै छेउ लागे । नेपालीहरूले बल्ल छुट्कारा पाए र विमान छिरे । विमानमा उनै व्यक्तिसँग बस्ने मौका मिल्यो । कुरा गर्दै जाँदा उनी यूएईको एक सेक्युरिटी कम्पनीमा काम गर्दा रहेछन् । प्रत्येक ६ महिनामा उनले घरबिदा पाउने रहेछन् । उनले सुनाए, “नेपालीहरूलाई यति धेरै हेप्छन् कि हजुर, कुरा गरी साध्यै छैन । महँगो पैसा तिरेर उनीहरूको विमान चढ्नुपर्छ, सित्तैमा बोकेजस्तो गर्छन् । अझ काम गरेर नेपाल फर्किने नेपालीहरूका अनुहार हेरेर एयरलाइन्सका कर्मचारीले दुःख दिन्छन् । सोझो अर्थमा भन्नु पर्दा लुटेरा नै हुन् कर्मचारी । म नआएको भए यी दुई जना पनि फस्ने रहेछन् ।” उनले सुनाएअनुसार उनी जतिपटक यो विमान चढेका छन्, त्यति पटक कुनै न कुनै नेपालीलाई कर्मचारीले दुःख दिएको देखेका छन् । “मलाई पनि पहिलो पटक यसैगरी दुःख दिएका थिए, १ सय दिराम नदिई छाडेनन् ।” नेपालबाट भिजिट भिसामा जानेहरुको पैसा जाँच्ने बहानामा चोर्ने एयर अरेबियाकै कर्मचारीको बारेमा अर्को पटक लेख्नेछु । lu yo pani heraam na ta

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