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Posted on 01-25-17 8:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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For two days CNN MSNBC blasted Trump for believing in voter illegally voting. It seemed like you can't believe in anything unless dishonest medias approves. You have dream about UFO , no one can stop you believing in UFO but Trump can't hold his belief when 11 to 30 millions illegals are still in US and voter registration automatically comes with "do you want it" along with no question asked easy DMV in California, Maryland, NY etc. Still he is not plausible and called him liar and asked why don't you investigate if you believe so?

This morning He said fuk it and announced investigation . Now these media saying this may hurt voter access in poor neighborhood. lol lol


THEY R ALSO COMPLAINING DOW JONES REACHED 20000, ASKING WHY? this is getting pathetic !! ( because he sleeps only 3 hrs. you bitches ! )

Posted on 01-25-17 2:47 PM     [Snapshot: 263]     Reply [Subscribe]
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America is fucked up by a pathetic lair and a mentally disturbed head haunch. Do not surprise, long way to go ( over 1450 days). You will be hearing a lot about 'ALTERNATIVE FACTS" talk.
Posted on 01-25-17 4:48 PM     [Snapshot: 382]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have a feeling this guy will go beyond 8 years, just like bloomberg did in NYC going for 3rd term.
Posted on 01-26-17 6:08 AM     [Snapshot: 622]     Reply [Subscribe]
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fake media CNN was caught in surprise that was funny part of it. They never thought Trump would start investigate it ( thinking he is afraid of investigation) but it backfire BIG when they didn't get what they wanted - telling the world he is the liar constantly without fact. Now investigation will starts they should be happy right? finally the truth would come out after all. 

But No they don't want this either sighting voter suppression, truth of matter is no matter what outcome this will also reveal the big lies in democratic states where u can vote with just driver license for so many years. Now they don't want investigation but wants to call him liar constantly HOW FUKING THIS IS POSSIBLE ? YOU TWATS !! LOL 

--stay long enough, work hard, earn degrees and become knowledgeable of US politics, result--> the fact 
--fill the form with help of kiosk guy in kathmandu, pray god, finally land foot, become an expert on US
   politics immediately, result-->alt. fact 
--read corporate newspapers excerpt it and write your own ass wiped opinion, never lived, felt US, result-->Baburam's fact ( that phd guy)
Last edited: 26-Jan-17 06:09 AM

Posted on 01-26-17 6:40 AM     [Snapshot: 672]     Reply [Subscribe]
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News media says "President Trump's youngest daughter Tiffany Trump" has registered to vote in two states"

Also Steve Bannon Is Registered to Vote in Two States. YOU KNOW THIS DUDE who should know the voting registration rules.  

How many illegal immigrant registered  ?  He is fussing about did not win the popular vote by over 2 millions. He forgot that Bush also lost popular vote but won the election.  

So you think what ever comes from Trump's mouth are all true ? Learn to filter who and were it came from.

Are these " ALTERNATIVE FACTS "!  

Last edited: 26-Jan-17 07:19 AM

Posted on 01-26-17 8:27 AM     [Snapshot: 791]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I like controversial's analysis. You need a more deeper understanding to dig beneath the surface that most people are stuck in.

The media is now pushing the list of people involved with Trump that are registered to vote in two states. Guess what? That is actually the failure of the Democratic party in the last 8 years to have a good system in place. When people leave one place they don't bother cancelling their voter registration in that place but they will register in the new city to vote.

The information on Trump people registered in two states would have been important if they actually voted twice. Otherwise it is simply useless information to get the sheep excited about nothing.
Posted on 01-26-17 12:49 PM     [Snapshot: 952]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ल यी दुई जनाको कुरा एक कुनामा राखौ | करिबन ३ मिलियन कम पपुलर भोट ल्याएको छ | यो गुले मैले पपुलर भोट मा तल परे भनेर मात्रै Voter Fraud भएको भन्दै मा हामीले पनि तेसकै विश्वास गर्ने ? ( President thinks there is Voter Fraud therefor there must be voter fraud? Should we follow him what ever nonsense talk he talks because he is President ?)

यो त सानो छदा ग्रुरुले भनेको ठिकै हुनु पर्छ भने जस्तो कुरा भएन र ? Guru is always right and Mr. President is always correct.

Posted on 01-26-17 1:14 PM     [Snapshot: 964]     Reply [Subscribe]
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kati runchau ho democrat haru ? just give him some chances bitches? the way we gave to Mr. Obama. If he (President Trump) can not fulfill the American Dream then we are waiting for 2020 simple.(why I am saying 2020 because the way they create the rule of game which is 4-year term) so chill out!! Why the fuck ya all bitch around captivity with negativity?
Posted on 01-27-17 7:19 AM     [Snapshot: 1221]     Reply [Subscribe]
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CNN shows Trump's rating 36% approve 44% disapprove sounds terrible right ? but where did the rest go ? 36+44 is 80 but % is 100, no mentioned anywhere in CNN, counting on dumb American who r bad in math haha, fox news shows 36% approve 44 % disapprove 19% no opinion, what that means ? either he has great approval or horrible disapproval 50% 50% right? I don't have to be puppet of Trump, it is what it is but CNN is determine to tell people he has lower approval rating , this is how dishonesty they brew !!

another example Trump give interview to his good friend for long time Larry King--> King sells right to everyone including Russian TV --> CNN headline "Trump's gives interview to Russian TV" --> the problem is L King worked CNN for 20 years and knows exactly how he operates but to show Trump's is a puppet of Russia (since it was a hot topic at time). hence the headline. CNN is laughable !
Posted on 01-27-17 8:46 AM     [Snapshot: 1255]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Trumps best media man is Sean Hannity because he gives exact word that is loved by Trump or he is the policy maker of Republican party ( forget about Rush Limbo). You will be listening all the truth nothing but the truth.
And what ever it comes from Sean's mouth most of them will be "Alternative facts".

I came with this thought: Once the deportation starts with criminals and then illegals (like you, me and others). Then there will be no need of affordable care act aka OBAMA care because all uninsured 11 millions immigrants will be out of country. The rest 12-13 uninsured red-rednecks will start replacing the job vacant by deported Latinos and illegal immigrants. As President TRUMP promised to be the greatest job creator, there will be enough job on each town and county. Once they are on workforce, they will be insured by their employer. May be there will be about 2-3 millions uninsured population which is insignificant number and can be ignored. Very simple solution now I am with you MR. President. I agreed on this point : fucking left-wings morons , you do not now how to simplify things. WE ARE IN GREAT AMERICA again, if you do not agree with this new plan then you are the new " DEPLORABLE"

You women : your duty is to please your man or boyfriend: God has given us this right to grab and use as we want with your body parts.  We are with you on this matter (Islam). And Mr. Trump you did a great job eliminating "VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN" because we got real nice son-in-laws.

Last edited: 27-Jan-17 09:40 AM

Posted on 01-27-17 11:29 AM     [Snapshot: 1353]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Both CNN and FOX are the capitalist products. They produce/sway/invent news to make profits. There is a market for liberal news and conservative news and they own that market share individually. Monkeys are the people who take literal sides on the news outlet and feed right into their design.

How about you pick a side between McDonalds and Burger King and defend them next? CNN tells what their liberal viewers want to hear for profit and FOX tells what their conservatives viewers want to hear for profit. GET OVER IT !!
Posted on 01-27-17 4:18 PM     [Snapshot: 1469]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For quite sometime now, TV and Print media have been increasingly losing credibility with their reporting in so many aspects. On top of that, their relevance is being increasingly challenged by social media at break-neck rate. Their business domain is like a giant dinosaur stumbling into their last few steps to collapse if they do not learn to adapt and address the psyche of the ever more informed news consumers.
Come next big election cycle, it is quite likely that significant portion of the campaign funds will get steered away from the jaws of the media power houses like CNN, Washington Post, and the likes. In the aftermath of the Hillary's vanquishment, not just those media companies but a lot of the TV journalists suddenly seem to have found their career tracks on shaky grounds. A surprise, right? One of them even went on to exclaim then, "How do I explain this [ Hillary's loss apparently ] to my children?". Look, there is nothing to explain to an apolitical child about politics unless you do not leave your house in the morning to go to a job for a whole month. In any contest, there is always a winner and a loser - a fact of life.

It would no longer make sense to throw billions of dollars at TV ad businesses when the latter are not able to get a DNC or RNC candidate get elected anymore. When the next presidential election cycle comes around with a louder buzz and a heavier campaign-fund, it would be interesting to witness how these media companies fare.

And to those Hillary fan-boys and fan-girls, 
take a deep breath and let it go please. Better yet, start a frantic search for a candidate who can effectively defeat Trump in about 45 months from now. I could care less about the color or any distinguishing features of a cat as long as it can catch mice.

Last edited: 27-Jan-17 04:33 PM

Posted on 01-27-17 7:17 PM     [Snapshot: 1590]     Reply [Subscribe]
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When Dow hit 15000, Obama the job creater GOD

and few just a month ago, Obama the greatest economy gift-er

Now Dow hits 20000, probably you are in shit , be careful

Posted on 01-28-17 12:46 AM     [Snapshot: 1730]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 01-28-17 3:20 PM     [Snapshot: 1914]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am wondering about What kind of of Nepali population are supporting Democrat and Trump.
Someone come with an argument that those who looks other down and their parents made tons of money in short period ( corrupt) Vs believe in equality and do not look other down.
Posted on 01-28-17 5:15 PM     [Snapshot: 1972]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 01-29-17 7:09 AM     [Snapshot: 2126]     Reply [Subscribe]
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do the math yourself. talk about fear monger and sensationalist network.

Posted on 01-29-17 8:04 AM     [Snapshot: 2155]     Reply [Subscribe]
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all of this in less than 2 weeks....complete U-turn. Let's hope peace prevails... 
Last edited: 29-Jan-17 08:38 AM

Posted on 01-29-17 4:23 PM     [Snapshot: 2276]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Trump's another major accomplishment

President Trump hits majority disapproval in record time, Gallup finds  - LA Times


"President Trump's actions during his first week in office have appeared to be aimed at the voters who already supported him, not at reaching out to the rest, and that's taken a rapid toll on his support, which was already historically low.

Gallup, which has measured job approval for presidents for decades, shows Trump's approval so far at 45%, with 48% disapproving. That's an average of several days' polling.

The daily trend lines are not kind to the new administration. As of Saturday, 51% of Americans disapproved of Trump's performance.

That's a record for the speed of getting to majority disapproval.

By comparison, President George W. Bush hit majority disapproval six months into his second term, in June 2005, and remained in negative territory for the rest of his tenure.

President Obama did not hit 51% disapproval until August of 2011, during the crisis over the federal debt ceiling that summer. His approval rebounded later that year, but he had a second period of majority disapproval during late 2013 and much of 2014. He ended his term with widespread approval and 37% of Americans disapproving."


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