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 नेपथ्यको निउ योर्क कन्सर्टमा गोलमाल हुँदा नेपथ्य माथि कानुनि कार्यबाही समेत हुन सक्ने आयोजकको प्रेस बिज्ञप्ति
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Posted on 09-28-16 3:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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यस प्रेस बिज्ञप्ति आउन अगाडी फेसबुकमा न्यु योर्कका सामाज सेवी र विभिन्न कार्यक्रम आयोजक एवं प्रोफेसर कर्म तेन्जिंग न्याग्मीले यसको बारे टिप्पणी गरेका थिए |


भिसाका प्रायोजक द्वारा सम्पादन गरिएको प्रेस बिज्ञप्ति

भिसाका प्रायोजक द्वारा उजुरी पत्र

Last edited: 28-Sep-16 09:03 PM

Posted on 09-28-16 5:21 PM     [Snapshot: 1578]     Reply [Subscribe]
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DO these people(bands) have to pay tax to the IRS on their earnings?
Posted on 09-28-16 6:23 PM     [Snapshot: 3692]     Reply [Subscribe]
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60 (75 with taxes) for Balcony ko ticket kiniyo...concert ta hunchha ni San Francisco sahar ma??
Posted on 09-28-16 8:17 PM     [Snapshot: 6917]     Reply [Subscribe]
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पशुपतिको दर्शन, सिद्राको ब्यापार
एक पन्थ दुई काज

आदी ईत्यादी उखानै छ नी

Posted on 09-29-16 8:37 AM     [Snapshot: 28860]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सहि कुरो त के हो थाछैना, यो sajhainfo aka Neo चैइ किन नेपथ्य को खेदो खनेर लागेको हो अलि बुज्जिएन !
Posted on 09-29-16 9:01 AM     [Snapshot: 29494]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Artists coming in to US through one sponsor and performing in other cities (w/o explicit agreement with the sponsors) is actually pretty common, though it is not really allowed. Over the top reaction? A little bit, but they are still in their legal right to do so.
However, there has to be something more to it than Nepathya just going away to SF. Some disagreements, some arguments – perhaps.

From what I can gather, it appears the main cause of the fall-out seem to be the manager and his lack of respect to organizers or viewers. I personally don’t know him so can’t comment on him; as for Nepathya the band itself, it primarily is one man show: Amrit Gurung. Many people have poured their dissatisfaction over him, for not being a great singer like past Nepathya singers, for not be willing to meet with Nepalis, making huge demands etc etc.

Let me play devli’s advocate her for Amrit G and on his defense, he laid out his demands before hand. Is he being primadonna? Hell yes. He is, and wants rockstar treatment. But, possibly, he also wants to make sure his concerts are not like others and wants to offer something special to the audience – like he did in London. If he is making demands at the last minute, then he is being unreasonable – otherwise, he is laying out to you it is upto you to take it or not. As for his talent, I think – and it’s a personal preference- he is one of the best vocal artist in any Nepali band. His range cannot be matched and his vocal caliber is exceptional – miles better than any past Nepathya vocalists. Now, him not willing to meet Nepalis; that’s his prerogative. Many organizers plan a meet-and-greet event for the band members – some chose to do it, some don’t like being exposed like this. Sure, him not wanting to go to an area where there are many Nepalis is a little distasteful (that’s his crowd – his bread and butter), but again, that’s his choice. Finally, about his music choice – I agree, his original compositions suck. The songs he collected from parts of Nepal (Bheda ko Un jasto, Sa Karnali etc) are amazing – but they weren’t his original composition – Nepathya did give the song a very nice treatment though.

My point is, he is a rockstar from Nepal and wants to be treated as one. It is upto the organizers to take him or not. I certainly hope he works on his image though, as it is the fans that made him and they can easily drag him down.

Back to the manager, from what I’ve heard he sounds like the person on the wrong here; but then again we haven’t heard from the other side.

Posted on 09-29-16 9:03 AM     [Snapshot: 29621]     Reply [Subscribe]
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When I said "they are in the legal rights" I meant the organizers (issuing the statement and reporting to INS)- not Nepathya.
Posted on 09-29-16 9:31 AM     [Snapshot: 30059]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gone12 खेदो खन्न तिर लागिएको होइन | Sajha is about sharings things related to Nepal and Nepalis and this seems like an interesting development. Don't you agree?
Posted on 09-29-16 1:08 PM     [Snapshot: 32161]     Reply [Subscribe]
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As a organizing committee member for ANA 216, I can confirm that, Nepathya creates a harsh conditions for Organizers. Especially the behavior of manager is intolerable. Pretty much all the Organizers know this for fact. If people respect them as a artist, they have to respect their fans and at least be nice to fans, volunteers and Organizers.
Posted on 09-29-16 1:22 PM     [Snapshot: 32254]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नेपथ्य त मलाई पुरानै राम्रो लाग्छ । खोया नि गईदैन यस्तो कन्सर्टमा त । मौका मा चौका हान्न खोजे छ , लिखितम कागजी क़ानूनी बिभागीय कार्यवाही गर्दे हुन्छ ।
Posted on 09-29-16 6:27 PM     [Snapshot: 33751]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ali Ali attitude bhaena bhanne k ko artist ta :) Jimmy Hendrix Dekhi kid rock Samma , Narayan Gopal Dekhi ram Krishna dhakal Samma ali ali sunekai ho
Posted on 09-29-16 8:10 PM     [Snapshot: 34562]     Reply [Subscribe]
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yo ta typical Nepali mentality ho, so why are people complaining?
See even though we like to think that we love Nepal but in reality we are ashamed of Nepal and especially our fellow Nepalese. And this is rightly so because Nepalese do not seem to learn and progress but rather are ignorant and thus selfish. They do not really change for good, but like to live in putrid stagnation.
For example, we Nepalese pride ourselves saying Nepal is the second richest nation in the world in terms of hydro power, but then we continue to live in darkness year after year, decade after decade.
The list goes on and on. Like for instance, I hear a lot about Nepali people not liking the way they are treated by Indians, like them saying Bahadurs, chaukidaars, etc. to our brothers, but then most Nepalese cannot stop listening to Bollywood songs or watch their movies, and not only that they wear Indian inspired clothes, play their music loudly in wedding, in offices, gyms, etc. It's like a love hate relation, and Nepal has become a bitch to India, like it or not but it is due to Nepalese fault, especially Nepalese politicians who do not seem to have any backbone to stand for Nepal, but rather would prostrate themselves and surrender our nationality.

Posted on 09-29-16 9:16 PM     [Snapshot: 35221]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepathya's tantrums were revealed/exposed during this summer's ANA. उनीहरुको attitude थाहा भै भै के खान बोलाएको? Did they expect Nepathya (and manager) to miraculously change their attitude/behavior? The plea to USCIS to stop prevent Nepathya from performing in San Francisco was pathetic and hilarious.

I've also seen people complaining about ticket prices. They're playing in venues that aren't cheap. बसन्तपुरको डबलीमा गरेको हो र कन्सर्ट? As Nepal's leading band, they're well within their rights to ask whatever the amount they want. सके बोलाऊ, नसके नबोलौ! सस्तो कन्सर्ट हेर्ने भए भिम निरौला र ज्योति मगरलाइ बोलाए भै हाल्यो नि!

Posted on 09-30-16 5:17 AM     [Snapshot: 37848]     Reply [Subscribe]
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त्यो जाँठो काले न काले अर्पण शर्मा मुजी मेरो दाइ को दोस्त हो, माटोक्ने राँडी को छोरो भद्रपुरे झापाली नेपाली मा बोल्नु परे मर्या जस्तो गर्छ, सोल्टी मा जाने/ घरे कबाब मा जाने नेपालि बाहेक अरु कसै संग बोल्नु परे नेप्रिन्छ. अब नेपथ्य को नखरा मुजी थाहा पाउँदा पाउँदै पनि मुजी आयोजक र फ्यान हरुलाई उनीहरुको कन्सर्ट मा नगई लाँडै नठनकिने अनि घण्टा होस् त?

मुजी टाउको मा चडाउने हामि आफैं अनि घण्टा को रुवाबासी? गीत पनि पछि आएर राम्रो गाका हुन् , "छेक्यो छेक्यो" मुजी सुन्दा त कब्जियत हुन्थ्यो.

Posted on 09-30-16 6:46 PM     [Snapshot: 41020]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Underwear bro,
" अब नेपथ्य को नखरा मुजी थाहा पाउँदा पाउँदै पनि मुजी आयोजक र फ्यान हरुलाई उनीहरुको कन्सर्ट मा नगई लाँडै नठनकिने अनि घण्टा होस् त?" bhanda yaad yaayo...

हिजो झ्याकने बिहान ५ देखि ९ AM तुरी ठनकेको ठनकइ , दिमाग खराब....कै उपाय
Posted on 09-30-16 7:37 PM     [Snapshot: 41475]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear UK (Urban Khasi),
Could your four-hour erection be attributed to Cialis ( pron 'see-Alice') ? :D :D

Posted on 09-30-16 8:16 PM     [Snapshot: 41784]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i like your jawaf geetmaijawafdeu bro
Posted on 10-01-16 7:51 AM     [Snapshot: 44294]     Reply [Subscribe]
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haha yo topic change garne urban kwasi nepthya band sanga ta aabradha chaina hai?
Posted on 10-01-16 10:23 AM     [Snapshot: 45074]     Reply [Subscribe]
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LOL @jerryswari bro,
hoina yar testo ....

साचै भन्ने हो भने मालाई धेरै पछि सम्म नि " नेपथ्य" भनेको काठमाडौँ को कुनै ठाउँ होला जस्तो लाग्थियो :)
Posted on 10-01-16 11:04 PM     [Snapshot: 47840]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Urban Khasi let's get back to topic now, will you?
 Here goes my thoughts : If Nepathya was callous enough to willfully rob the DJ of his show by ignoring the timekeeper if there ever was one, Nepathya would be at fault for the sake of the concert-attendees.
 At the mean time, I would PAY to watch live performance of Nepathya, Sanjeev Pradhan, Mongolian Hearts, Udit Narayan Jha, and a couple others. For the rest so-called bands, they would have to pay me for the time I have expended. But that's me.  
 Other than that, the situation here is analogous to the following:
 IT consultancies : IT trainees :: P3-visa sponsor : Nepali bands
The sponsor seem to want a piece of the action from Nepathya's date in San Francisco.   It all boils down to MONEY MONEY MONEY be it IT consultancies or P3 visa sponsors.

Last edited: 01-Oct-16 11:06 PM


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