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Posted on 04-20-15 11:10 PM     [Snapshot: 442]     Reply [Subscribe]
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lodarthapa, ditto from another thread :)

Posted on 04-21-15 2:33 PM     [Snapshot: 578]     Reply [Subscribe]
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loperthapa, I think you don't understand the importance of opportunity.
Right now if you don't fake the resume or apply for asylum or try to adapt to the situation, someone else is going to take this opportunity and take that job.What do you think Nepalese should just sit on the side and whine about how fake resumes hurt their careers like you are doing right now?
Fake resumes are there only for indian vendors and when you get to the work it's your hard work that really matters and not your resume.After all the credential mentioned in your resume will not work for you. If you think people with fake resumes are so undeserving why do you think most of them are surviving in the job?
So stop talking about morality here because it is survival of the fittest. Even Lions and tigers deceive their prey to get themselves food, so it's pretty natural to do whatever suits best for yourself instead of dying hungry.

Posted on 04-21-15 2:44 PM     [Snapshot: 582]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm sick and tired of seeing talentless monkeys (case in point Sojoketo) fake their resumes and then brag about how successful they've become. I studied hard all my life, went elite schools in Nepal and here to get to where I am, and then I see a half-wit piece of stink come up to me and act all gangsta about how he was able to hoodwink the system and make up for 8 years in 6 months. My friends and family who had genuine jobs had their h1bs denied because of these liars crowd out the genuines.

I'm gonna start complaining now. Enough is Enough.

Posted on 04-21-15 3:00 PM     [Snapshot: 610]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tihar, it's survival of the fittest , definitely but there are laws and regulations in a society specially the one like America. According to your rule then anyone can rape , steal , kill anyone if he can, because that is a survival of fittest right? say you have a hot girlfriend( i don' know if you do or not, sorry not trying to be personal), and there is a black dood with 12+ inches.. so he's fitter than you, so does it justify according to your rule to just jump on your gf because the survival of the fittest tells that there is someone fitter than you.
This is why we have laws, rules and regulations and regulatory and enforcement officers ans agencies in the society. The survival of the fittest would apply if the guy would go to school, learn even better programming or IT and comes to the IT world and compete. but to cheat, steal , lie is no justification for survival of fittest.
No one has stole my job, i create my own job and personally i am happy to be where i am, but i see so many of these fake IT resume fakes going around claiming to be engineers and stealing jobs from real IT talents. You said, most of them stick around job. Hell, no, most of them do get fired. Few years ago the company i used to work for fired 15 Indian and Nepali fake resume boasters.
If it only needed 6 months of training then why would anyone go to college ? no kidding Nepal will never prosper, do you think taking bribes and selling our country in Nepal is justifiable too? do you think moaist did the right thing by killing people and getting into power for more power and money grubs? cuz it's survival of the fittest right?

Posted on 04-21-15 3:06 PM     [Snapshot: 610]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hakim ji, you are a true hope of Nepali society. you are the first person I am finding in sajha who stands against corrpution, fake asylum, fake resumes. better prepare to take lots of nasty comments from these choors. but i stand with you, one plus 1 Nepali against these new generation choors in the country where sages and braves set their examples in the past. our ancestors would rather die in hunger but with dignity then to steal or lie. Jaya Nepal...
Posted on 04-21-15 5:01 PM     [Snapshot: 685]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I had a hard time finding a job after i graduated. I was unemployed for almost 8 months..Find a Mediocre internship and then finally after 15 months landed a job. In between i did various IT trainings. But when it comes for placement i feel so embarrassed. Nigga's put 10 yrs experience. The only thing that got into my mind was how will i go to the first day of my work with 10 yrs of experience and i don't know shit about it. I could'nt do it!! I gave up but i landed a job in my own field eventually. I don't blame anyone for getting into IT but there is nothing to be proud of working in that field with a Fake Resume.
I never saw Nepali people doing such craps until Indians started doing it. I know lot of people hang into thread after graduation but i have seen some of my friends go to IT straight after they have a Masters degree in Engineering. It is one thing to totally not get a job but its another thing to go straight to dhoti consultancy.
Try to get into US army and serve for 4 yrs than lingering into dhoti consultancy. After 4 yrs with your education you will get a job 100%.
Posted on 04-21-15 5:37 PM     [Snapshot: 701]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@loperthapa: You are one Hell of Buddha. Good luck with your survival in this KALI YUG.
Posted on 04-21-15 7:01 PM     [Snapshot: 753]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@loperthapa:Good luck dude

Posted on 04-21-15 10:31 PM     [Snapshot: 846]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Loperthapa is sajha's moralhawaldar of the week. Congratulations.

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