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 नेपाल मा महिना बारी खर्च चलाउन कति पठाउनु हुन्छ हजुर हरु ले?

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Posted on 02-07-15 3:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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नमस्कार साथी भाइ दिदि बैनी हरु. यो प्रस्न अलि कति कठोर सुनिएला र सबै को आ आफ्नै परिस्थिथि हुन्छ. कसैलाई धन त्यति प्राथमिक बिषय हुदैन कसैलाई धन प्रसस्थ हुदैन तर कुरा मा कुरा. आफ्नु साथी भाई लाइ न सोधेर कसलाई सोध्ने त, हैन र? होइन भन्या हजुर हरु ले नेपाल मा घर मा महिना बारी खर्च गर्न कति जति पठाउनु हुन्छ भन्या. आब कसैको घर जग्गा किन्नु पर्ने होला कसैको ऒखति मुलो गर्नु पर्ने होला, तर यसो सिधा सिधि घर खर्च मात्र भन्नु पर्दा कति जति पठाउनु हुन्छ होला.
ऊता नेपाल को कुरा गर्दा बाबु आमा जीवन भरि जागिर खाएर अवकाश पाएको अवस्था. त्यति धेरै सम्पति त नेपाल मा छैन तर बुबा को काठमाडौँ भन्दा बाहिर (तराई मा ) घर जग्गा भएको आवस्था. दाजु भाई तथा बैनी विह गरेर आ आफ्नु कर्म मा लाग्य छन् तर नेपाल मै छन्.

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 02-07-15 7:23 PM     [Snapshot: 340]     Reply [Subscribe]
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not a penny for family, but depositing in a bank for future, saving for a retirement
Posted on 02-07-15 8:04 PM     [Snapshot: 392]     Reply [Subscribe]
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पारपाचुके केटा भाई, पैसै न पठाउने चै गर्न अलि गार्हो भयो तर मैले भुजे तपाई ले भन्या कुरा. सेब फोर रेतिरेमेंट.
Posted on 02-07-15 10:24 PM     [Snapshot: 529]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't send, because I think easy money fuels show off culture in Nepal . But I think 1000 $ a month is too much. My mom and dad has approx 50k rs expense, which include medial cost which is high side. You can still find 20 rs plate momo and 8 rs tea in ok place in KTM. For out of valley with no cost for house , it shouldn't be more then 50 k. Any thing more then 50 k, is something going away as easy money.
Posted on 02-08-15 1:54 AM     [Snapshot: 671]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For parents you have to, but for the rest, don't give them any fish. Teach them how to fish.
Posted on 02-08-15 12:28 PM     [Snapshot: 927]     Reply [Subscribe]
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बा आमा को कुरा आफ्नो ठाउ मा छ |  
Free advice and free money always goes waste. Once you start free money : you are raising their expectations and it will hurt both. 

Last edited: 09-Feb-15 11:45 AM

Posted on 02-08-15 1:36 PM     [Snapshot: 1015]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Like stated in the above posts, the circumstances ares different. Some have medical costs, some have house to pay off, some might be living in rented places, some may have car/bike loan. If there are no loan or any installments and other recurring expenses, in my PERSONAL opinion around $300 a month should be enough. Again, this is for parents only and for expense like grocery and other everyday expenses. Besides this, pareko bela ma aru ta chadai chha like medical/surgery expenses, dashain/tihar/chad baad and other irregular expenses.

I agree that easy money will made habits worse and even if you send $5000 per month, that will not be enough. Manchhe ko baani nai kharab.
Posted on 02-08-15 4:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1123]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sir, I agree with your point here `$300 should be roundabout approximate number for monthly living expenses (and like you said, not counting marda-parda garne ta chadai cha and sabaiko aa-afnai paristhiti huncha). I wanted to get an honest opinion from friends like many here who posted already. I saw this metamorphosis from 'give man a fish' albeit that phrase cannot literally be applied because we support our ailing / retired family. But somehow only recently I had noticed that free cash is doing no good and the relationship between perception of doing financially well and demand for cash is directly proportional. Different people have different way of dealing with the 'finance' question but I thought some of us, like myself, might be slipping that slippery slope called 'free money' and 'habit'. 

Definitely a helpful thread. Thanks! 

Posted on 02-09-15 1:30 AM     [Snapshot: 1336]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So far i have been sending $250-$300 per month as per my parents expense. They are happy and satisfied with that amount of money and never demanded anymore. I think parents understands the value of money better than us and so they do take care of every penny we send. Beside that i send couple of thousands in any special occasions. Sending about $200-$300 a month to parents wont and doesnt hurt your retirement plan or whatever plan you have. We tend to spend $5-$10 on a cup of starbucks or cigarettes or something else.. And afterall they are responsible for what I am today and it gives me pleasure if they are happy and satisfied no matter it comes at cost of spending extra few hundred dollars a month.
Posted on 02-09-15 1:49 AM     [Snapshot: 1353]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't think 200-300 monthly is a good idea as you have to pay fee everytime you send money. Moreover there is a exchange rate. I do send money but no in that way. I just deposit huge amount of money in nepali bank and they get the interest out of it. In that way first of all you don't need to worry about sending money and lastly your money is secured and growing.
Posted on 02-09-15 8:13 AM     [Snapshot: 1460]     Reply [Subscribe]
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आफुलाई त कुखुरो र भात खान मात्र पुग्छ, के गर्ने?
Posted on 02-09-15 9:20 AM     [Snapshot: 1529]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ke6takhabar कुरो एकदम जायज छ \ बस्ने ठाउँ छ , अनि ठुलो औसधि मुलो छैन भने $३०० ले मज्जाले पुग्छ \ अब भाइ बहिनिलाइ \ अनि अरुले कुरो नाबुजेपानी बाउ आमाले चै कुरो पनि बुज्चन , जथाभाबी खर्च पनि गर्दैनन् \
Posted on 02-09-15 11:36 AM     [Snapshot: 1653]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ sajhamitra

what bank do you use in Nepal and what is the interest rate? Might be a good idea.
Posted on 02-09-15 11:52 AM     [Snapshot: 1679]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kaji sahab, you can put in good sahakari. They can give easily 10%+ interest rate easily these days.
Posted on 02-09-15 12:10 PM     [Snapshot: 1690]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I heard Sahakaari also lowered their interest rate. They need to earn to provide interest. 

Nabil has base 6 and spread 4.49  % as of 2071 push.

Soon commercial bank will follow giving very nominal interest on saving accounts as well CD's Due to remittance,  tons of money is coming in and bank has few borrowers and they charge 3-4 times higher too. 
Last edited: 09-Feb-15 01:24 PM

Posted on 02-09-15 1:04 PM     [Snapshot: 1774]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That's true. I used to get 17% but they lowered to 14% these days. But that's still better investment than just putting money in US banks.
Posted on 02-09-15 2:06 PM     [Snapshot: 1814]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@sajhamitra .. I usually send for few months at a time. Not every month to save those transfer fee and all. And as for saving into Nepal bank , i have other options to get more interest rate. Usually people in Nepal needs money on loan for Foreign employement. I have some investment in those loans. Its preety much like personal loan where you get between 20-30% and the good thing is people put their lands on your name worth double of what you lend them. So there is no risk of not getting money back.
Posted on 02-09-15 4:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1915]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sahakari is riskier than banks and loaning money out is kind of jumping through different ropes. What I would like to know is, what bank gives the most interest rate either savings or fixed deposit? I am leaning towards bank as they are less likely to run away with money. Also, one can do bank to bank transfer from US to Nepal. I doubt that can be done with any sahakari in Nepal from the US.
Posted on 02-09-15 6:01 PM     [Snapshot: 2055]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Where you guys are putting money to get 14% interest, people are dying to get 10% steady return here. We can fund manager if we can generate that return. Are those saving a/c or CD insured in any way in Nepal, or it is just one of those shady financial company , which you will never know when owners will flee away? Don't banks need to make 30% return to give 14 % percent on deposits. I never understand Nepals economics and finance. Definitely napal has lot liquidity but 14% of interest , I just don't see how they are sustained. Even 6 % seems too high to me for plain saving account.
Posted on 02-09-15 8:38 PM     [Snapshot: 2139]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सहि हो चौद प्रतिसत अलि धेरै संकास्पद हुन्छ Safely deposit गर्न, आइले को मार्केट मा. अब Personal Loan, even depositing in a Cooperative has higher risk beta. म गोर्खे एक सर ले माथि नै भनि सक्नु भयो Nabil को Base 6% छ रे जुन मेरो विचार म सफेस्ट बेट हो.

Investment vehicle ma na rakhera safely A Class Banking Institution ma deposit गर्ने हो भने चै mathi claim gariya bhanda thorai nai bhai sake cha Nepal ko interest rate haru..





तर मेरो अर्को पनि पेर्सोनल प्रोब्लेम छ. भक्कु धेरै पैसा बैंक मा राखी दिए भने न सोधी कन पोंज़ी type shady investment (Dhukuti), Network Marketing, श्याम दाई लाइ कुखुरा पालन आदि इत्यादी भनेर पैसा लगानी गरि दिन्छन. अनि केई भने भने नरमाइलो मान्छन. भूत काल मा भै सक्या घटना हरु हो. आमा बाबु लाई माया छोरा छोरी लाई माया भन्ने कुरा त छदै छ ...जसरि छोरा न पढेर बरालिएर हिड्दा आमा ले बाटो देखाउनु हुन्छ कसै कसै को परिवार मा छोरा छोरि ले पनि आमा बाबु लाई बाटो देखाउनु पर्ने हुदो रैछ. ल त्यति भन्दै आज को लागि दुइ सब्द तुन्ग्याये.

Anywho! big shout-out to them Churpi guys!
Posted on 02-10-15 1:57 PM     [Snapshot: 2478]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not an investment guru or a savvy financial guy but one of the reasons that Nepalese banks give so high interest rate compared to US banks is, inflation. The higher the rate of inflation in a country, the higher the interest rate. The inflation is very low in the US, hence the lower rate on return.

Personally, I would put the money in a fixed deposit or high yielding savings account in "A" class financial institutions rather than some sahakari. lob le laab, laab le bilaap hola

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