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 very personal

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Posted on 04-08-13 4:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am sorry to write in thread but my problem is very personal.
I am married lady. We got married about 2 years by now. My husband loves me a lot.
But the problem is in the bed. His male part has skin covered in the top. The head doesn't come out. It is completely uncircumsized. My husband said its ok to him but I am not happy. he cannot make me happy at bed because of this. I told him to do surgery. Now, he agreed to do surgery but the problem is to find hospital or clinic. We are at school.We dont have health insurance. Does anyone know about the place the where circumcision is done at cheap rate maximum of $ 500. I dont want to divorce him because of this. He loves me a lot.
Again sorry about this kind of thread. 
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-08-13 3:29 PM     [Snapshot: 947]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I have uncircumsized penis and all my 99 girlfrens loves it.....nepali behuli u can be my century.....
Posted on 04-08-13 5:24 PM     [Snapshot: 1042]     Reply [Subscribe]
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       I have my own theory on it. Nepali behuli why do u say u don't enjoy sex because your hubby has uncurcumcised penis? I think before marriage you have tried circumcised that's why or this might be some guy who is ashamed to ask us how to make it circumcised. When I posted I fell in love with a stripper, lots of people called troll so you might be telling the truth just like I did. 
       The best solution might be let him eat your vagina that way u can feel good. Then suck his penis n play with your hand like masturbate his penis n try to roll down the skin layer gently. Keep doing that months n months n i believe your hubby's penis will be circumcised later. 
         When I was a kid I used to clean penis as i used to see white thick powdery stuff within my skin so I used to scroll it down all the time while taking shower n now I have circumcised. At first I was scared what did I do? Why was their no skin on my penis head? I was worried. Will it affect my masculinity to produce children this n that. But in western culture circumcised is considered hygienic. 
          Further it might be his small penis who is not giving u a satisfaction. He might be lack of fructose acid as his erection is not projectile n 90 degree. Get him some pills to increase his penis. You can go to pornstar Ron Jeremy's site n find out how to increase penis size. 
Posted on 04-08-13 7:50 PM     [Snapshot: 1240]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Behulo Nani,

Your pu**y is not juicy enough, so timro pu**y ley enough lubrication produce nagareko karan ley usko ali na farkiyako jasto chha...so try to produce more lubrication....

Aba kasari vanchan vane chai , pm gara ani taxas tira aau:)

I am just doing this to help you, other wise I amm one woman men vanchan ni tei hoo:)
Posted on 04-08-13 8:17 PM     [Snapshot: 1272]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नानी, नेपाली बेहुली भएर पश्चिमी सस्कृति अंगाल्न खोज्छौ ? तिमीले प्रयोग गरेका शब्दले यो धागो एक नाटक हो भन्ने आभास भई रहेछ मलाई ! होइन भने बुढो को एस्तो उस्तो यहाँ साझामा भन्ने कि डाक्टर कहाँ गएर समाधान खोज्ने ?
- जंगली मानब 

Posted on 04-09-13 1:10 AM     [Snapshot: 1490]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Thanks everyone who gave me wise suggestion.

But I guess I need to answer some of the questions that has been raised.
First of all people were worried about being fool. I have real  problem and I found sajha to take suggestion. I know you guys can give me advice so that I can know what to do.I certainly didn't assume the problem will be solved by writing on sajha. But was I expecting just advice. I think i do have that rights being member of sajha. 

I do assume that my privacy is highly protected.

Next, thing is that , I am not a slut that am gonna share bed with you who commented is that way.
Am  I satisfied with sex with my husband?
Sex doesnt only mean penetration, there is thing called oral. I like to play with my little hubby but the skin acts as hoody. I want to feel the head of it. I want to get rid of that skin though. It is my property.

Some people pointed about how do I know that without head cover it will be more fun. Let me tell you people , there is things call internet. We do watch some naughty movie while at bed. Dont assume man only watches  the porn. In most of the porn, female are the in lead role.Do you guys watch between man man? I guess you dont unless you are fagus.              

Some of people suggested to try to unfold by warming in luke warm water. Me and my husband went to bathtub, I did the same by putting some oil , the progress is good. I did that almost  for half  hour but my husband thew away. I guess he is far excited today. This is first time we did out of bed.
Thank you guys for suggestion.
For those who want to help in diffrent way, I will send some you lute kukur. you can have sex with her.
Posted on 04-09-13 7:19 AM     [Snapshot: 1667]     Reply [Subscribe]
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साझामा सल्लाह माग्ने भेनेको तातो तेलमा खुर्सानी झान्ने काम मात्रै हो ? यो कसैको लागि खजाना हो : लौ आयो मुर्गा भनि आफ्नो आफ्नो मस्तिस्कले र बौदिकताले दिए सम्म आफ्ना कलुसित भावना पोख्ने बिसेष गरि महिलाले अनि त्यो पनि सेक्स संग सम्बन्धित प्रस्न हरु !
कुनै बेला : एस. थापा ले पी एच डि को लागि केहि प्रस्नावाली भरिदिएर सहयोग गरिदिनु हुन्छ कि भनि सहयोग के मागेको थीइन : खारिएका बोकाहरुले बेइजात्ति नै गरे भन्नु पर्यो : आसय बोकाहरुले महिलाको नाम वाट केहि पनि देखे भने दिमाग साडेको रुपलिन्छ अनि के लेख्ने के नलेख्ने हेक्का हराउछ | माचो पन देखाउने उत्तम बेला ठानी पछि पर्न मन पराउदैनन | 

Posted on 04-09-13 9:26 AM     [Snapshot: 1768]     Reply [Subscribe]
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very interesting thread.

nepali behuli,
no matter you are boka or bakhri (pls don't take boka or bakhi as offence, i am using them as expression for romantic person ;) ), I like the highlights of bathtub encounters. ha ha ha . Aru pani jawos na hai !

On a serious note, i also think you guys should continue doing this "rolling the skin down" thing using warm water and olive oil ( he he remember, not corn oil) if you think there will be  an unaffordable surgery cost. But, seriously it is really unhygienic and unhealthy to stay like that as there is lots of  unwanted substances deposited between the skin and head no matter how much you try to clean it. My understanding is that, in most of the men it is completely open by the time they are 17/18. Finally, good luck you with your future encounter with a skinless head, and happy chooding ( as in hindi).

Posted on 04-09-13 3:37 PM     [Snapshot: 1972]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Behuli nani ma ta k bhanchu bhanda leave him n find some other dude. Sex is important among many things in our life so why would you compromise with it. Date some guy first, see if he is gud n then only marry somebody. In our culture arrange marriage is a curse. Without dating more than two years, I think it would be stupidity to tie a knot. 
Posted on 04-09-13 3:43 PM     [Snapshot: 1974]     Reply [Subscribe]
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totally.. thats a valid point ..

Posted on 04-09-13 5:54 PM     [Snapshot: 2100]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Behuli nani,

What the heck you expect in public forum when u say ur man's cock is no good and u are not satisfied in bed. Don't try or pretend to be saint . Bullshit.
Posted on 04-09-13 6:00 PM     [Snapshot: 2100]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everyone seems to be quick at pointing a finger at the original poster. Whatever she has posted is a possibility and those pointing their fingers are only exercising their sexist feelings by ridiculing the poster.

Posted on 04-10-13 1:42 PM     [Snapshot: 2463]     Reply [Subscribe]
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प्रदिप दाई दिस वान इज फोर यू ! अै थिन्क मै अन्लाइन प्रेजेन्स ह्यज फाउन्ड अ मिनिङ टूडे !

नेपाली बेहुली  दिदी/बहिनी, यू ह्यव कम टु द राइत प्लेस ! डोन्ट यू वोरी !  i havenot been in your shoes, of course, but i can relate to it. in fact i had created a thread very similar to your topic not too long ago (unfortunately i couldn't find the link for you). i am a 21 year old healthy male (if you know what i mean). and i have an uncircumcised penis. this may sound like an age old story to you but what sets me and your husband apart is i have never in my life heard a single complaint from a girl who i have made love with, be it nepali, black, mexican, white, hispanic so on and so fourth (BTW i have made love with girls from only six continent, leaving antartica) about my manhood. you may ask how?? let me tell you something its not that girls havent raised question regarding my uncurcumcised penis, they have, but its OK! it really is OK to be little cautious and little curious, specially in bed! they had their own little curiosity and after contempleting for two whole days i think i can address your curiosity precisely like i have done for i don't know how many girls. i think your past is interfering your judgement. सबै लोग्ने मनिष को ढुकुर एउटै हुँदैन and as long as your husband is not 50 i am pretty sure it works just fine, अनी त्यो डिजे तान्त्रिक को जादु को छडिले पनि हल्का तन्त्र मन्त्र गर्ड्या जस्तो लाग्यो बेहुली लाई . अब सबै को भाई तेस्ताइ भयो भने नेपाललाई बिबिधतामा एकता भको देश भनेर किन भन्नु पर्थ्यो । तेसैले अैले आफ्ननो अगाडि जे छ तेसैले काम चलाऊनु। बरु मुख्मैथुन अली जोड दिनु, भबिस्य उज्ज्वल छ !  

  if this doesn't work out for you i have got plan B too but it'll cost you money and some vacation days for me :पी 

Posted on 04-10-13 5:56 PM     [Snapshot: 2631]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Omg , maa garenty nai dim kyree, yesto kura haru nepali kt le post nai gardaina , yo original thread kta le nai create gareko hunupar6...maa kt vako haisatt sathai Mero kt sathiiii kasai le pani yesto aabaj nauthako aadar maa hai ...ani Hamro daju vai le k sikako testo lol ...6i 6i tio .....garne kura ni khane ...hat sunerai vomitted yar ....we r nepali n we ladies can't do that ...tio ta private n personal part ho khane kura haina ...dal vat veg fruits khanu ni ....hahhaha ! Funny thread...ani beuli nani lee chai tetro web ra net herera siknaa saknee le saja maa vanda ta Utai upaye dher thio hola ta lol ...!!
Posted on 04-10-13 6:11 PM     [Snapshot: 2638]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Haha beautigirl u cracked me up n made my day. Khanunai cha bhane vegetable khanure ha ha i m like rofl. Haha. Private parts re. May be you r right we r following western culture ( not all westerners like to eat actually) n pornographic way. There was a time I used to enjoy eating vagina of random girls I met in the club. One time i had a sore throat for weeks so I quit. But still I will eat vagina if i find a trusted partner. I love fingering n licking than humping n jumping he he. Clitter is the best part i enjoy eating if u have thick ones. U can chew it literally like a gum.
Posted on 04-10-13 6:36 PM     [Snapshot: 2674]     Reply [Subscribe]
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के भन्छ यो गोरीकोपोई भाते?? ?हर्पीस, गनेरीया त थाहा थ्यो यो सोर थोर्ट पनी हून्छ र भन्या ?? आभेशमा आएर पाठेघरै बजाईस कि के हो बज्जे ??
Posted on 04-10-13 6:46 PM     [Snapshot: 2701]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I mean cold beer n vagina eating what do u expect n then smoking. May be that was the reason I had a sore throat. But every time i swallowed my saliva it tasted like vagina. I was scared that I might get herpes thats why I quit. Patheghar bhaneko vagina hoina? Ho mero jibro ko tuppi maile bhitra sammai haleko thiye. Tesko white jhol pani pareko thiyo mero mukhma so tesaile hola sord throat bhayeko.
Posted on 04-10-13 7:08 PM     [Snapshot: 2733]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good job beautigrl, I am proud of u. Don't be discouraged by such things, I am sure there are plenty of traditional nepali guys also who love and respect girls like you. I am one of them.:) But having said that, yoh western culture le ke ke khaanu sikayo, blindly sikne harulai pani moral support dinu pani hamro kartavya ho. But kudos to you and other nepali girls who hold on to our tradition and values. I salute you all. And I hope you will never trade those values.
Posted on 04-10-13 7:40 PM     [Snapshot: 2799]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tnx F2012 bro , timilAi pani salute 6 :), hey goriko ....bro , plz delet ur posts plz...timro post Padne Jo koi le on da spot vomit gar6 bro ....! Kin yesto sick bro ? ......6i 6i !
Posted on 04-11-13 1:59 PM     [Snapshot: 3223]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have many things to answer regarding the post above. I will write the response tonight as I am office at this moment.
Posted on 04-11-13 4:31 PM     [Snapshot: 3372]     Reply [Subscribe]
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lol gorikopoi...

thanks for free laugh.. 

I'm laughing so hard here.. 

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