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 Documents for Parents Visitor Visa
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Posted on 05-27-13 5:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 We are expecting a baby and planning to invite my parents. What are the documents required for applying visitor visa in Kathmandu? (I am a GC holder).
Thanks in advance for your help.
Posted on 05-27-13 6:16 PM     [Snapshot: 28]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That's quiet a status "green card holder " .... Btw you hold the green card in the right hand or left hand?
Posted on 05-27-13 6:24 PM     [Snapshot: 34]     Reply [Subscribe]
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if you dont have any suggestion to give why do u embarass yourself writing crap like a reatard?
Posted on 05-27-13 6:48 PM     [Snapshot: 68]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@pepsi , @tehasranger,,,,
Ma bahula manche ani timiharu bahula kukur , timiharu kukur le malai tokis....
Btw what are you guys suggesting?
Posted on 05-29-13 9:17 AM     [Snapshot: 285]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ euta nepali
* document to establish relation between you & your parents ( nata pramanit ) from ur municipality
* Form I-134 from USCIS ( free download) - sponsorship to your parents which requires proof of a decent income that you can afford them while they are here Such as your last 3 years tax transcript ( free from IRS), your pay stubs ( at least 3 months) , letter from your employer, bank statements .... Whatever you think thats gonna make your case strong & prove that you are capable of affording them during their stay !!
* Your birth certificates & photo copy of your passport pages
* invitation letter ~ heard that consular most likely wont even read that ( optional)
* Proof of legal status - in ur case, copy of your GC

Keep in mind that visitor visas are granted only if the counselor thinks your parents will not over stay & will return back to their home country. To assure your parents return, you & your parents need to show a ' strong tie' to back home. And this so called strong tie has lot of considerable aspects; social, economic, cultural & so on

Just to give you some idea( just my opinion) you heard rumours back in home when people say if you are a only one son, they wont grant you visitor visa. I think that has to do something with our nepalese culture. In our culture, when parents get older, son has reaponsibilty to take care of them. When they see your parents not enough strong tie (permanent govt job, other siblings to take care, lot of assets & so on) back home, they would think that your parents will most likely to settle here with you.
I think its lot easier to get visitor visa for yor parents for green card holder than someone with citizenship. I had trouble getting visitor visa for my parents for my graduation just because i am a only one son & my status. The counselor denied visa for them citing lack of strong ties back home. My parents did not want to settle here, at least now but just wanted to visit. So i had to write a letter to my district representative, asking him to write a formal invitation letter to the counselor. I was lucky enough that he faxed a letter before a day of my parents 2nd interview..& they were able to make here on my graduation day.
On a side note, i would suggest you not to mention about having baby anywhere ( not even in interview) because they might link that your parents are coming here to take care of your sweet lil lo....which is not allowed ( falls under the category of skilled job)
Sorry for the lengthy explanation, i tried to clearify & shared my experienxes !!!
Posted on 05-29-13 2:20 PM     [Snapshot: 376]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just to be on a safe side.

How do you contact district representative for a formal invitation letter? 

I am planning to invite my family next semester. 

Posted on 05-29-13 6:09 PM     [Snapshot: 441]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Picklehead has a fairly good insight. However, I have reservations on two of his points.

Nata Pramanit: It turns out that Nepal is among a very few, IF NOT ONLY ONE, nation in the world that has such a thing as a Nata Pramanit. Birth Certificate is the kind of document in use, so it should suffice. (Feel free to include if you wish).

I think the mention of the baby is over analysis of the issue. Everywhere in the world coming of a new baby is matter of family celebration and reunion is of a commonsense. I know bunch of people who has specifically mentioned this as a reason to come here; take care of the baby for a while, and celebrate the new family.

Posted on 05-30-13 5:00 PM     [Snapshot: 543]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Find the contact info for your local district representative & write him dsecribing your situation. Not all of em' reply but its worth to try, give a shot. I am not sure if they offer help to foreign non-immigrant visa holders. Also, keep in mind that you might not need to go through all these hassels, this is an extreme scenerio & it worked for me. Wish u good luck for ur parents visit.
@ alti,
The reason i said nara pramanit is that you got to establish relationship between you & your parents, right? Well, in my case, i had one of those from back home municipality where they attested me & my parents pic all together on a same page. I dont rememebr using birth certificate, but might use.
And about baby thing, that what i found out doing lil researxh when i was applying for ma parents. You might be right cuz I am a layman, not a lawyer !!
Sorry for late reply guys
Posted on 05-30-13 10:12 PM     [Snapshot: 608]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is what I used:

1. My pay stub -only one
2. most current tax filing copy
3. Copy of GC
4. Letter mentioning that I will be taking care of their entire expenses
5. My father's salary certification and vacation approval- Letter from his office.
6. My father's bank balance- Does not have to be a lot... 2-3 lakhs is fine.
Posted on 06-05-13 5:55 AM     [Snapshot: 767]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Thank you Guys - Pickelhead, altijdgoede, and goodjob, for you suggestions. Definitely worthy suggestions.

Posted on 06-05-13 10:56 PM     [Snapshot: 899]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Applying for a visitor's visa needs a valid reason for the visit. So, I disagree with Picklehead about his point about not mentioning the baby situation, especially the point that grandparents taking care of the child is a skilled work. This simply is not true. being there for the birth of your grandchild is a greater occasion than witnessing a graduation (for example).  So, I think it's better you mention it and highlight that this is the reason your parents want to visit. Of course, also provide documents to convince the consular that they would be back In Nepal after the baby is born.

However, I know of a case where a set of parents applied for vistor's visa specifically for this purpose, but didn't get the visa because they didn't provide proof that there really was a baby coming up. So, what I would suggest is that you also provide a doctor's or a hospital's certification, which confirms 1) you/spouse is actually pregnant  and 2) the expected delivery date, just so you are covered.
Posted on 07-05-13 10:32 PM     [Snapshot: 1062]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Ok. I have an update on my thread hoping that it will be useful for othe Sajhaians.
My parents were granted multiple entry visa sticker (I understand the actual visa is granted a POE).
I provided the following docs-
1. Cover Letter to consulate -mentioneing the reason as to join with family and celebrate arrival of new baby
2. Employment Verification letter
3. Doc's letter regarding expected delivery date 
4. One year tax return
5. one pay stub
6. copy of green card
7. copy of proof of relationship (birthe certificate)
8. Affidavit of Support
9. One bank statement
Thank you guys.
Posted on 07-07-13 6:00 PM     [Snapshot: 1370]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 they wil  give visa if they like your parents face....telling you
Posted on 07-08-13 9:40 PM     [Snapshot: 1537]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 We had baby last Feb. So, Me any my wife decided to call our parents before the birth of our baby. I asked my in-laws to apply for the visa first. They went for the visa, and consulate asked couple of questions like why they are going and how long they will stay etc, etc, and they both got the visa. 

After our baby was born, In April, I asked my parents to apply for the visa, and they also got asked same questions. They also got the visa. Both time our parents mentioned that, they are going to visit our new son. Since he was the eldest grand child, thats why they wanted to visit us. Here are the document which they used

(from us)
Form I-134 (My wife was main sponsor when her parents applied and I was the main one when my parents applied)
Sponsorship letter stating that My wife will sponsor her parents. (when My parent applied, I changed such that I am going to sponsor my parent)
Bank Letter showing that we have enough fund to support our parents (We had some savings saved for our baby)
Letter to Consulate to grant visa from us

(Extra Document Used from our parents)
Our Wedding photo
Nepal ko ghar ko Lal Purja
(In case of my parents, they put the picture of our baby too as baby was already born in February and They applied for visa in April)

I dont think you need to send the Tax Documents or Employee Letter. When our parents fill the form back in Nepal for visa date, they have to give our Employer information with the address and the phone number.  You need to fill your salary information in FormI-134 so I didnot send my Paycheck too. Just to let you know, when our parents applied for Visa, we were not Green card holder. We were here in H1B, but in the process of getting green card though.

Using above documents, one of my friend's parent too applied for the visa, and they got the visa too. 


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