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 How is Best VOIP ?
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Posted on 03-12-10 8:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey guys,   I am still looking for a reliable way to call Kathmandu from US.  Has any body used  Best VOIP service and how did you like it ?  Please share your experience.  Thanks a lot in advance.

Posted on 03-12-10 8:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Reliable and free, but 5 minutes limit per call. Call again if you need to talk more. You need to spend less than a minute (for 5 minute call) to register and get connected. Best for everyday but short talks. Quality is great, they also offer prepaid service, but that's really expensive. So, just "try" it several times with 5 minutes free calls.

Looks like too many steps, but after you get used to, it takes less than a minute! Enjoy!

1. Go to and click "try for free"
2. Enter RANDOM name, RANDOM email and everything (Note, it should look valid, like a@b.c works for email, and 2345678901 works for phone #
3. Add contact (the # in Nepal you wish to call)
4. Do NOT close that window (you entered random info, you won't remember how to log in again!).

5. Open skype, click "don't have skype name"
6. Register with RANDOM name, RANDOM email and everything (you will be signed in)

7. Go back to rebtel window, below the contact you just added, there will be "landline in Nepal" or "mobile in Nepal", click that.
8.After clicking it, it shows "call from computer" and "send webSMS"
9. Click "call from computer"
10. It will ask for your skype name (ID), enter it
11. It will show "connect call to ", click it.
12. Skype will start, you will hear other side ringing.

Caution: I used my home number several times continuously few months ago, and Rebtel no more adds that number as contact, I can't call my home but other numbers work fine. Last time I tested was around March 2-4.

For first time users, you can use your cell number instead of random phone #, and you can still make a 5 minute call (or several calls totaling 5 minutes, rebtel has second rounding). You don't need to call using skype in this way.
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Posted on 03-13-10 12:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 03-13-10 10:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This msg for second poster...whenever i try to call using your method it says the user is not online...does this sound familiar to you? is there any other way to make free calls  
Posted on 03-14-10 8:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Most poeple in Kathmandu, they are log on magicjack.
Do your family has computer and cable internet?
Then send them a magic jack , when ever they want they will call you. And it is more than a local to them.

Posted on 03-14-10 11:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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@nepwanted: You are right, I am also sad that whatever I did is now a history. I too got a message like "we could not connect......". It was a loophole in their system, and they seem to have fixed it. Sorry, I should have tested it before posting.

I hate magicjack because you need a computer to run it. You cannot expect a computer to run 24/7 in Nepal even with inverters. There's no electricity 50% of time!

Below is what I am using since about a year for continuous communication with my family. I am extremely satisfied with the excellent call quality (comparable to regular phone calls), and more, it's totally free unlimited talking.

What you need?

If you already have ADSL Internet (some $12/mo) in Nepal then you need make an ONE time investment of up to $75 (I paid $39+tax for that device) and it will be a solution forever.
(There are cheaper SIP phones, needing somewhat harder config, but this one was perfect for a non computer person like me)

Please refer to the discussion at

It explains about a standalone (needing no computer) Skype phone. Device needing no computer is easier and also that it does not need much power to operate during load-shedding.  For this device, total electricity consumption is  <1 to 3 watts for phone + about 2 to 3 watts for ADSL modem (both powered by a regular nepali UPS used for computers)

Calling from US:

When you are in a computer you can use skype to connect to that phone in Nepal.

When you are not in a computer, you can call that phone anytime by calling a US number and 3 digit extension, provided free by Don't buy number from skype, they charge you some money.

Calling from Nepal:

Whenever your family in Nepal want to talk to you, they can "miss call" you from their prepaid phone in Nepal. Nepali prepaid phones "miss call" US phones for free, and you can call them back in that skype phone.

When you are online in Skype, they can skype you.

That phone costs some$70+, but it was available for $39 after rebate from in June last yr. It's a good investment.

Please visit that thread to understand how everything works. And, here is the device I am talking about. I am not marketing it, but honestly, I and several of my Nepalese friends are really happy with it. Video is only about the device. Setting up phone number etc. is easy, and explained in another thread given above.

Posted on 03-15-10 12:01 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanx for the info. Sounds awesome....I m gonna try soon. For the people who does not wanna go for Magicjack there is another option like Ooma device. Its comes for 200-250 dollars with no annual fee like in magicjack. The best part is you dont have to turn on computer to use it. All you have to do is connect the device to the router . However I cant gaurantee that it will perform well in Nepal as it required atleast 356 kpbs download speed whereas in Nepal household download speed in  is only 128 kpbs. I would appreciate if anyone let me know that Ooma works in Nepal.

Posted on 03-15-10 2:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you for introducing computer free, desktop I-phone.

Question: Now the load shedding is gone up for 2 hour more each day that is 14 hours a day.

I am not familiar about ADSL internet, does it requires a modem that connects internet jack to this phone?

Then, Do we need power for the ADSL modem as well for this skype Desk phone? 

Is your answer , yes we need power to run these to device but the inverter is enough to substitute 7 hours long load shading????????????????
I am confused about the powering the devise. 

Posted on 03-15-10 4:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes, we need to power both these things. ADSL modem and router come in combo, and they are cheaper than buying separately. If you know Verizon DSL, it's the same (At least, I don't know the difference). You use an Ethernet cable (the one we generally call Intenet jack) form that router to connect to the phone.

You will use 2 to 5 watts when both these devices (phone+modem/router) work. Power consumption differs at standby (<1w for phone) and while talking, and also when talking over very loud speakerphone. If you have an inverter enough for lighting your home, 2-5 watts is just nothing.

Something is wrong at my home and inverter used for lighting house does not charge fully during this 12 (you say 14?) hours power cut. My family uses custom built UPS (cheap to build in Nepal) just for Internet and that phone.

Posted on 03-15-10 4:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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That phone came for $56 with free shipping, it's a golden price guys, buy it without even thinking about it.

Last edited: 15-Mar-10 04:44 PM


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