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 Nepali doctors future black or white usa ?
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Posted on 02-25-24 6:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yo k bhako ho sathiharu . Yo incident le garda aba future ma aauney students haru lai ke katti garro parla ? Ahile aba yo 800 doctors ko future k huncha hola ? Appeal garna payeenna ra ?
Posted on 02-25-24 7:50 PM     [Snapshot: 66]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is a pretty precarious situation for those whose scores were invalidated. They are likely to lose their residencies and status. Federal courts are unlikely to overturn the USMLE’s decision. Future applicants from Nepal and their qualifications will be scrutinized more carefully. Sharing confidential test information from previous exams and using it, even if publicly accessible, is considered cheating. These types of activities are common in Nepal but are taken extremely seriously in the US. I once shared my homework with a classmate when I was doing my undergraduate and received zero for the assignment and a warning. I was told I would get in trouble if I shared my own work. Never again. People need to take these things seriously. We will know what will happen in the coming days, but it looks bad if you ask me.
Posted on 02-25-24 7:58 PM     [Snapshot: 88]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 25-Feb-24 08:09 PM

Posted on 02-26-24 10:37 AM     [Snapshot: 259]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Our inherent mind setup are very vague: winning, show success what ever it takes. Like corruption is well accepted in SAARC nations so does almost every aspect of our lives. We have heard over hundreds of fake doctors working and gave license to kill without consequences. We think ourselves are the most smartest person on earth and very self centered.
It reminds me a proverb " eutaa biraaune saakhaa piraaune" .
I always think, can we change people's norms and values? It seems to be impossible because we are trying to get the best of the best in a very short period of time with minimizing our efforts. Very few Nepalese people have heard of Malcolm Gladwell's "1000 hours" rule.
We study to pass and get the highest score on this race many of us my not have the basic knowledge of the subject.
We were on Statistics class and moved to standard deviation and profession was saying next week we will study co-relation. One student asked a question and professor checked on his understanding one step back. Then he ask about mean and median which was not understood by the student. We saw frustration on his face because we have spent a whole month. When he asked to raise hand who is struggling to understand mean and median. The raised hands were unexpectedly high which was beyond of professor's imagination. This is us and our education culture.The very important question, is the student interested on the subject he has enrolled? Our parents , society and culture pressuring that is blended it as culture. We must be successful but our measurement of success are totally wrong like face book page.

Posted on 02-26-24 5:29 PM     [Snapshot: 431]     Reply [Subscribe]
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even promteric test centers could be closed beacuse of this bs
Posted on 02-26-24 10:41 PM     [Snapshot: 572]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanking you all for making it more clearer gaichhh. Since its a huge number of applicants the court should atleast give second chance to all of these doctors to re appear in the test . From what i came to know is there are also lots of american nepali doctors who fell in this cakehole.
Posted on 02-28-24 5:25 AM     [Snapshot: 1059]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepali Americans are not out of weeds, they are taking advantage of both sides. Taking information and advantages when it fits them being Nepali and on other times acting like they don’t know anything about Nepal.

Like someone said earlier, it’s deeply rooted in our culture and what society perceives as success . Everyone needs to make money quick, everyone needs be rich quick. Doctors who people trust with their and their kids life cheating, IT folks facking their resume or doing 2 jobs in parallel without even respecting basic work ethics, business folks running these illegal games/machine/betting/ hundi it’s all over place in all industries.

This is result of society without some core values and society respecting people who make money quick regardless of methods . Everyone should stop showing respect to these unethical people, don’t surround yourself with people who practice these behaviors, try to help to correct our values and society who is polluted. Even at lest report it to law enforcement or related authorities when you see these behavior. It’s like trying to clean polluted river , it won’t happen over night, taking away one sewage pipe, but when lot of people start disconnecting their sewage line from river, it will start change for long term.

Posted on 02-29-24 11:38 AM     [Snapshot: 1508]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Our mentality aliens with this story.
A king made a pond and asked his pupils to fill with milk. At the end of the day it was full of water. A smart guy thought if I add water it will not make any difference because rest will add milk. But everyone were thinking the same.
Our culture forgot about the ethics and none religion teaches ethics.

US Ex-president wanted to win by hook or being crook. He is very religious than any democrats because all republicans are religious but do not forget he was a democrat.

Last edited: 19-Mar-24 02:29 PM


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