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 The Reality of Nepal
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Posted on 08-17-19 5:20 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NEPAL IS A SHIT HOLE - Thanks to decades of corruption at all levels of government and private business, as well as due to incessant outside influence, Nepal (which was once the real-world Shangri-La) today is nothing more than a glorified shit hole. It's a charming shit hole. It's got the friendliest, kindest people on earth. But it's still a shit hole, nonetheless.

Follow the link for the complete article:


Posted on 08-17-19 7:43 AM     [Snapshot: 47]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Seems he does not have any other work!!!
There is nothing new you just stated about Nepal. Every Nepalese knows the fact.

Posted on 08-17-19 8:13 AM     [Snapshot: 66]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr. Kobold is trying to sound like Trump calling countries shit hole countries. He is trying to Make Nepal great again.

Mr. Kobold wants to sound like he is doing Nepalese a favor by everything he does and rants about. His words reek of entitlement, which he does not have in our land. He is living off the profits from the same institution that he is constantly bitching about. Talk about hypocrisy.

The only reason he is still in Nepal is because it is profitable for him in different ways. It may be monetary but it can be other advantages, respect and favors he derives from his position of money.
Posted on 08-17-19 11:12 PM     [Snapshot: 275]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Michael, leave Nepal alone. We ain't going back.
Posted on 08-18-19 1:15 AM     [Snapshot: 327]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You should say that in public. Many will listen you well.
Posted on 08-18-19 10:33 AM     [Snapshot: 427]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with Michael. Leaders are corrupt and jantas are illiterate bhedas!!! Small country Nepal was divided into states no one cares , PM goes to Singapore every other week for check up- no one cares, girl gets raped and murdered no one cares, prachanda killed thousands of our own brother and sisters - everyone forgets, Rabi lamichane sent to custody for questionnaire everyone revolts. This is Nepal.

I saw human feces on the street of Kathmandu (the capital). Cattles everywhere blocking the road, cities covered with dust and dirt , condition of children running around street not so good. As a Westerner shithole is the right word. Just trying to think from his POV. And also he has freedom of expression so if he feels that way there's nothing we can do. We cant say hey you can't think like that.

But for me who's somehow connected to that country by birth still have love for it. It's not very big love but somewhere in a corner of my heart I still have something. 

There should be some reason for us (people living abroad) left Nepal and has been living here for decades or more, right ? 

We cant simply say Nepal is the greatest country, I'm a proud Nepali, I love Nepal, I can't stand anyone saying bad about my motherland, Nepal is doing great but I'm not living there and not planning to go back there 😆
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Posted on 08-18-19 12:22 PM     [Snapshot: 474]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"PM goes to Singapore every other week for check up- no one cares, girl gets raped and murdered no one cares, prachanda killed thousands of our own brother and sisters - everyone forgets".... are you saying this does not happen in the country your residing?
You think Rabi lamichane should be kept locked up for questionnaire?

You must be feeling perfect about the place you are living. Let me tell you there are streets and neighbor in every cities that you wouldn't even dare to drive by. Check them out you will find feces and much more. 
Last edited: 18-Aug-19 12:42 PM

Posted on 08-18-19 7:30 PM     [Snapshot: 590]     Reply [Subscribe]
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are you saying this does not happen in the country your residing? - it happens in the country I reside in but not as frequently as it happens in Nepal. The country I reside in falls under least corrupt countries and Nepal is one of the most corrupt countries in the world (there's gotta be some difference, isn't it? )

You think Rabi lamichane should be kept locked up for questionnaire? --Yes ! Undoubtedly !! Why not ? Someone has accused him of something so shouldn't there be an investigation ? Just because he has done few good deeds doesn't give him right to commit crime or immunity against crimes. Peter Dalgish also worked hard for development in Nepal but also raped children. Similar could be the case of MR rabi. May be he forced that guy to commit suicide may be not but once accused there should be an investigation. What you think the police should say ? " Oh that Rabi he can't do anything wrong, we shouldn't file a case against him" ? Would that be fair, moral, and right thing to do ?
Posted on 08-18-19 8:31 PM     [Snapshot: 599]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You cannot arrest someone solely based on some ones claims that a crime occurred and wants the offender prosecuted. You can be investigated but cannot be kept locked without the decision from the court. Go read some laws!!
Check the crime rate/ death rate in your residing country and compared to Nepal
And recently hate crime. Yes there is difference.

Few good deeds? Really? may be you are too busy making dollar while he is in his country helping his countrymen and creating awareness to fight against corruptions through his TV channel. That is so many are fighting for him now because he fought for them.
Posted on 08-18-19 9:30 PM     [Snapshot: 662]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good observation Michael. I think it's time all of take critisiams like this as kick in the butt and act rather than getting all defensive. Only wish he would not use the term shithile tho.
Posted on 08-18-19 9:35 PM     [Snapshot: 655]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You just wait and watch ! Police arrested him coz they must have gotten some evidence or reason right ?

And secondly, a video recording of a person who killed himself and has accused someone is not a CLAIM, it's a STATEMENT. Go read some laws yourself too. District court has ordered police to keep him in custody for 5 days ! It's a court order !!!!!

Rabi lamichane is educated and smart enough to have a defence lawyer. If there is no case he will be released. As simple as that.

And yes he is doing some good deeds. He runs after low level officers and never after big names. Big names are often behind all these corruption coz he knows that there are lots of bheda Nepali in Nepal who will just woo woo his work , clap for him and big industrialists, politicians who do millions of dollars of scam are never touched.

Peon, subba, adhikrit le khako 2-4 lakh ghus, man power le Paisa khara Qatar pathako manche etc etc. I'm not underestimating them but his journalism favors powerful people. He gets paid by them to not to report against them. Divert bhedas mind toward these peons corruption and let them glorify rabi's work and forget the big corrupt names.

And I personally believe that staying nutral doing nothing is better than saving 5 innocent lives and killing one.  I also believe on the notion that accused is innocent until proven guilty. That is all up to the court yo decide based on the evidence. I'm aware of that too. But doing julus and having blind Faith on someone is only obstructing justice at the time.  
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Posted on 08-18-19 10:12 PM     [Snapshot: 680]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What proof has Pudasaile in his video to support his claims that he life was ruined by Ravi teams to get him to suicide? There many questions about the authenticity of video if he was suicide or it was forced.
If journalist like Khadgossi can get disappeared in developed country then you already know situation in Nepal. 
It is not easy for people like Ravi also on that in place like Nepal to directly use his voice against corruption on higher post without risking his life. He not trying to be savior and knows it is not his alone work. It has to be done by people as whole to fight the higher authority. Through his program he wants people to come together and fight against corruption together. It is that voice against corruption that starts Janachetna and that is what corrupted are afraid of.

Last edited: 18-Aug-19 11:03 PM

Posted on 08-18-19 11:30 PM     [Snapshot: 730]     Reply [Subscribe]
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People gather there to show support not to act violence. Sano tino hyan tyan ta halka huncha. When people with authority begins their work without much of hard evidence then you never know what happens within four walls. People has to show that they are with him and things has to fair and square. Ya u can stay neutral no comment on that. But put this in head that without movement like this it doesn't take much for officials to manipulate things. You should be well aware of BLM movement that brought justice to some.
Posted on 08-18-19 11:33 PM     [Snapshot: 745]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This man is from German, he was once deported from USA and now in nepal cheating us.

Posted on 08-19-19 4:58 PM     [Snapshot: 948]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks usanep for these links. I have already wrote a little about this guy on another of his topic.
He is adamant about bringing fire trucks to Nepal. I wonder if he does not have some other agenda. His network includes powerful us politicians and many hollywood celebrities. As a communication stint, he even brought some vintage cars recently on the roads of Nepal. I wonder what his point was. He roams around kathmandu's galli's in his old Range Rover. I saw him once in a narrow galli of chabhill where you would not see any foreigners. This guy is very fishy.
The day I learned that he sells one of his expensive watch models saying that the inner part is the rock from the summit of Mount Everest, I lost all trust on him. Who gave him the right to steal rocks from the top of mount everest? And what proof does he have that it is indeed the rock from the summit? Anyway people who want to know more about him, please go to Babar Mahal revisited where his workshop is and ask all the seller there about him.
So don't be fooled.

And the ones who think that the US or any other developed countries except for the Scandinavians are not corrupt and clueless. US is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Just look at their election finances. It is just that they legalize corruption and only the rich and powerful are allowed to be corrupt. Whereas in Nepal, corruption is more democratic.

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