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 Lets bring back the lost writers

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Posted on 10-24-08 10:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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TGIF! Hope everyone is doing well. Time's flying by pretty quick. Tihar is almost around the corner. Speaking of which I hope everyone had a nice Dashain celebration. For those students stuck in what seems like the middle of nowhere. Enjoy life within the four walls of the college if that's what you have right now, while you can. College is definitely the best time in life yet we tend to want to complain about it tirelessly. Being human we can't be satisfied with anything can we? Well, at least we can try.

I had been meaning to add this small feature in sajha which would have meant a lot as far as retaining lot of great writers in sajha. I have to blame nothing else but myself for being lazy enough to not think it through and implement it. Because of my lazyness of sorts, sajha has lost or has been missing a lot of brilliant writers. Many new members have not had the opportunity to reading from many great writers who have taken a leave of absense from sajha.

I'm hoping it's not a permanent leave, and I hope users like yourself can help bring them back. Writers like sajha gazer, ashu, john galt, sitara, juggy, sum_off, amber, nk, najar, isolated freak, lot of whom are from long time back and only a few of you oldies may remember them. In fact there are many others and I hope you can help me in filling up those names. In any case, here's what I have put in sajha so that hopefully we can retain good writers in sajha if not bring back other good writers who have decided to melt into oblivion from the world of sajha.

I have added a [subscribe] feature next to each members name in posting, as well as in the userinfo page for any user, whereby registered members can subscribe to the writer. When you subscribe to a writer, your name is shown in the subscribers list under the writers profile. This is the essence of this very simple addition. Another important part of this feature is the email notification. There will be two kinds of notification emails being sent out every night at 11:30 pm. The first notification goes out to all users who have subscribed to anyone - if the subscribed writer has written anything in the past 24 hours. You will get notification of posts by your favorite writers in the last 24 hours if you have subscribed to any writers.

The second notification goes out to the writers informing them who have subscribed to their postings in the last 24 hours. This can serve to be a reminder and acknowledgement to writers who have left sajha for good that their writings are still being cherished here in sajha. For active writers it can serve to be an encouragement.

I hope you will use this feature to help sajha users have more access to more excellent writings, stories and other interesting information.

You can find a member by using the "SEARCH MEMBER" feature above the Vianet banner on the right. When you click on the members name in search result, you will get to the user info page where you can see the [subscribe] link on the same line as the username.

Happy Subscribing to many good things to come.

Warm wishes for a happy and prosperous Tihar.

Please use table below to subscribe to these excellent writers. We would like to see them back in sajha. If I have missed any please let me know via this thread so I can add to the quicklist below.

Last edited: 27-Oct-08 06:13 PM

The postings in this thread span 5 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-31-08 4:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bat_man, aren't you afraid your computer will be infected with porns again? Or you just want the porns so you are visiting sajha again?
Posted on 10-31-08 5:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 favorite writers Sitara di, Sum off, John Galt, Jhilke daa (Amazing), Sajha gazar, amber, and Deep jyu.
Posted on 10-31-08 7:07 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yes i am a bit afraid of viruses... but i dont care anymore now... i already told SAN that if he wants to hack my computer he is free to do it... i have the best anti virus softwares now.. i have 4 antivirus software on my computer now...

san still hasnt banned me.. i am pleasantly surprised.. normally when people write even One bad thing about certain users.. they will get banned immediately and then hacked.

maybe he will ban + hack me in a a few weeks ???  i hope not..

Posted on 10-31-08 8:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bat_man, your baseless accusations as well as your mistaken and misguided assumptions are getting boring to say the least.

You said the day you got banned you got virus. Do you remember all the sites you went to that day? Unless sajha was the only site you went to that day, you cannot say for sure that you got the virus from sajha. Let's get real here, I don't have the time nor the energy nor the desire to go after each user that has to be banned here. I ban them and hope they don't come back or if they do, I hope they don't repeat the same thing that got them banned in the first place and that's all I can do. Your idea of me going around infecting others is ridiculous! I run this site and hope more people can come enjoy it, so if I have to ban someone it's my last resort.

Instead of running around in circles in your assumption car, fueled by the ego of your banned anonymous username, let us try to come to a closure if not a solution.

Why don't you tell me which of your username was banned. And I will list the reasons why you got banned. Hopefully you will have the decency to come up with this one verifiable and credible thing unlike the baseless and misguided assumptions that you've been subjecting yourself to.

TGIF again. How time flies!

Last edited: 31-Oct-08 08:28 AM

Posted on 10-31-08 9:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mero naam hataaideu yaar tyo list baata...laajai laagdo ke!

1. I was never/still am not a good writer...haa hoo maattrai ho...
2. I am still around, though less frequently
3. I have yet to receive a single subion since the list was made...LOL

Posted on 10-31-08 9:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sadhu CHOR or Real CHOR whatever you are in real world. Here is a logic.

In real world, we expect people to take responsibility and be accountable for what they say. Yes, Sajha.com is a fun site, but if San wants to make it more vibrant, and more inclusive then he should set some standard. Himself being a human being, he has his boundaries, and limited resources particularly human resources. If you are an educated man to Graduate level in USA, then you must have seen that most of the research journals or publications have a set of reviewers. Particularly, many journals are profit oriented, but the editorial board is made of volunteers whose sole job is to review these articles that we call "PEER REVIEW." The publisher makes profit, but what does the volunteer reviewer or editor gets in monetary basis? Nothing. He wants to maintain the quality and standard of the journal. Well, Sajha.com may not be a journal, but it has own importance at its level, so the "GENUINE POSTERS" want to make sure that they are not indulging in filthy talks. There is no free lunch. Sajha.com is not free like Nepal where you tag yourself as "YCL" and run like a wild wolf / hayena. San needs volunteer"peer reviewers", and he should have Commercial Journal Model in the peer reviewing of the posted item. Note that in these journals, the proposed publishing material goes to three reviewers (usually), and if two reject it, then no matter what the third reviewer says will not matter, and it will be rejected. That is it. Period.

Last edited: 31-Oct-08 09:30 AM

Posted on 10-31-08 11:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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CEO, it's always been a pleasure reading your analysis. You have a very analytical mind and I enjoy reading your views on various topics. Some of your suggestions are noteworthy and I will be looking into the feasibility of implementing those or some other measures suggested by others here in sajha.

I just wanted to address the issue about public news that you have rightfully brought up. Normally most people or organizations will do a lot to get into media mainstream because it is thier goal to be recognized and they desire to be in that position. As far as sajha is concerned, let's say that sajha is media shy. Well, around 6 years ago, it's really been that long, that I was asked for an interview on Nepal Television. I have a hard time saying no to people because it can be construed negatively, but I think I graciously said no I'm not interested in this publicity. About a year later, another major publication offered an interview which I graciously declined as well.

The reason for me staying away from these interviews is because I don't want sajha to be about me. I want sajha to be about the common Nepalis who find time to come to sajha. I want sajha to be a medium to benefit those Nepalis who need help, or those who need company to pass time when they are bored. I did not intend for sajha to become a vehicle through which I become rich and famous. I'm not after those. If sajha ends up helping me financially then it's all fine and good. If it doesn't then also it's all fine and good. If sajha has helped someone somehow and they pass along that info through words of mouth, I would find that rewarding more than having my interview on some national newspaper or TV.

Posted on 10-31-08 12:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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darling San,you left out 2 of my most favoured online beaus! Dannyboi and Sandhurst Lahure? Add em on,will ya? For auld syne?

How do i go about gettin my ole nick bk? Thought it was you when I got your mail. :)

The sweet gesture struck a chord,so here I am.

Posted on 10-31-08 12:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 please no lecture yaar... you can keep your analysis to yourself... and keep your phd to your self... I hate people like you too. who analyze things too much.. maybe that is your nature and you can't help it

Please don't tell me what I should do and I shouldn't I still hate NEPE..

GENUINE POSTERS rey.. just because you act like you nice and try to speak softly makes you a good person, in my world, I say run from smooth talkers like you... muka ma ram ram, bagali ma chura...

and still if you want all that in a website go create your own website... recommending something is nice, but trying to imply your freaking idea's is not nice...

I like sajha the way it is and many people do.. if you do'nt like go away

BAT_MAN -- you are very annoying.,. why thousands of people like you visit sajha everyday.. Idon't think SAN has the time or desire to give you malicious malware.. look you can't get porno viruses, unless you visit porno sites.. hacking your comptuer rey.. dude I explained what hacking is and what banning...
If you don't like SAN and sajha so much why are you still here... you are kindda getting in my nerves too about your baseless accusations and slandering here.. khali Hacking Hacking vaneko cha baseko cha... don't visit porno sites dude.,.. you won't get any viruses....

Posted on 10-31-08 12:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes; as somebody said above, "Indisguise" is the person I want to see come here back. He was one of the kind, very descent and fun person. He used to be the "Krishna" of this Sajha.com. I have not seen his posting for a long time may be for 2 years or so.
Posted on 10-31-08 1:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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San, I recommend listing dekchidriver in the list of "Sajha Writers"; I liked the story that he posted about some months earlier ..

Posted on 10-31-08 2:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with the idea of CEO and I do have some more suggestions too. A few days ago, I requested San to clear out junk or at least reduce it, but the thread went un-noticed. I have often noticed that San ignores suggestions, not only mine, but others' too. The recent one was not my first suggestion. I got feeling that San is very quick to hear if Captain or Samsara or some Bostonian guy suggest him something. Otherwise, if you are not among his close ones then it is likely that you get a sort of "Damn Care" response.

It is true, Sajha has been great place to spend spare time and to chill out when you are in stress. So, I care about Sajha and want it to have nice healthy informative communication. If there are good quality threads going on, you don't need to hide your screen when your boss pops up at you desk.

Sajha has lost not only a number of good writers but also huge mass of good readers. Perhaps sajha is crawling with only 15 or 20 unique poster, most of them in Chautari. The number of unique visitors seems declining, and making me worry about the loss in quality of the Sajha. However, to be honest, I have decided to stay calm and say OK for whatever it is. No further suggestions to San from me, no further complains from me. You are admin, whatever you do is fine for me. Good luck.

Posted on 10-31-08 4:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Chana Tarkari,

As you can imagine there are many suggestions that come my way as far as making things better in sajha. Unfortunately I am not able to implement all of those even though they may be excellent for sajha as a whole and in the long run, and that is due to my personal priorities. If sajha was my only job then I am sure I would have been able to be more proactive in implementing suggestions. But as of right now it's only a hobby and I am able to implement few critical suggestions that I feel will have bigger impact. Sometimes I have to regurgitate on suggestions before I come up with a viable solutions since I have to balance my time with other things.

In any case your posting has served as an impetus to implement the FLAGGED postings policy. I had been thinking for past couple of weeks about this, but I have actually implemented it today because it seems to be necessary at this point. So as you can see next to the Ratings, If 20 or over members rate this post with 1 star which is (Flag as Inappropriate), this posting will be inactivated

In any event, I don't think it's true that I listen to bostonian suggestions more than others . If some suggestion is good for sajha then no matter where you are it's good!


Posted on 10-31-08 4:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have a little something I thought would be nice. Just a thought. Have a count, if someone rates someone 0 give them a -1, if someone rates someone 5 give them a +1. For 2,3,4 you can calibrate accordingly. So that people who do mediocre postings get to stay as well. After a threshold has been crossed, write a trigger to ban them. If its a first time let them come back after 2 days. If its 2nd after 3 days. If its third, bye bye.
This way, once you implement it, you don't have to worry about the human emotions coming to stop you from doing the right thing.

Posted on 10-31-08 5:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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San bro,

I could not understand "If 20 or over members rate this post with 1 star which is (Flag as Inappropriate), this posting will be inactivated " and its intension. Would you elaborate about it?   Is it necessary to inactivate any thread ?


Posted on 10-31-08 5:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rahul dai, this new feature will only affect the posting. For example lets say this posting of mine was appropriate. If 20 people or more members rated my posting as one star then it would automatically be shown as "This posting has been flagged by users". I will create another reply under this and sample it as if it has been flagged 20 times by different users, and it should show you what it would look like.

Posted on 10-31-08 5:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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sample flagged posting

Posted on 10-31-08 6:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Credence Trend

Posted on 10-31-08 6:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 11-06-08 7:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks San bro,

Now I am not getting any email for my subions. Hope you will also stop the flood of links to porn sites soon.



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