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 how is gulf air's service and how much electronics can we take in nepal wthout paying taxes ????

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Posted on 04-16-08 6:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i am traveling Nepal through gulf air from New york - London - Bahrain - Nepal.
how is the gulf air's service ???
i am taking 1 laptop, 2 cameras , I phone, Ipod and psp while i am traveling. do u guys think that will they argue and make me pay taxes in Nepal ???
ur help will really be appreciated !!!

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-16-08 9:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I had a pleasant flight to Nepal. However, Gulf Airlines  is Okay....not too good not too bad.. i will give 7 out of 10.  I dont think you have to worry bout taking laptops and other electronics. i had  2 laptops, few cameras n Ipods....no problem at all.... nobody bothered to check anything...
Posted on 04-17-08 10:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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a ho !!!
weren't the people around to check the stuff....did u carry all the electronics in ur hand carry or ur luggage ???

Posted on 04-17-08 11:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Take the electronics in your hand carry. Generally, they don't check those. Many a times, if you say you are a student coming from USA, they will let you go free. But it depends on the person out there.

I have  taken Golf  a couple of times. From my experience, the service to/from Europe is really good but to/from Ktm is pretty bad. There are frequent cancellations/delay etc in that route, especially when going to Ktm. However, they do take you to a hotel if you have to stay overnight. Not a bad idea either!!! Good food, good hotel....good rest before you get home. But the officials in most of the airports in the middle east are scary! You will hate to be in a line and wait for a temporary visa.

Posted on 04-18-08 2:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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how much did u pay for ur air ticket?
Posted on 04-18-08 2:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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All valuable things including electronics in your hand luggage please. I had a bad experience with Qatar air in Nepal. My baggage arrive one day later. When I picked up the bag, it was fine with the key lock and number key locked. But when I open it, I lost a pen, couple of original Nikon batteries. Fortunately, I didn't put any valuable items there.

Posted on 04-18-08 7:25 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gulf is good till Bahrain. Gulf service from Bahrain to Kathmandu is worst. I will never travel via Gulf again. Gulf has regular delay in Bahrain as well. There will always be delay in Bahrain and always reason is weather in Kathmandu is bad, when the actual reason is they wait for other passengers from other airlines... and service inside the airplane is bad as well... in flight from Bahrain to Kathmandu, I think Gulf just treat the worst service. I travelled twice and once they were providing Beef food or veg, no other option when they knew most of the passenger is Nepali. Second time, the server was just throwing drink cans to passenger as if we are begging for it... I just can't tolerate anymore with Gulf...

However, most of the travel agents in USA only try to sell Gulf as if there is no other option...

Posted on 04-18-08 7:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Regarding taxes, you can take one camera without tax and upto 2000 USD. Laptop is not tax free and I heard tax is kind of high for laptop. Regarding Iphone, Ipod and psp, these are new items and don't think in the list of Nepal airport... so I am not sure...
Posted on 04-18-08 7:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Customs at Arrival (Nepal)
There are two channels for customs clearance. Passengers not having any dutiable items can proceed to the Green Channel. Passengers having gold or gold ornaments not more than 50 gms, and silver or silver ornaments not more than 500 gms, used linen, one camera, one pair of binoculars, one movie/video camera, one radio, one tape recorder, 15 tape cassettes, 10 disc recorders, 1 5 rolls of photo films, 10 rolls of movie camera films, one tricycle, one perambulator, one wristwatch, necessary medicines and ordinary packed food worth not more than NRs 10,000 and fresh fruit worth not more than NRs 1,000 may use Green Channel. If a passenger is in doubt about dutiable or non dutiable items, he/she can proceed to the Red Channel. Passengers should declare foreign currency if they have more than US$ 2,000 or its equivalent in any convertible currency.

Posted on 04-26-08 2:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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how much weight can we take in economy class ??? through gulf air ???

Posted on 04-26-08 3:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you are travelling via London, make sure you don't have to change between Airports, (Heathrow to Gatwick), or between terminals in Heathrow itself, especially between T5 and T3 due to T5's chronic delays. Changing between Heathrow to Gatwick is EXPENSIVE if the carriers do not provide free and PUNCTUAL and RELIABLE transport.

Also, I have heard horror stories of ppl transferring / changing flights at a UK airport and with enhanced security checks. ONE HAND CARRY limit and ALL LIQUIDS less than 100 ml in hand carry.

Also, IPhone might not be a very clever thing to take there unless it is already unlocked and tested on other networks.


Last edited: 26-Apr-08 03:29 PM

Posted on 04-26-08 8:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Guys, is there a problem carrying two laptops? If I plan to carry two, should I put both in my hand bag or one in my luggage?

Any suggestions or personal experience will be greatly appreciated...

Posted on 04-30-08 8:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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esp, if u r going to Nepal i don't think that it would be a nice idea to keep electronics stuff in ur luggage.
better carry in ur hand carry...its just my opinion..

Posted on 06-14-08 3:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Is gulf air really bad? I got little cheaper ticket from golf air (like - $1800 to Chicago-KTM). What is the cheap and best airlines?

Any help will be appreciated.

Posted on 06-14-08 3:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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try peace land travel n tours. I flew with them on 1500.

Posted on 06-14-08 3:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do you have phone/email or website address of peaceland? Thx.

Posted on 06-14-08 3:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I recently travel by Virgin Atlantic Gulf Air. Gulf Air is better than Virgin Atlantic. Had no problem all the way to KTM or back from KTM. Virgin Atlantic gave trouble and stress by cancelling flight at last moment. Regarding electronics, keep them in a back pack or other bags. Dont hang them on your hand so that they can see. You wont have any problem.

Posted on 06-14-08 5:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Try this link. http://www.peacelandtravels.com/

I recommend PeaceLands myself.....they are very responsive, and from experience, their price is very very reasonable.....


I avoided Gulf Air myself as I read so many negative reviews......I did some research on this site <www.airlinequality.com/StarRanking/ranking.htm> and found out Gulf Air did not fair well..thus opted for Cathay.....Electronics wise, you should be fine....just make sure they are in hand carry ! Havea safe trip, and let us know how Gulf Air works for u.....their service might have improved in recent days....


Posted on 06-14-08 10:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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No Problem with gulf air when i went to Nepal. You can take laptops but don't know how many coz before boarding the plane at each transit, you must take out your laptop from bag to pass it through scanner. But you don't have to take out other electronics. Nepal ma they didn't check anything at all.



Posted on 06-29-08 10:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hello ppl,
i just traveled from gulf air. its been like 3 weeks...
gulf was okay...i really did not had any big expectations...
my luggage came in time...but frm bahrain to ktm was the worst one.
there were lots of workers n the plane was smelling awfull...the funniest thing was ..our plane was just landing in nepal  and all the ppl were hurrying to take thier lugaage as if they wud miss a bus...and the pilot was telling them...bhaiya betho betho n still they were not listening n the pilot said that; bhaiya hindi samaj me nai aate hai kya ??? mene kahan betho abhi flight land nai huyee hai abhetak...
me n my cousin couldn't stop laughing...that was the funniest moment ever. the bad experience, i had was with my connecting flight from american airlines.... when i got to Chicago frm Nepal. my connecting flight got canceled. they said that it was a weather problem. but i doubt it. i think they just said that because they did not wanted to pay for the hotel bills. i heard most of the domestic flight are getting canceled due to the increase of gas price.  one more thing i did not had any problem with electronic good as well while getting to Nepal.

Posted on 06-29-08 11:06 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Guys

    I had taken Gulf air's flight in this december. I had very wonderful experience with Gulf air and Peaceland Travel. I had 17 hours of transit in Bahrain. Do you believe 17 damn hour of transit in Bahrain. Due to that case when I checked in luggage in US they said I had very long transit so I have to collect my baggage at Bahrain and then keep my baggage with me till I check in that baggage to the Bahrain Kathmandu plane. So the problem started when I landed on Bahrain's airport. First I went to get the boarding pass for my tommorrow's flight to kathmandu. They were So bad behaved oh my guss. I finally got my boarding pass and told them about my baggage they said it would be in Kathmandu. I was not sure coz american airlines told me that I had to collect my baggage in Bahrain. So I asked them again to make it sure. Oh my god they were so mad at me. But one good thing, they gave me hotel to stay as my transit was long. So I slept in the hotel. But early in the morning I got the call that my flight has changed and its 3 hours earlier than the posted time. I came to the airport. Then I had to take new boarding pass. But they never told me to do that. Wow to take the boarding pass I had to wait almost hour and half in the queue. So I finally got the boarding pass and get boarded in the plane. When I landed Kathmandu my luggage didn't came. I received my baggage after almost 10 hours later.

While returning there were 15 people who have been in flight with me from KTM to dallas. Nobody got their luggage. Our luggage didn't even came to the Paris. I finally got my luggage almost after a week.

So summary of this story is:

1. If you put any electronic instrument(except pen drive) in your luggage then you will never get your luggage. If there is laptop in your luggage then your luggage will be lost 99%. There is just 1% chance that you will get your luggage.

2. If your luggage do not have electronic then you will get your luggage after a day or two.

So dont fly with Gulf air.


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