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 Rabi Lamichhane - a man without borders
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Posted on 01-27-23 11:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What a life - a subway restarent worker to world record holder to TV channel owner to DPM and Home Minister to no citizenship.

Is he a free man now? His response is a baller response 😃


Posted on 01-27-23 3:11 PM     [Snapshot: 74]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with supreme court decision!
Posted on 01-27-23 3:51 PM     [Snapshot: 106]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rabi is sounding just too sour and sarcastic there, calling himself "Anaagarik". He has been in Nepal for so long, he should have known about all the details about how to accept Nepalese citizenship after renouncing American citizenship, right? I am saying this also because he was running this show, "Sidha sawal" something for so long that has to do so much with Nepal law and order. Then all the time he has been in Nepal living and working after giving back American citizenship was illegal to say, going by what is written in Nepalese constitution?

This made me think about other actors such as Saroj Khanal too, what is his status in Nepal then?

Posted on 01-27-23 4:45 PM     [Snapshot: 148]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am apolitical, and don't really care about Rabi's or anyone's politics there of. But the ruling has major repurcussions. I think the Supreme Court only ruled on technicality (that RL conclude the process of acquiring citizenship first) rather than declaring RL outright citizenship-less unlike some comments here that seem to emphasize. I urge others who have read the fine print to shed more light on this.

But something is not right. Here's my take on it.

Nepal has time and again proven itself to be a land with poverty of thought, ideas, and actions, among many other things that it lacks. One can apply for and acquire Italian citizenship if you can prove Italian ancestry (on one side) at any time, no questions asked. Same in India, and many other countries. This was designed with a certain long-term vision and foresight that Nepali politicians will never even begin to understand the 'why' behind it. When Idi Amin drove out Indians, India sent planes to evacuate all Indians regardless of the fact that a third of those evicted folks of Indian origin had never stepped in India and had no Indian citizenship. It never said you're not my citizen. But what do we do? Make one of our sons a 'stateless' son of a gun (of I exaggerated here). Something needs to change. Change of attitude is where we can start!
Posted on 01-27-23 4:52 PM     [Snapshot: 166]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am surprised Supreme Court judges did not get bribed. This is very unexpected result in a corrupt country like ours.
Posted on 01-27-23 5:23 PM     [Snapshot: 172]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I understand that here in this case, the court looked for a proof that is physical and in black and white as a requirement. Everybody knows Rabi was born in Nepal, but since he had taken American citizenship at one point of his life time and then given it up after the change of his heart as we all know. Then as per the Nepal's constitution (as what I read) he had to re-apply for Nepalese citizenship again as just renouncing the foreign citizenship does not convert you back to your previous citizenship in Nepal. Things are not that easy. I completely get it as this is how Nepalese government offices work. A simple example you need an attested paper signed by multiple people you know to just even say you are unmarried from your Wada you reside.
This mere need of an authorized documentation was the point that the people used against Rabi to sue him during this nationality debate and the court could not do anything but go "by book". Technically he seems to be at wrong but what baffles me is to say that was he that stupid to not even know what were the steps to take after giving up American citizenship? And to think he was there for so many years in Nepal working/ researching in law and order sector after returning from USA.
I do think the court should have given some time, ultimatum to present the required documentation in the allotted time rather than stamping that decision of him being citizenship-less, stripping of his new responsibilities and making this all hue and cry, but then who am I to really matter to them?

Posted on 01-27-23 6:26 PM     [Snapshot: 184]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My issue is not with if Nepal should (or should not) have provision for dual citizenship. I believe each country and its society should have the independence to make binding rules on this matter based on cultural, historical, ethnic, social, political, geo-politcal or whatever other factors it thinks are paramount. Those rules might or might not be favourable with my own personal self-interests. Who knows.

Rabi Lamichhane was asked by a reporter sometime before the last election why he chose to fight the election as some type of "independent" political party rather than joining and going with established political parties. His answer shocked me when he answered and said because it is the current "trend."

There is nothing wrong with fighting elections as some type of independent political party, but his motivating factor seems to be that you will achieve success and you don't need any deeper convictions and thoughts other than following what is currently trending. Very immature indeed.

This is very TikToker type of मानसिकता. You will become viral and achieve success if you make Tik Tok content based on what is trending right now.

टेली भिजनका क्यामारा अगाडी पारदर्सीता तथा सुसासनका (rule of law/good governance) चर्को नारा लगाउदै बुरूक बुरूक उफ्रे आज जो कोहीले पनी सत्ता तथा शक्तिको छोटै भए पनी स्वाद लीन सक्ने रैछ ।

म पनी एउटा podcast सुरू गर्न पर्ला जस्तो लाग्या छ । चर्को नारा लगाउदै बुरूक बुरूक उफ्रे मैले पनी सत्ता तथा शक्तिको स्वाद लीन पाउने होकी ।

Posted on 01-27-23 8:16 PM     [Snapshot: 272]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@beni and @kahobadi_neta

सहि लाग्यो मलाइ तपाइँहरुको कमेंट.

Something about the way RL went all up on reporting things on TV as if he was the paragon of anticorruption was surreal. But again, shit happens in people's lives. He should really have waited until his citizenship papers were in. I think he got ahead of himself in this case, like in some of his media reports :)

I agree a country can have myriads of situations based on which they make laws, as well as foreign and domestic policies. But it is about time Nepal start embracing the larger Nepali populace, especially people of ethnic Nepali origin as their well wishers rather than maintaining an attitude of a mute neutral observer toward them. All of the Nepali folks that lived abroad and continue to live there, are just economic migrants. In a generation from now, all those who live abroad will fall in this category and your and my children will have no reason to maintain any attachment to Nepal. Just the idea we reinforce in them, that we are of Nepali origin will only be the common connecting thread. That is a sad situation. Nepal doesn't have to provide anything to us physically, but just have a policy in place to at least speak for them in times of need. We are not begging to provide us land or property or accord any special favor. Just a distant embrace if such a time comes due to unforeseen situations. And trust me, that will benefit Nepal immensely. But this is just my personal musing and please don't interpret this as some self-serving moaning. I have my marbles and scruples in place and I could care less about these things, but it is not right to look away and not say anything on these matters.

This happened to the Burmese Nepalese, the Bhutanese Nepalese, those in Darjeeling and Dehradhun, and in other parts of India (those in Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya etc.). Now this will rinse and repeat to our children and grandchildren in the US, UK, Australia etc. But when the hour of need comes (such as the panic on depleting dollar reserves recently) Nepal will suddenly think we could be relied upon, and in a way rightly so. It should be a mutual relationship between a country and its ethnic diaspora, both at home and abroad.

But the politburo in Nepal seems to be too busy just managing the daily affairs of the country, and is not setting up long term plans for a decade or two away!
Last edited: 27-Jan-23 08:24 PM

Posted on 01-27-23 10:46 PM     [Snapshot: 331]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If anyone wants to ignore the current laws, do it at your own peril. RL himself admits that Supreme Court is an entity of the highest order and he welcomes their decision. He should have sought legal guidance to regain his lawful Nepali citizenship especially when his dream of a legislative role in the Nepalese Government took flight.

We, Nepalese, are condescending upon everything we ourselves put together:
- the system
- the representatives in the Government
- the laws of the land

If you want to bring about any sensible change in any branch of the Government, you have to contact the rep(s) from your jurisdiction and convince them into it. If you demand sincerity throughout society, you have to set yourself as a prime example of it first.

[After Balen Shah's abysmal failure as the new Mayor, I was warming up to RL's new role in the Government because at least the latter has seen an efficient system in action in a First World nation like the US while all Balen has seen are Nepal, India, and Bollywood. That mayor is too naive to still don dark glasses during his official engagements. He(age 32) and his deputy(age 29) are now suddenly entrusted to appropriate Rs 25.41 billion in annual Kathmandu municipal budget. This is insanity. The people created this Frankenstein by dissuading a lot of would-be able, experienced, and educated candidates out of the mayoral race.]

Last edited: 27-Jan-23 11:16 PM

Posted on 01-28-23 8:09 AM     [Snapshot: 471]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with Benedict that Lamichhane knew the laws of Nepal, and he still didn't apply for reinstatement of
his Nepali citizenship. I think of two reasons for it.

1) He didn't have time for it once he decided to run in the election.
2) He deliberately didn't apply because he wanted to raise citizenship issue. (Obvisously, he didn't think that the RSP would win 20 seats and he would become Home Minister before election)

Citizenship issue has been a political issue in Nepal for many decades. Not only that it had been issue in Bhutan with Nepalese refugees, and it is still a big issue in India. Lamichhane citizenship issue is covered by Indian media fairly well.


Posted on 01-28-23 11:52 AM     [Snapshot: 535]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pepali rule are rule God don't have a 💡 what going on
Posted on 01-28-23 12:51 PM     [Snapshot: 549]     Reply [Subscribe]
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do yourself a favor by trying to comprehend what Khaobaadi_Netaa wrote above. It all boils down to - not following rule of law or proper procedures is bound to bring that "गेडा च्यापिने" situation.
Our so-called "Yuvaa Neta"s are too inexperienced, too naive and too reckless while our legacy political leaders are almost archeological specimens.
Gautam Buddha's Middle Path would recommend electoral candidates to be approximately between 45 and 60 years of age who have excelled in their respective fields[ and are not career politicians], have proven social-works related ventures in their portfolio, have deep understanding of finance and economics, can quickly grasp the strength and weakness of the country from historical, societal and economics perspectives. Everybody ought to encourage such individuals in their neighborhood to run for public office as a way for the latter to give back to society.

Last edited: 28-Jan-23 12:52 PM

Posted on 01-28-23 6:00 PM     [Snapshot: 645]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The title does not make sense. Do you mean man without a country? What does man without borders mean?
Posted on 01-29-23 7:21 PM     [Snapshot: 823]     Reply [Subscribe]
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प्रचण्ड सरको सदासयतामा गृहमन्त्री बन्न पुगेका रबि आज उनै प्रचण्डको इगो हर्ट गर्न ( केपीको इसारामा ) पुग्दा एकै चोटी भुइँमा बजारिन्न पुगेको छन् . प्रचण्ड सरको विश्वास पात्र बन्न सकेका भए कित यो मुद्दा डिसमिस हुन्थ्यो नत्र अरु मुद्धा झैँ ८ १० वर्ष लम्बि रहन्थ्यो र उनको गृह मन्त्रि पद येथावत हुन्थ्यो .

रबिको ग्योज्यान्ग्रोपन प्रति मेरो पूर्ण सहानुभूति छ .

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