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 Let us request the Department of Homeland Security to grant TPS

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Posted on 06-02-15 1:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear Friends,

The massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook our motherland Nepal has resulted in the mass death and destruction. Section 244(b)(1)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of the USA allows for a Temporary Protected Status (TPS )designation if an environmental disaster, including specifically an earthquake, has caused a substantial temporary disruption of living conditions in the area affected such that the country cannot adequately handle the return of its nationals. The government of Nepal has already officially requested for a TPS designation to the government of the USA. Department of Homeland Security and State Departments are working on it, but have not taken any decision yet.

TPS is a temporary form of humanitarian aid that will allow Nepalese here in the United States to efficiently support our home country during rebuilding. TPS would ensure that we Nepalese in the U.S. would be protected from deportation and granted work authorization to continue working.

Let us respectfully request the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to grant TPS. Each of us has to call the office of the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Rocky Mountain Friends of Nepal (RMFN) would like to ask each of you use this script to make a call. The name and state you are residing should be changed. The script reads:

"I am Birendra Adhikari from Colorado. I am calling you to grant temporary protected status to all the Nepalese citizens currently living in the United States. The recent 7.8 Richter scale earthquake in Nepal has affected over eight million people, including, over eight thousand deaths and half million homes. The quake has caused thousands of homes unsafe to return. The situation is going to get worse as the monsoon is quickly approaching. At the same time, thousands of Nepalese living in the United States are not being able to go back home and be with our loved ones in these difficult times. Therefore, I am requesting for your consideration to grant temporary protected status to Nepalese citizens on a purely humanitarian basis.
Thank you."

Let us make a call to the following phone number and read the script above. If nobody responds, then leave a voice message with the script.

Let us start calling from today share this with our friends, family members and community members!

Thank you,
Binod Raj Tripathi
The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 06-10-15 9:11 AM     [Snapshot: 2200]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No no. You can't tell them there are different and better ways to do this than calling. They will call you "Khutta tanne" and all that.

Our leaders are beggars, our citizens are beggars and now the expats are beggars. No wonder China and India give a rat's ass to Nepal while discussing about trade route via Nepal. यहि हो स्वाभिमान? यहि हो, "नझुक्ने नेपाल को छोरो?"
Posted on 06-10-15 9:43 AM     [Snapshot: 2239]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What amuses me in this context is that people act as if they have never taken a favor from anyone. They act as if they have never lied in their life.

Keep on preaching your fake ideals guys. You make us proud.
Posted on 06-10-15 9:59 AM     [Snapshot: 2215]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm not against family reunion. Lets be realistic. Illegals can still go home, pay one way ticket, stay with family and don't return. As simple as that. Folks are sounding here if someone has chained their legs. Phone spamming wont get us tps. Another good news out of this disaster is that immigration is prioritizing all lingering nepalese application meaning priority dates are moving fast meaning u can bring ur family members here faster than u thought. I read few days ago, some idiots for their own selfish reasons were so distasteful towards American policy. This nation lost it's troops during search and rescue mission in Nepal. This nation is probably the biggest economic donor to us. Can't they see, America is already doing a lot for us? I was, in fact, very surprised when I read a comment from someone respectable here on sajha himself writing that since America has billions of dollars constituted for aid/donations every fiscal year, it's our RIGHT to ask for millions for help. Yes, I must emphasize the wording ' our RIGHT' coz it sounded just like that. Are they obligated to take care of entire population on earth just coz they've billions of dollars already set of aids/donations? No. What we can do is make them our voice heard, we CAN'T MAKE THEM fulfill our DEMANDS and that's what we are doing right now. Please stop this bull.

I'm already tired of reading news of families asking for compensation when a US helicopter crashed. They have no regards for US citizens lives that ended on the same crash but only of theirs. These people who are capitalizing out of disasters are sickening.
Posted on 06-10-15 10:20 AM     [Snapshot: 2285]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Geology tiger, I thought you were better person. You dont have to slam people just because they don't get along with you thoughts.
First I already signed the petition. And I am not even against it. But to say the whole colorado community is not right.
Ani maile colorado ko nepali ko lagi ke garnu paryo? We all are individuals here. Colorado ma natural disaster ako cha ? Or are Nepalese in Colorado being deprived of their rights and needs?
Ani Nepal ko lagi we all are doing everything we can from our side. If a person donates $10 from his pocket to Nepal, it could because he could only afford that much. jasle jati sakcha teto garcha. just coz you make shit load of money doesnt mean everyone makes the same or vice versa.
Baru NYC ma adhikaar bhanne sanstha bata NYCko proper documents haru nabhako haruko lagi help gareko chu.
Aba keke gareko chu keke gareko chaina bhani rakhna pardaina. Maile mero deshko lagi yo garchu ra tyo gare bhandai hidne haina. Direct gara. I'll upload some pics for as I am going to Nepal to rebuild schools and teach for atleast 6 months.
and just like bro serofero said , which gopal yonjon song?
Posted on 06-10-15 11:06 AM     [Snapshot: 2333]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its wrong. Whats wrong is wrong. My wrong can be your 100% right.
But Everyone has their own way of thinking brother.. Let me give you example on your below statement : "We are trying to show the DHS that Nepalese/Nepalese American support TPS for Nepal and the number counts... and there is no harassment intended "

There is not harassment intended. Anyone who thinks is being harassed had confirmation from the person harassing saying please note that this is for the harasement??? If I May let me define what harasement is "It is commonly understood as behaviour intended to disturb or upset, and it is characteristically repetitive" . So if 10 people calling leaving same voicemail but name different.Do you really really think DHS thinks otherwise , mercyful? DHS(Department of Homeland Security) you even have a small idea who you are trying to mess with? You dont need intentions brother, they just need one small reason to put you behind the bar ( in worst case scenerio) but in real case scenerio this is does no good but gives wrong impression. Haiti, somalia, and other country who have TPS never asked for it . Some countries TPS even got extended for another 18 months. Please wait till it happens in our country. Dont be too aggresive on something that is on a due process. I pray they grant TPS to nepal I really do but again think about what you are backing up to. Dont ever compare your patriotism with others because they might have lot more attachment than you do brother.

Aafno des ko maya timlai dherai malai thorai kaile hudaina sathiharu. Des ko Maya bhanne kura ki hunchha ki hudaina. We all have our ways of loving mother Nepal .Please dont question this.
Posted on 06-10-15 11:33 AM     [Snapshot: 2374]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mikel, in the US concerned citizens/residents are allowed to voice their concern by making personal phone calls to concerned office, and the officeholders measure the quantity and quality of such concerned people to determine what to do. So what you think is harassment is actually one of the procedures that is allowed by the US law for people to voice their concerns.
Posted on 06-10-15 12:59 PM     [Snapshot: 2446]     Reply [Subscribe]
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shahi baba, you really are deluded. Either you don't know anything or you pretend to know too much of everything. Do you even know what DHS is for? It was formed after Sept eleven attack to thwart attacks. It tightens security and borders to safeguard boundaries within the border. It changes immigration laws accordingly. Do you know what is FEMA? Go first know something about what we are talking here. Just one example, people call DHS to report illegal immigrants and there on process initiates to deport them back. Check this link if you are too lazy and skeptic. I did the work for you. http://www.fairus.org/issue/how-to-report-illegal-immigrants That's what authorities do, if they bust illegals, they report to DHS. US intels are not fools like you think that you've to quantify your demands, they have measures and they act likewise.

With what I've seen, after gawking at stats , I can easily say 'NEPAL won't GET TPS, PERIOD' . Only few hundred fatalities in kathmandu, compared to 250,000 deaths in haiti. Most of you must have your home addresses from kathmandu or neighboring cities like Terai(the region totally not affected) in US government database. Kathmandu is not totally destroyed(someone reported on the news few days ago) as compared to other remote districts though major age-old monuments,heritages, or illegally build constructions were destroyed and people died. Kathmandu is still livable and people can go back there and live. It's not totally destroyed as haiti where haitian didn't have place to go and so TPS was granted. Nepalese won't get TPS.

I urge don't mess with DHS. You can call once or twice to report your concern but publicly asking people to call with premeditated message. IT'S NOT NEPAL, IT'S NOT PETITION, IT'S PLAIN STUPIDITY. It's harassment and You are gonna get in BIG TROUBLE.

Posted on 06-10-15 1:16 PM     [Snapshot: 2482]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Stallon are you seriously trying to teach me what DHS and FEMA is? LOL

Just remember this. This is United States of America and if you have questions or comments or request regarding any of their government offices and their functions you are free to call them. From your logic you sound like you are a supporter of North Korea where you cant question the government.

If you live in the US support the openness and the freedom to voice your concern.
Posted on 06-10-15 1:31 PM     [Snapshot: 2502]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I've written up there "You can call to report your concern but publicly asking people to call with premeditated message, I don't think that's a good idea "

And yes, you don't know what DHS and FEMA is unless u just checked it on wikipedia.

People here have liberty but what you ppl are asking is plain stupidity.

Come and talk to me after a year, if we get TPS or not. We Won't. As much as I wish they are granted TPS, this is not gonna happen. We really need to stop being selfishly emotional and stop making fool out of ourselves.

Posted on 06-10-15 1:39 PM     [Snapshot: 2512]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Y'all will def git sum TP instead of TPS
Posted on 06-10-15 1:39 PM     [Snapshot: 2502]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ Shahi Baba

Seriously?? Do you even know what you are comparing to? Do you even know what the rhread is asking to do ?? If you want to raise voice sign the petetion, thats there and is written
show me one paper or any proof that says call DHS and leave a voicemail for TPS, we will consider your voicemail request?? Is it a customer service department ??

I know we have certain rights to wake politicians or speak about it or request but please understand that everything has process and as far as i recall or understand there is no such process called "voicemailing". in USA. Again i say requesting, or signign a petetion does help and also its not guaranteed that even with required number of signatures, that bill will be passed, its just someway of making request to consider listening.
But here when you call DHS do you think you get a hold of Director ? Look at the scenerio Prediction and tell me what to do if otherwise
You: Calling DHS, hear may be 9 or 10 options to choose , than you choose something similar to your cause,

Lady: Department of Homeland Security
You: Hello Mam, Can i speak to Director of Homeland security
Lady: Yes sir may I know the nature of your call,

Now you tell me what do you say?? Becuase i need to request TPS for Nepal????
after that I do not think your call gets forwarded, you keep waiting and than your calll is lost
lady says please leave your message and I will have your message reach to him and now you start talking that long line written above???
Help me out brother what exactly do you think is going to happen.

Please correct me from incorrect and enlighten us , what are you expecting to happen , May be we can change our mind with your braod sense of this thread.

Posted on 06-10-15 2:36 PM     [Snapshot: 2518]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ Mikel, Stallon, Bittertruth: Are you guys trying to scare us ? Do you guys even know that Nepalese people have not only called DHS, some Nepalese journalists have even interviewed DHS officers ? Furthermore Jeh Johnson's office have formally replied some of the written queries. And you guys are trying to scare us ? Mikel you think that they will investigate every details but you don't think that they can also find if 100 of calls are coming from one phone number or multiple numbers ? Yeah brother you don't have to agree with me and I don't have to agree with you ... again I am saying that if one individual makes one phone call to DHS requesting TPS to Nepal then that is NOT considered as spamming. And Stallon I am not sure like you whether Nepal will be granted TPS or not but I am sure that these phone calls will make some difference. Why only DHS, we are also calling congressmen and seeking support in the city, county level as well. I won't be surprised if Nepal doesn't get TPS but I challenge you to bring me a single case of Nepalese being arrested for calling DHS regarding TPS. And don't worry there are thousands of Nepalese who have already called or are planning to call.

And Mikel desh ko maya ki garne ki nagarne bhanne matra hudaina. Desh ko lagi kati garne bhanne pani hunchha.

@ Serofero: I don't have any interest to know what interests you. But regarding that song of Gopal Yonjan and comments I wrote afterwards I don't think they are contradictory. I suggest you to scroll up and see what Badhi(Ati)Janne has written asking for donation to his friend. Gopal Yonjan's song applies for that kind of scenario. But Nepal Earthquake! even your close relatives and friends were not affected by this quake think about those who have not only lost their dhoti, but also their family members and their houses, think about the scale of destruction.

@herealone: I appreciate your involvement in Adhikaar and other social efforts. And it will be plain stupidity to expect everyone agreeing on my point. But I get offended when people vomit there negativity while we are working hard for the benefit of community. As you are also involved in social work you might know better than me how hard is it to make things work specially in Nepalese community. While I would love to see your pics from Nepal you don't have to post them as proofs. I'll take your words for that. And keep up your good work.

Posted on 06-10-15 3:50 PM     [Snapshot: 2657]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sick of TPS, let's aim high, can we just ask for green card straight? how about a vending machine at the airport where Nepalis can swipe their passport and get free GCs?
Posted on 06-10-15 4:17 PM     [Snapshot: 2690]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you call 911, take out on 911 operator for pizza delivery guy not delivering pizza on time .. and see what happens??

calling DHS for TPS is similar.. I just cautioned , rest is with you.

tato na charo phone gari gari maagni kuro ho TPS?? waahiyaaat..
Posted on 06-10-15 4:59 PM     [Snapshot: 2717]     Reply [Subscribe]
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स्टालन ब्रो,
सबै बिषयमा विकी र गुगल गरेर विज्ञ बन्न जरुरी छैन के .. आफुलाई थाहा नभएको बिषयमा किन यसो र उसो भनेर ठोकुवा गर्नु पर्‍यो ? अहिले DHS लाई कल गर्नु र 911 मा कल गर्नु एकै हो भन्यो यो मान्छेले .. भोली स्टालिनको विरुद्द कमेन्ट गर्नु र 911 मा कल गर्नु एकै हो भन्ने के बेर ? हैन साथीलाई पिज्जा खान त्यस्तै रहर थियो र पिज्जाब्वाइले डेलिभरी गरेन भने आँफै हल्लिदै पिज्जासपसम्म गएको भए नि त हुन्थ्यो । के तातो न छारोसँग साझामा कमेन्ट गरेर बसेको ... अँ ल सुनौ अब के भयो त पिज्जा ल्याएन भनेर 911 लाई कल गरेपछी ..
Posted on 06-10-15 5:55 PM     [Snapshot: 2738]     Reply [Subscribe]
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लोल , त्यो एउटा तुलनात्मक सन्दर्भ मात्र थियो | DHS र 911 ठ्याक्कै एउतै भनेको होइन | जसरि north carolina को एउटा आइमाईले 911 कल गरेर उसले order गरेको पिज्जाको complain गर्यो , तेसरी नै DHS लाइ फोन गरि गरि TPS को माग गर्नु तेस्तै ल्वाद तुक न बेतुक को क्रियाकलाप भन्ने मेरो भनाइ | 911 मा pizza को complain गर्ने ठाउँ हो ? DHS मा फोन गरि गरि TPS माग्ने ठाउँ हो ? त्यो आइमाई लै 911 सिस्टम को misuse गर्यो भनेर जेल मा कोचिदिए | लिबेर्टी र right छ भन्दैमा JPT माग गर्ने ? TPS हाम्ले राख्न देको हाम्रो बाउको पेवा होर अमेरिकी सरकारसंग माग्न लाइ | उनिहरुलाइ दिन मन लाए दिन्छ , होइन भने दिदैनन | हद्दै सम्म भए petition sign गर्ने हो | मेरो सकस यो TPS माग्ने हरु संग किन भन्दा भोलि यिनीहरुले गर्दा अरु नेपालीको इम्मिग्रेशन अफ्तेरो नपरोस भन्नु मात्र हो | सद्दे कुरो भन्नु पर्दा आगामी दिनहरुमा यिनीहरुले गर्दा नेपालीहरु माथि कडा नियम नलाग्ला भन्न सकिन्न | अस्तिको बमकाण्ड बिर्सनु भो ? के गर्नु हुन्छ तेस्ता कतिथ (भुटानी) नेपाली हरु ले गर्दा आगामी दिन मा हाम्लाई कडाई गरियो भने ? यिनै बिबिध कारणले गर्दा हामि माथि हेरनी दृस्टीकोण फरक नहोस भन्ने हेतु एस्त आलु जस्तो idea निकालेर TPS माग गर्नेको बिरोध गरेको हु | एस्तो तुच्छ गदिबिधिले हाम्रो बद्नाम मात्र गरौदैन , अरु नेपालीहरुलाई अफ्तेरो मा पनि पार्न सक्छ | होइन भुइचालो आयो, मान्छे मर्यो , तेता तिर ध्यान केन्द्रित गरौन | उता तिर सहयोग गरौन | ये.. नेपाली ले गरि खाओ भन्ने भावना भन्दैमा एस्तो कहिलेइ नगरिएको बिचित्र किसिमको तरिका अपनाएर Petition sign ले नपुगेर टायीम न बेटायिम एस्तो माग राख्ने एकदम हास्यास्पद छ | ल भोलि अब Petition sign ले दाल गलेन, phone spam ले नी दाल गलेन , अब के बाटो मा तोड्द फोड गर्ने अर्को idea फुरौनी हो कि ? अनि तेस्को नि समर्थन गर्नु पर्ने हो कि ? मान्छेहरु बात कर्ता है | हामि नेपालीहरु जहाँ गए नि जात देखाई हाल्नु पर्ने | भुटानले तेसै लखेट्य हो नेपाली मुलका हरुलाई | गतिबिधि तेस्तै छन् यहाँ | अनि कुन चाही तोरिलौरे ले लेखेको स्क्रिप्ट हो यो "I am Birendra Adhikari from Colorado. I am calling you to grant temporary protected status to all the Nepalese citizens currently living in the United States. " यो पढ्दा मेरो दिमाग सन्नक भो | एस्लाई request / plea भन्ने ? पढ्दा त order गर्य हो कि demand गर्य हो | येस्ताहरुको त बिरोधनै गरिन्छ | तपाई पनि बरु येस्तहरु बाट टाढै रहन अनुरोध गर्दछु |
Last edited: 10-Jun-15 06:04 PM

Posted on 06-10-15 5:57 PM     [Snapshot: 2791]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think if all educated Nepali are deported to Nepal will help Nepal far more than TPS. At least i get an excuse to go back to Nepal!!
Posted on 06-16-15 11:48 AM     [Snapshot: 3204]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Stallon भ्रस्ट बुद्धि you better eat your own words now

"Come and talk to me after a year, if we get TPS or not. We Won't. As much as I wish they are granted TPS, this is not gonna happen. We really need to stop being selfishly emotional and stop making fool out of ourselves."

अरु नेपालीको राम्रो होला भनेर डराएर बसिराखेको नेपालीहरुलाई अमेरिकी सरकारले लोप्पा खुवाइदियो | जय होस् अमेरिका
Posted on 06-16-15 11:51 AM     [Snapshot: 3210]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"अरु नेपालीको राम्रो होला भनेर डराएर बसिराखेको नेपालीहरुलाई अमेरिकी सरकारले लोप्पा खुवाइदियो | जय होस् अमेरिका "- comment of the day..very well said...Sabia DV pareka haru ek baltin runu aja...

Posted on 06-16-15 11:56 AM     [Snapshot: 3244]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Haha loperthapa bro well said sidai GC based on points ho

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