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 अमेरिकाद्धारा नेपाली राष्ट्रिय झण्डाको घोर अपमान भिडियाे सहित
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Posted on 08-29-14 1:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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३५ हजार भन्दा बढी नेपालीहरुले एकै ठाउँमा भेला भई नेपालको राष्ट्रिय झण्डाको आकार निर्माण गरेर गिनिज बुकमा नाम दर्ता गराउँन पहल चलिरहँदा अमेरिकाले भने नेपालको राष्ट्रिय झण्डाकै खिल्ली उडाइएको छ ।अमेरिकामा सञ्चालित एक टेलिभिजन शोका सञ्चालकले नेपालको खिल्ली मात्र उडाएका छैनन्,घोर अपमानित गर्ने दुष्प्रयास समेत गरेका छन् । 

सहयात्रीलाई प्राप्त युट्युब फुटेजमा ती प्रस्तोताले नेपाली झण्डाको खिल्ली उडाउँदै भनेका छन्–यो कस्तो आकारको झण्डा हो ? के नेपालीहरुलाई त्रिभुज कस्तो हुन्छ ? भन्ने पनि थाहा छैन ?

यतिमा मात्र सीमित छैन । ती प्रस्तोताले नेपालको विशेष गरेर नेवार समुदायमा जीवित कुमारी प्रथाका बारेमा पनि खिल्ली उडाइएको छ । नेपालका हिन्दू धर्मावालम्बीहरुले जीवित बालिकालाई देवता सम्झेर पूजा गर्छन् । जीवित बालिका पनि देवता ? भन्दै त्योसँगै दुई अर्धनग्न युवतीका तस्वीर राखिएको छ ।

यस्तै अमेरिका लगायत अधिकाँश देशहरुमा मासुको स्रोतको रुपमा रहेको याक अर्थात गोरुलाई पनि नेपालीहरुले पूजा गर्छन् भनेर हाँसोमा उडाइएको छ । विभिन्न क्षेत्र र विषयका बारेमा खिल्ली उडाउँने उक्त कार्यक्रमको उदेश्यभ ए पनि नेपालीहरुले भने उक्त कार्यक्रम र प्रस्तोताको हर्कतबाट आपमानित भएको महसुस गरेका छन् । त्यसैले उक्त भिडियो माथि थुप्रै नेपालीहरुले कडा आपत्ति जनाएका छन् ।


Last edited: 29-Aug-14 01:48 PM

Posted on 08-29-14 8:30 PM     [Snapshot: 387]     Reply [Subscribe]
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this is very old news!!
Posted on 08-29-14 8:31 PM     [Snapshot: 389]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Plus, the dude's patriotism is misdirected.
Posted on 08-29-14 8:59 PM     [Snapshot: 416]     Reply [Subscribe]
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cybernepali "update" yourself periodically....
Posted on 08-29-14 9:44 PM     [Snapshot: 481]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Down vote this post please.
Posted on 08-29-14 11:00 PM     [Snapshot: 548]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I like Colbert Report. I am not offended by this show. He makes fun of other countries too. Why should be taken so seriously ?
Posted on 08-29-14 11:39 PM     [Snapshot: 566]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Only pakhey people do not have a sense of humor. Colbert report is funny.
Posted on 08-30-14 5:11 AM     [Snapshot: 676]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you still can't differentiate humor and insult, then watch some Russell Peter's Show..
Posted on 08-30-14 9:39 AM     [Snapshot: 862]     Reply [Subscribe]
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cybernepali has created a north korean propaganda style like video. Good going, mate.
Posted on 08-30-14 10:01 AM     [Snapshot: 879]     Reply [Subscribe]
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geda khau gedaaaa if u say anything abt colbert........astinai kantipur tv le airtime diyera pugena feri yo namuna haru aaunu parne yaha post garna.

"comedy circus with kapil" herne baani lageko, dadhelole funga udeko dimag lai k sikaunu quality comedy ko meaning?

he wouldn't win emmys or be selected as a successor for Letterman for no other reasons but his different take on comedy and how it's done.
Posted on 08-30-14 1:38 PM     [Snapshot: 984]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I completely and wholeheartedly support the people who proposed replacing the National Flag of Nepal. The design and the appearance of this flag is deeply rooted in the history of the HIndu Hegemony in Nepal which in turn strives to maintain the status quo of Brahmins on top of the strata with the Newars, Gurungs, Kiratas, and the rest of the indigenous community in the middle or lower section of the hierarchy and the most agonizing part is the untouchables being dumped into the sub-human category.

It does not surprise me at all when the untouchables who are smart and/or educated convert to Christianity, Buddhism or even Islam. Religions are now becoming like car market and indeed letting the best car win is a no-brainer. People are not dumb anymore like in the dark ages; people have access to so much information and wisdom at their fingertips.

But the main point is as long as the people in Nepal cannot demolish the caste or ethnicity barriers that divide them, the road will not be paved for the best minds and hearts to emerge as leaders be it in the realm of business, statesmanship, education, civil etc that can carry the society forward and win respect as a nation.

Above all, an inequality and unjust society is what that Nepal seems to represent with this very flag. It is praiseworthy of people especially the ones from the Brahmin background who recognize the need to come up with a flag that will unite us all.
Last edited: 30-Aug-14 01:44 PM

Posted on 08-30-14 6:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1136]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@GeetMaijawafdiu ...Yeah ..Until we've people like you in Nepal ..nothing will change...Learn to respect the Flag ...and country first ...You're talking that Flag represents only Brahmin bg ...but you don't 've any logical reason on this... Listen you narrow minded Jatiyebadi ..learn to respect your country and flag first if you want the respect back.

Posted on 08-31-14 12:20 AM     [Snapshot: 1274]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One day you will strip away everything that was Nepal in the name of equality and new beginning and you will be left with a clusterfuck of a confused nation.

So, our flag to you represents the Brahmin, and possibly Kshatriya, supremacy? Let me give you a hint about the history of Nepal; few Kshatriya kings conquered bunch of divided states and made the present day Nepal. Why don't you reject that unification as well? Doesn't the unified Nepal remind you of the Kshatriya atrocities? Let's break Nepal into pieces to the original 22-24 states; or better yet, in the quest of a new identity, let's get annexed to India.

Instead of trying to erase our history, why don't you focus on the present? Trust me, we have many many other issues we have to get past before we start worrying about your interpretation of a symbol or National pride. I don't really consider myself a patriotic fool, at least not an emotional one with misguided patriotism, but don't you dare touch my flag.
Posted on 08-31-14 3:48 AM     [Snapshot: 1298]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr Kiddo, ooh, when you try to threaten me with that "don't you dare touch my flag", you sound rather desperate but it makes for a rather good rhetoric to all those so-called patriotic Nepali crowd, doesn't it? Your patriotism is really as good as mine, I don't really feel like saying "trust me" right now.

That day is coming when all the unjust practices are gonna come back to haunt you (or us). See what happened to the Shah dienasty of Nepal. What did Shakespeare say? All is well that ends well. They could not keep up with the changing times. It was not the Maoists or the democracy seekers who brought an end to the last kings. They did that to themselves; they crumbled from within. I have a strong hunch Mahendra Shah was assassinated as well. Oh the times were so unsurmountably tough and he was trying to get ahead of himself , or more precisely, ahead of the actual power-players to reckon with. The game has gotten too complex; one boy cannot be controlling all those marbles. I don't want to digress too much into that now.

This flag is not perfect. It was created by people like you and me and thus can be amended by you and me.
When you say Kshatriyas united the modern Nepal you are not giving enough credit to the foot soldiers and the battalion leaders who led from the line-of-fire and who hailed from Kirat, Gurung, Magar, Newar, and numerous other groups. All those groups, not just the Kshatriyas banded together as one army to engulf the rest of the principalities during their campaign of territorial expansion. There was no meritocracy in the Nepali army during those times nor does it exist in its fully glory in any Nepali realm today. People will not forget that the top appointees of the army had to be a Pandey, a Thapa, or a Rana, or something like that. Having said that, are you still hell-bent on trying to persuade me to believe that Bal Bhadra Kunwor, Amar Singh Thapa, and Bhakti Thapa were like comic book super-heroes who could destroy opponent armies by themselves? I can't f_ucking believe I had to put myself through studying some wasteful chapters on Bhim Nidhi Tiwari and Baal Guru Khadaanand (clearly does not sound like someone with an erectile dysfunction) in those Nepali textbooks. My question is how did they help Nepal become a better society? There are numerous such examples of glorifying just the Bahuns and the Chhetris in the Nepali textbooks, carefully designed to brain-wash the young minds with superiority of the ruling class. Bhanu Bhakta was made immortal by the same textbooks because he is said to have translated Ramayan, a sacred Hindu scripture of mythological significance from Sanskrit to Nepali. What a waste if you look back, it's not of much relevance today because frontier Nepalese understand Hindi better than the Nepali language Madhav Kumar Nepal and Gyandendra Shah cannot manage to speak fluent Nepali but I am sure they will not give up trying entirely. Motiram Bhatt "discovered" that Bhanu Bhakta was the translator of Ramayana. Consequently, the propagandists made him immortal as well. Until recently Bhanu Bhakta was the best known son of Nepal ahead of even Gautama Buddha, the Light of the World. What does that say about Nepali culture, values, and sense of fairness? We need to revisit those wrongs and make them right. Sometimes, I wonder if the life of Bhanu Bhakta from Ramgha, Tanahun is factually as true as that of Sherlock Holmes from Baker Street, London. Though, Motiram Bhatt on the other hand could be for real like Conan Doyle was.

As long as we allow this flag to flutter above our heads, the backward and corrupt Hindu religion and culture will never allow Nepal to progress itself. It is as painful a reminder of those dark times as Abu Ghraib and Tribhuwan Sadan. This flag is innocent but not the history of our nation. Mind you, I don't want to destroy or desecrete the flag of today. I am proposing to respectfully retire it after we have found a more suitable alternative. Now, who is being narrow-minded?

If the King's portraits could be removed from the Nepali currencies and if the national seal could be amended and the national anthem could be re-written, why is the national flag still a holy cow? 

Today, Nepal hardly makes or builds anything in the larger context. The only currency that the outside world knows or accepts of Nepal are 
1) Mount Everest and the Himalayas
2) Gautama Buddha (of course, f_ork Bhanu Bhakta)
3) Gurkhas
4) Sherpas
5) (you tell me)
6) (you tell me)

Dear all Nepalese, accept it or not majority of the world knows our country of Nepal because Mt. Everest is in Nepal or because Buddha was born in Nepal and not in India. Why not put these two on the new national flag and free up some facebook time for nation-building instead? Gautama Buddha, and not Bhanu Bhakta, was the greatest mind (perhaps one of the greatest in freaking history) ever to be born in present day Nepal. Gurkhas and Sherpas represent just certain ethnicities and not all groups in Nepal, therefore cannot be and should not be included on the new flag.

There you have it - Mount Everest and Gautama Buddha on a regular rectangle-shaped national flag. Steve Colbert would have to zip up after the new flag is unveiled. And it would make the job of my local tailor so much easier as they would not have to deal with those stupid crescent-shaped pieces.

Mr. Kiddo, unless you want to put an image of a man with gastric ailment on the new national flag as MaHa jodi famously said it is one of those things that can saliently distinguish a Nepalese from the foreign crowd. I am already picturing the demeanor of that wretched man hoisted up in the air to every patriotic Nepalese' attention.

Last edited: 31-Aug-14 04:57 AM

Posted on 08-31-14 4:02 AM     [Snapshot: 1313]     Reply [Subscribe]
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अमेरिकाद्धारा नेपाली राष्ट्रिय झण्डाको घोर अपमान


I see it quite opposite.

Infact, If I was an US citizen and came to know that Kumari goddess status was stripped just because she visisted US as a result she became Impure, I would have felt insulted. Any patriotic American would feel aggrived and angered about this treatment.

Respect work both ways. You have to give respect to get respect .
Posted on 08-31-14 5:42 AM     [Snapshot: 1359]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I second you geetmajawaf. These hindus, ugghhh!!
Last edited: 31-Aug-14 05:53 AM


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