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 Nepali guys who get with white girls are killers.

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Posted on 06-06-13 3:50 PM     [Snapshot: 197]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 haha, did you ever wonder that there are some guys who purposefully did not get with a white girl, because they knew that it was never going to work out???
Posted on 06-06-13 4:42 PM     [Snapshot: 284]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Everybody has their own choices, very few relations with white girls work out but most end up dimensionless. Getting white girls not makes anybody proud or bigger fish. Some likes white girls for fun, some likes them for ego, some likes them because they wana settle here. I had so many white girls as frens n f**k buddies trust me, I can write a book about their chatacter. Most of Nepalese never change when they land here, they dun even hangout with khaires n khairenis. They don't have that skills to get along with khaires n khairenis.
Posted on 06-06-13 5:02 PM     [Snapshot: 368]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@forget password .... Get over don't get a girl because you think it won't work ... Ever seen all those H1B and GC without a girl and how sexual frustrations have ruined their faces ? And you think guys don't get white gals because you think that it won't work ....
Ya I guess your hands work better than tha vajay jay ....
Posted on 06-06-13 5:04 PM     [Snapshot: 336]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I didn't got the motive of this thread in the first place !
Secondly @gorikopoi I don't know what kind of white girls are u talking about ? May be you are talking about hookers ,but yea well the real normal white girls don't give a damn to the people like you ,the mentality you 've bro. And your [Disallowed String for - banned word] boddies aren't the only white girls and don't think all white girls are same .haha skill set ??? what kind of skill set u talkin 'bout ? well if u only hang out with hookers then only skill set they gonna look is how full is your pocket ,right?
Most of Nepalese never change when they land here.... well that's not your [Disallowed String for - Bad word 'fuk']in business //
 -you think you're cool ...hell no!!!
Posted on 06-06-13 5:26 PM     [Snapshot: 405]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Funtus skills like how you can talk fluently n get into a discussion matters. Most if Nepalese they stay lame duck in parties. No discussion but sitting n sipping beer at the corner. Skills like knowledge about musicians, politicians, actors, education, the world, video games will help u involve in their argument. Further I am not saying, all has to change, everybody has the right to live on their ways. Dude I am not ralking about hookers. I understand why u thought about hookers because my posts were like that. I don't blame u Son. Ya now i go strip clubs coz my college life is over n i don't have time to act like i like somebody when in reality all i want is to get into her pants n find another  one to quench my sexual thirst. Dun wana hurt nobody too mentally so nowadays ya as soon as i get off from work i hit da club n making lots of money ya i feel gud to spent or may be i dunno how to use money wisely. But back in college days i had lots of frens fat skinny any kind, u name it. I have to confess i had sex with 200 lbs to 120 lbs. i did coz i wanted to have experiences. I wanted to know how hard or easy to have sex with fat skinny tall short medium. so that when get older i can reckon about my stud life. Among all I found tall average weight chicks with big booty pleasurable. I was just happy to have sex but never thought abt relation. I was a perv not them. They were good girls.
Last edited: 06-Jun-13 05:34 PM

Posted on 06-06-13 6:41 PM     [Snapshot: 526]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Skills like knowledge about musicians, politicians, actors, education, the world, video games will help u involve in their argument." @ Gorikopi-- what kind of education you taking about and other stuffs.. all your pevious post shows your education status.. I think no one as to say that..
It is not skill, it is manner and behave...

Posted on 06-06-13 8:45 PM     [Snapshot: 644]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So far, white women 'today' are not dependable. I can't disagree to few exceptions.  I've seen tons of white males marrying filipinos and asians. Ask me, I asked couple of them, 'why'—Relationships are not dependable with white women and most of their marriages to these asian women were either second marriage or third. There was this another white guy, technical writer by profession, that bastard changed wifes like clothes and he marries Thai women. I met his first Thai wife in a class, never seen a Thai girl that hot, we exchanged email after we're done with the class. And, after years later, came to know that her husband had already married 2 more Thai girls after her. I was stunned, not because he married several other women , but because how anyone could leave such a hottie.
Then I also saw here white grandpas married to their wifes for more than 8 decades, totally dedicated and happily living. 
Then I thought that was the time, way back when things were sober, people weren't crazier as today, they had respect to each other, everyone knew in the town and all such noble things came to my mind. Fast forward to now, I see myself amidst this crazy ipod generation, hopelessly materialistic, drug crazed, status hungry........ Once again, I can't disagree to few exceptions. But most of all, I've to mention here that I've witnessed things like their own white male counterparts think their slutty wifes are "white trash".
A Nepali guy who gets married to a white woman, best of luck, if things turned according to your will, but eventually, if that didn't work, you're imprisoned for life with child support and other legal hassles.. Once again, I can't disagree to few exceptions.
If it seems you are few of those lucky, where things are running smoothly for the time being, do you really think you need to taunt others? do you really need to bash others and demean for not hanging out with white women? Remember folks, most of we Nepalese are emotional, it took years of hard retreats for me to get over of it, but most of us very emotional. Don't be surprised if your white girlfriend sleeps with another guy and still be cool with you, this new generation is totally fcked up, sex is like taking a sip of soda.. , who cares.. Once again, I can't disagree to few exceptions out there.

Now happy with what you have, don't need to show off and demean others.

Posted on 06-06-13 8:58 PM     [Snapshot: 689]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Biittertruth the reason why these Asian girls marry white guys is coz either they wana get identity like many asians wants to be white. U said thai girls man probly for greencard. U might say in that case they could have married blacks n mexicans but u know how stereotype asian chicks r. They scared of other races n dun trust them. Anyways I don't find oriental looking chicks hot. Dunno why u said dat thai gal was hot.  just my choice sorry. Further the reason why white guys want to marry Asian chicks r coz Asian chicks r submissive n weak emotionally due to the culture they come from like treat ur hubby as god, stupid u know.
Last edited: 06-Jun-13 09:04 PM

Posted on 06-06-13 9:37 PM     [Snapshot: 763]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have a white girlfriend and I agree that before we were couples and just started going out I just wanted to get her as a girlfriend to get a greencard but now its 8 months since we started dating and I really love her and she loves me too.
@bittertruth, Its not like every white girls in US is a slut bro. Sure, most of them want to have sex for fun just like guys but then again when they're in relationship you can trust them as much as you can trust a nepali girl. Also, its not like every nepali girls out there are virgin till marriage. I've seen some nepali girls getting wild and having sex with blacks just for fun while my girlfriend who is a white would never have sex with a black guy. Yes, I'm being racist but everyone here hates typical black, don't we? My girlfriend was a virgin when I met her while some nepali girls even in nepal already lose their virginity in college(+2).
Its just a point of view. We nepali people think we are civilized and have culture while americans are uncivilized, girls are slutty. In US, usually the people from other state think California has a lot of slutty girls. So, maybe people from California lets say from rural areas think los angeles girls are slutty and even in la, there must be a neighbour within which people might think slutty people live.
Posted on 06-06-13 10:05 PM     [Snapshot: 819]     Reply [Subscribe]
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worldwideweb > your gal = fat, 100%  :o)

Posted on 06-06-13 10:12 PM     [Snapshot: 833]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@wit's end, I won't say she is the hottest girl in the world but no, she's not fat. She is not skinny but not fat either. But, she's better than most of the Nepali girls here both inside and out. Your 100% stat failed miserably bro.
Posted on 06-06-13 10:22 PM     [Snapshot: 830]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gorikopoi is right. Most Nepalis either can't speak good english, and even if they do they can't really carry a conversation. Luckily for me, I used to have an internship in college, and the only websites allowed there were news websites, after four months I developed a genuine interest in many things American, soon enough I felt at ease with them and got to experience the authentic American college life.
Posted on 06-06-13 10:22 PM     [Snapshot: 855]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Worldwideweb I m happy for u, mera gori didi bahini haru lai dhoka nadeu hai
Posted on 06-06-13 10:31 PM     [Snapshot: 875]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Gorikopoi, I won't. :) I will squeeze her tightly and never let her go. lol.
@hakim_saab, Exactly. You need to have a good conversation skill to get any girl whether it be american or Nepali or mexican or chinese. Nepalese here try to make a fake accent but fail on grammar.
Posted on 06-06-13 10:33 PM     [Snapshot: 878]     Reply [Subscribe]
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And after years of posing on faceboom and unsuccessful attempts at getting anyone who'll give them
the time of day, the socially challenged boka gives up, goes home and marries a materialistic Nepali woman
Posted on 06-06-13 10:38 PM     [Snapshot: 881]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@worldwideweb, did you read I wrote "Once again, I can't disagree to few exceptions out there." through out the whole posting of mine not twice but thrice? Do you even know what does that mean? 
Peace, be happy, you are those 'few exceptions' for the "time being".

Posted on 06-06-13 10:44 PM     [Snapshot: 893]     Reply [Subscribe]
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WWW > I'll take your word for it. Good for ya. :o)

Posted on 06-06-13 11:47 PM     [Snapshot: 960]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Masane - What are you talking about? Not everyone is like you. (You must be one of those fools that think that just because money is important, one would take bribe). 

Last edited: 06-Jun-13 11:51 PM

Posted on 06-07-13 12:48 AM     [Snapshot: 1032]     Reply [Subscribe]
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every Nepali dude thinks he's American accent is better than his counterpart's and he's the most Americanized Nepali.
Posted on 06-07-13 3:37 AM     [Snapshot: 1114]     Reply [Subscribe]
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