University Graduate Lady Needed for Marriage Purpose, Urgently !
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 Dear Friend:

Please accept warm regards! I am humbly corresponding with reference to the matrimonial enquiry for your kind rational assessment purpose for a closed but healthy friendship at the beginning and then possible match in the near future, if both of us are made for each-other upon our compatibility and comfort! I am a Developmental and Management Practitioner by training and profession. This year, probably after few months, I am thinking and planning for my marriage with at least a "University Graduate, but preferred Masters Degree and Job Holder or Self-employed, Pretty Looking, Well Cultured Girl."

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Warm Regards!

Raj K Pandey Chhetri, (MBS, MA) 
Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu (Nepal) 
Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884 
Mobile: (977-01) 9841 813529

Dear Friend:

(A) Please click the link to refer 500 Plus my reports/articals/profiles/songs/poems/stories/thesis/notes/resumes/write-ups/photos/documents/powerpoint/etc., which is a good collection since 1990. 

(B) You can also easily access/explore all my 500 plus reports/articles/write-ups and detail my personal information at (i); (ii); (iii); (iv); and (v)

(C) You can simply clink the link for referring nearly 700 Plus my photos/images/snaps in total 20 web pages without downloading any of them.

(D) Please click another link to easily view total 200 Plus my latest photos/snaps in total 10 pages without downloading any images.

(E) You can explore/access my reports/articles/write-ups and any other my detail personal information simply by searching me as "rajkpandey2000" and/or "Raj K Pandey" on Google, Facebook and any other search engines in the internet.

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 राज कुमार पाण्डेजी तपाईलाई मेरो धेरै धेरै शुभकामना छ |
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Good luck dude.......
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is this guys still seriously unmarried? I have seen his matrimonial advertisement for last 7 years!
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Yes copycat I am thinking same as u said. Might be this guy have some problem that's why he is unmarried yet I will suggest him to join Diamond Society. Everywhere I am seeing this guy bio and bla bla bla WTF are you kidding us Mr. Raj Kumar Pandey
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Raj K Pandey Jee,
Is this your facebook account ?

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This is what happens when your head is filled with "Status quo". Why can't you just find a simple lady who loves you the way you are. Why do you need someone who loves you because of your credentials? You seriously need to clear your head and change the perception becuase you got a big ego dude. I gurantee you otherwise you will just grow as a bitter person and will die alone. Sorry if i offend you but it is a fact.
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Raj K Pandey: Ke cha Som?
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Cant Believe this Nigga is still not married??lol
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Is he married now?
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I believe he shows/describes all those thousands of articles he mentioned here on his first date and asks the girl to show her achievment.....poor girls see the speeding truck on the nearby street and jump right there....
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यी पाण्डेजी त खातार्नाख रैचन नास बोरो कुरो ही ही ही
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पाण्डेजि: हजुर किन साझामा आफ्नो फोटो देखेर तर्सिदै म होईन भन्नु हुन्छ ? म नै प्रमाणित गर्न सक्छु , तलको धागो ले थप जानकारी गराउने छ |
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लोगन ज्यु तपाई लै वोरी परि आफ्नो परिवार ले साझा मा घेरेर सडमा लग्यो जस्तो छ को मान्छे को भनेर चिन्ने छोड्नु भयो ही ही ही
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