Calling Cards to Nepal
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I see is on sale. I used to buy calling cards from Himtel once in a while. Is there any similar website where I can buy online calling cards. I did search online and found some desi website which I really don't trust too much as they seem to do lot of fraudulent charges on your card. Therefore, do you know any reliable website like Himtel?

Thank you kindly.
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How about using viber out?
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Did Himtel go out of business ?
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@chicagoan....How does viber work?

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So you add “viber out” balance. 10 bucks gives around 60 minutes. You just call 011 977 and the rest. What I have learned is if you buy credit specifically for Nepal it expires in a month but if you buy for anywhere and use it for Nepal I have not seen it expire
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another option is google voice calls .13 cents a min.
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I have been using Rebtel and it is reliable.
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Am I missing something here?
Are people still using calling cards to call Nepal? That was like 10 years ago! I remember buying like Tomatotel cards promoted in Sajha itself. Now I use Viber app to call Nepal 'for free' but have not been paying anything as such since everybody has I-phones now with Viber installed..Are you guys talking about some specific way of communicating with people in Nepal? I am sorry I did not get it. You are still using calling cards? Do they still sell them?
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Benedict, even people with androids have Viber on their phones. What are you talking about, lol?
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I did not intend to say the Android owners do not have it but people are still paying to call Nepal?? That was my question. Like even in Viber?

Okay, after some research, found out you can use Viber Out to call people who do not have Viber account, okay I got it. 

But one thing I found out at work, you can use Webex to call somebody in foreign countries at their phones or even landline numbers without any problems. (I imagine this Webex is like an enterprise edition that the company pays some amount internally for the subskription, the free edition of Webex may not give this facilities, I guess). well the call receivers here do not have to know anything about installing Webex or anything. It was quite fascinating.
But since my every other relative in Nepal has Viber installed in their phones, so it has been so easy to interact these days unlike in the past where I used to buy all those $2 or $5 calling physical cards later online calling cards etc. So to me these things have become like the old vestiges of the past like a floppy disk of 1.4 MB flying around. No disrespect to anyone.

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Well there are exceptions and I understand. Some elderly people still use landline and their children who have smart phones are not usually around. In those situations being able to call is very helpful
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Microsoft Teams has that feature too Benedict. Found out about this accidentally few months ago. Called my home landline and it worked perfectly!
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Yeah, I agree. There are exceptions everywhere. Chicagoan. Do not want to sound harsh though.

That's great to know. I will give a try. One thing I noticed with Webex was you can call people even by their email address!! How cool is that? Just have to have computers with good sound systems in both ends, that's it, no phones involved.
Sometimes I feel these kind of features are already there in built, just that people take time to know about them you know. Just like how I read that this Wallet app (to keep all your credit cards/ debit card together digitally) was already there in Iphones when they first came up but people did not use this app for so long or they never explored much and now it has suddenly become quite popular.
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