Travel with TPS advance parole
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Namaskar Sabai lai. Mero TPS ko Advance parole aaproved vayo, ma yahan B2 ma aayera more than one year overstay bhayeko ra Pachi TPS status payeko ho aba ma nepal gayera aaunda kehi problem huncha ki ? Hajur haru bata advise paye dekhi ma sabaiko aabhari hunethiyen. Dhanyabaad.
Sampurna pokhrel
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If u are out of status there should not be any problem going and coming back to nepal. Only people who is in a situation like me could face some problem but shouldn’t be that biggy . I am being very positive . Btw in how many months did u get your AP?? I just applied it . I have seen lot of ppl heading to Nepal with ap on hand even if they are remained out of status.
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Hellow Sampurna ji, thank you for your advise. I have heard about out of status but there is a travel warning about unlawful presence in the AP, which causes due to overstaying and it says 3/10 year bar. I got my AP after 7 months.Thank you.
Sampurna pokhrel
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You are right . They mention that thing everywhere . However maile chai out of status bhayeko kasailai pani port of entry ma pakdeko suneko chaina honest guy. You are good to go . Testo ta uscis le na lekhe kosle lekhcha. Safe travels .
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You have advance parole so you will be fine. Personally I know few people same as yours situation. They have travelled 3 or more times sine tps was given.
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Thank you so much Gaitundey , this will be a big help for me as I am trying to be more positive .
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how long can someone stay outside US on TPS Advance parole can i stay outside for 7 months and return to US without any problem? any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Kevin N
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I have travelled several times on AP (including land border) so I am just sharing my experiences and views. I am not a legal adviser though so do not take in that way. As far as your AP and passport is valid, you may good to travel and return back. Nepalese immigration officers and airline staffs at TIA are aware with AP or form I-512L. You will have your documents checked before boarding into the plane each time (even during transit). Once you enter into the US airport or pre-clearance facility (only few in the world including in Abu Dhabi, Toronto and Dublin), an officer will take your photo, fingerprint and escort you into the secondary waiting area for the parole stamp (because primary officers only have admitted stamp). Then chill, relax and sit patiently! You have to wait couple of minutes until they call you and return back your documents with PAROLED stamp. Then welcome to the US!
Kevin N
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@Raj, hell no! You can not stay for 7 months and come back. It will not make any sense to CBP officers to let you enter the country if someone is in a temporary non immigrant status. 2-3 months should make sense and fruitful if there is a genuine reason. Advance parole document is issued by USCIS for short visit, including a visit to see family members, ailing relatives, work and study related purpose. AP is not for a long break or vacation. Again, I am not an immigration lawyer.
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How many months did it take to get your advance parole? and how long is it approved for?
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