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Hello everyone,
I have one question. How do you do your keep up with the day-to-day especially in the IT industry as BA/QA/Web Developer/Data Scientist when consultancy markets you having beefed up resume for like 6 7 years. Is it like just 'Fake It till we make it'? I wanted to know if you guys can share some of your experience in this field as HOW WAS IT ??? The team lead would except some expectations from you. ??
kattu tiwari
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my wife switched from odd jobs to QA automation engineering , she worked as automation engineer for 2 years in 3 projects . all you need is basic java skript skills and data migration tools mostly SQL and a few . work is kinda chill she would normally work 3 4 hrs a day from home. pay is shitty like 32-35/hr through consultancy .
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Kattu tiwari,Please can u give name of consultancy because my wife also interested.
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हेल्लो swifted007, तपाई ले भन्नु भएको BA/QA/Web Developer/Data Scientist position ma kasari keep up garne vanne barema mero 2ui sabda. Mero dherai experience ta chaina jamma 2ui tin barsa ko ho mero experience tei pani share gardai chu, kei bhool bhaye maff.

K ho vane, jati thulo job position or responsibility bhayo teti nai expectation high huncha kam ma. Tara yo sabai mathi ko kam ma you require preparation on the technology employers are looking for. Prepare hard, study, practice on weekends or whenever you have time; do not hesitate to ask questions to team members. As soon as you prepare you know exactly how to deal with projects ani aru experience ta time sangai you will get a hang of it and slowly things will be easy with time.

Dont loose hope, have growth mentality on any profession you choose and that is the key.
Very best,
Jay Nepal!
kattu tiwari
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@suri1 dont go with consultancy, they actually pay u half to the amount they get paid from the contractor this is what i have learnt
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