This is no way to live [Gastritis]. Bullshit disease killing my mental health
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I hate my acid reflux so much. Constant chest pain, back pains, throat pains, tightness, shortness of breath, burps, hiccups, globus sensation, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, postnasal drip, congestion, chronic cough, inability to eat basically all of my favorite foods, inability to lie down after eating, inability to eat late at night, inability to eat out at many places, trouble swallowing, need to sleep on an incline which fucks up my hips, the list goes on. I hate this. I have been back on a low-fodmap diet for a week, and I'm still having a flare that started a week ago. Omeprazole/pantop does practically nothing. Nothing helps. I have felt like I'm choking for a week. I am a big foodie and I hate not being able to eat ANYTHING. Even foods I am "allowed" to eat exacerbate the flare. I barely eat at all anymore. This is hell. I wish you could just waltz in and ask for surgery because I don't want to live like this.
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Take psyllium husk capsules. 4-5 capsules, 2 to 3 times a day for a month. It works wonders for digestive issues. It is called a Isabgol in Nepali.
No side effects, it is an ayurvedic cure for gastro ailments. I have been using it for my stomach issues. 

People mainly use it for poop problems here in US but in ayurved it is known as a cure all for all digestive issues. I had similar issues like yours it has healed me.  

This is the brand I use.

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How long you have had these issues? Does it hurt in the left side on the chest bone? You have some options
- if it’s bad reflux, you need to try carafrate and omelrozole( prescribe strength)
- how is your digestion? Liver and pancreas and gall balladeer- could be gall stones issues?
- go and do H. Pylori in blood- trust me blood test would identify if you have ever infected with H. Pylori. You can get breath test after your antibiotic treatment( triple antibiotics)
- if it don’t work need to run endoscopy and check the tissue sample.
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xkavrepalanchowk: I have been in through that situation myself with occasional gastritis. Went to the doctor and doc described it as H Pylori for me as they could see H Pylori Bacteria in the results. Had 14 days of antibiotic which was very intense and now I do not have that problem at all. So after medication few months I went to test hpylori through stool test and it came negative. It was back in 2017 but now So far so good.

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My endoscopy showed hiatal hernia.. which practicaly means thr flap that needs to close to keep acid down does not closw all the way. I have been taking generic dose of omnaprazole for last few momtjs. They prescribed it for faily use but once when i could not ger medicine on time i was so mich in pain. Since the. I have taken it ever 3 days. May be get an endoscopy done.
Gabbar aka sanaklaal is back
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Try shatavari , sunthi and amalaki . Acid reflux chait
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भनेको maana
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Taremam is spot on get a H-pilory test. After 14 day therapy healing will be very slow. Almost a year.
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xkavrepalanchowk: if you ever think of going through Hpylori route, there are some really good resource group in facebook which has some good information about what it is, process to cure and if you have any questions you can post in that group. Here are few groups that helped me as well:

All the best!
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kaabhre bro le bhane jati sabai kuraa meraa baajelaai bhaeko thiyo , aiyaa aathhu bhandai bite. Umer laageko ta hoiina ?

Not eating will worsen your situation. Eat laukaa, ghiraulaa, farshi , boil potato without spices. Make sure you chew well before swallow. Anyone heard of GhoraTaapre , it is beneficial for your case.
One of my coworker from Argentina suggested to have (blended) raw potato juice. Not needed to try yet, will try if needed.

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