Abortion should be illegal in US
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Unless you have a uterus SHUT THE FUCK UP😡 . One month?? People don’t even know they are pregnant until 1.5 to 2 months you IGNORANT DUMBO. 😡😡
Sexy In Sari
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I am a woman. I had an abortion, college ko time ma. It was a hard decision. I paid myself. Not telling anything to my family here and back home. Its my life I did what I had to do.

The problem with Liberal in America is they make everything political to get benefits out of it for an election.

On a leak decision, Supreme court DID NOT say abortion is illegal, it agrees put matter up to the States to decide the abortion.

Abortion cost money. Yes Taxpayer pays most of it. So Govt makes policy to control abortion so they don't have to waster taxpayer money.

Kali go out and sleep with hundred men, and she wants to abortion as many times as she wants and you want to pay for it.

Media like CNN, ABC< Cbs, they are so happy they find topics for 2022 election.

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States Decision, good luck with that. - Tennessee, mail in abortion pill ban (fine example of state decision) - Supreme Court justice saying “Domestic Supply Of Adoptable Infants” - No rape or incest exception

Louisiana state:
That reality inched one step closer on Wednesday, when Republican lawmakers in the Louisiana House of Representatives – emboldened by the Supreme Court draft opinion that shook the nation – advanced a bill out of committee that would classify abortion as homicide, allowing patients to be criminally charged by prosecutors.

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In Alabama, the penalty for getting an abortion after you are raped is more severe than the penalty for raping someone.
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Actually it's simple.

Women :

1) Who are against abortion, carry out a self-imposed ban and don't get abortion. Let other women do what they want with their body

2) Who are for abortion, get it if that's what you want/need. Fight for easy access and insurance to cover the procedure otherwise be ready to pay out of pocket. Should have been more careful(if one could) to being with if you knew you will end up in this situation.

Men: Unless you and your female partner had previously agreed in writing to have a child and did the deed that resulted in pregnancy, go to court to prevent abortion if your partner unilaterally wants to end the pregnancy. All other men stay away since it's not your body.

Government: You have no right to regulate women's body unless you are doing to do the same to men. Charge all men who get women pregnant those who want abortion and see how quickly men change their opinion on the topic. Let congress decide if the taxpayer should fund abortions or not.

Religious bigots and and those morons who talk about morals: Adopt every foster kids until you can not anymore. I am sure you can help all those children in need before trying to impose your beliefs on others.

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Kavre Bro: Saaliko chaak mai ramaaun chhoder kataa ameriki rajaniti tir baakaT haaneko ? bihe baeko bhae aafnai saaliko chaak herdai chholdai bas nabhe tyo dhaago kholne sang foTo maager tesaki saaliko chaak harer je je garnu chha gar .
birya ra bhruN hatyaa sabai dharmle barjit gareko chha ani ti dharmkaa lekhaai hajaar / duii hajar bars aghi lekhekaa hun . tinlaaii ke thahaa kampyutar ani internet aauchha chodanam gharn napaae pani chholanam garn paainchh.
internet ko yuga anusaarkaa kuraa garau !
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dont forget to vote Texas:

Texas Republicans say if Roe falls, they’ll focus on adoptions and preventing women from seeking abortions elsewhere
“We’ll continue to do our best to make abortion not just outlawed, but unthinkable,” said state Rep. Briscoe Cain. (this is republican party)
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in 2020 about 4700 children were adopted and fertility rate is 62 per 1000. About 368000 were given birth.
I think all church should created a foster home and adopt all the child who could not get the pill and could not abort.
The law Texas is going to make will be not be powerful as 2nd Amendment. People heart follow wrong thing fast and will be prominent.
Any one remembers : सन्तानले डाडा काडा ढाकुन ? China adopted once child policy which came from the government and American said it was a suppression, how about them who wants to control people humanitarianism does not mean save the fetus only. These fucking moron advocating unborn fetus but killing human other way is okay and do not see their fucking god.
We are going back to 17 century were priest and bible was the law of nation, now they are adding it into there law.
We thought we have separation of Church and State , it is not going to be mingle in our state law. Start reading bible, they wants to remind us what is in bible.
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If they so much care about the urborn child then they should provide enough fund for each child so they can get proper life - food, medical, nanny, day care, night care, free school and college and also someone to guide them to become good and successful person.
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