Booster shot lagau. Corona baghau.
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January tira booster lagayera aafno jeewan bachau sathi ho. Harr harr mahadev yo biswo bachau .
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Khai k launu Vaccine lagayerai thala parera baseka chan sathiharu!
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Yo booster sounds fishy...booster ta machine ma po hunxa!...Bill gates talking about climate change and vaccines from long time...feels like air is changing or somebody spraying from above! there any similitude betn climate change and viruses and coping capacity of humans ??..just keep an eye on mad weather everywhere in coming times and don't go out if it starts raining cats and kittens ! stay safe stay happy guys and girls.
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At first it was going to be one shot. 
Then they realized they could double their profit so they said 2 shots. 
Then they saw people lining up for shots so they said 3 shots will be better.
The fearmongering partnership between media and medical-political-complex had a solid hold, now they started promoting booster shots.
More booster shots.
Officially they are suggesting 4th shot.

Excellently orchestrated while dumbing down the population. Look at Joe Biden 2 days ago. Apparently the pandemic rules does not apply to him because he knows it's a charade.
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If it was me i would have made vaccine that would require only one shot and be 100% effective. For that i would need 5 or more years to come up with it. Till then all of you to can lock your self in houses. Not only that i would make sure that every single household  have foods and goods worth 5 years at their door and halt every movement because you know people tend to break rules and gather. Once the vaccine is available i would not force anyone to get it and advertise is efficacy because since it took 5 years they can automatically know its effective. Any suggestions please input. Next time people is position can follow these guidelines incase of real pandemic.
Too bad i am not in charge of it.
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