What is the best video game you have played?
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What is the best video game you have played? I would like to explore.
Mine are :
Farcry (the 1st one)
Fallout New Vegas
Fallout 4
Witcher 3
Immortal Fenyx Rising
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Thank you buddy, if you are saying I am devoid of reality then 
and please suggest best video game you have or get out of this thread please.
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Lol you have the audacity to troll my thread but you can't stand anyone questioning you lol. Haha hypocrit extraordinaure much?

Unless you are one of those ppl making millions from the games you are just another brick in the wall paying for your games just like unless you are the vaccine makers making billions of profit but yet you support them like a docile animal then things begin to make sense.
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Maxpayne (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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plandemic, thank u so much. so from your logic, if you are not Messi then you cant play football? if you are not a movie producer or star and earn from movie you cant even watch a movie? see where this is going? do you even know what a hypocrite is? with your own logic even if you watch TV you are a hypocrite now.

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MaxPayne, thanks buddy, I forgot this on my list but I remember playing this on bullet time.
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I never said if you are not a star you can't watch a movie. What i pointed out was the fallacy of your statement when you shared the link to millionaire players to prove that you are not devoid of reality.

As a rule of thumb - video games are make believe simulations and thus a make believe world. When I pointed that out - you wanted to show how real the game is by pointing to those millionaire gamers. So I said unless you are one of those millionaire gamers, you're just another person paying money to get into the game.

Haha you want to bend my statements to fulfil your own ego. At least try to argue like a matured person. Looks like you don't even understand plain english and just want to inflate your ego lol.

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dude is movie a reality? or do you never watch movie? I wanted to show you that even gamers earn alot which I know you never heard of it before. but you said that I am hypocrite for playing video games "Unless you are one of those ppl making millions from the games you are just another brick in the wall paying for your games just like unless you are the vaccine makers making billions of profit but yet you support them like a docile animal then things begin to make sense." so with your own logic if you are not a star then you cant even watch movie or TV. go take a look at your broken clock for time, you might be late for school dude.
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Haha when did I even indicate that movie is a reality. This is getting too dumb for me. You don't understand plain english so no point arguing with you. Go back to your video games and come talk to me when you can participate in a logical conversation.

Bye bye
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dude you never said movie is not reality but like video games it is not reality, I play video games, do u watch movies? I know words are hard for u, go look at your broken clock buddy
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Haha this is geting pathetic. the broken clock analogy was an idiom which is a construct in the English language. Looks like you have a lot to learn, but until then keep re-repeating things like a broken record.
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yes pathetic and can you please answer the question, do u watch movies which is not reality?
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You remind me of a boxer who's been knocked down again and again in a fight but who starts to cling on to the feet of the other boxer to show that he's not giving up. Take a deep breath and let it go. It's getting painful to watch you clinging on to what you don't have which is common sense and the ability to think for yourself. Don't let the door hit you on your way out. It was fun chatting with you. You are better off not saying anything anymore.
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thank you so much for saying that I m a fighter. but still u dodge my question, u have holier than thou problem, it is ok when you watch non reality movie but you have problem when I play video games, do you really know what a hypocrite means?. Please any other person are welcome to suggest me a great video game they have played.
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Haha I watch a movie every 3-4 months if lot of people recommend it. Unlike you who gets a hard on for those make believe games so much that you have to start a thread showing how cool you are who plays so many games. You probably play games everyday don't deny it! You seriously provide much needed comic relief in this boring day.
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"Haha now you are resorting to haha huhu to make your point look stronger ..."
 make Believe video games? and play daily? do u know this for a fact or just possibilities? 

so who is devoid from reality? the person who is reciting facts? or the person who is reciting possibilities?

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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Multiplayer khelna maja aauthyo. FIFA ni khelincha keta haru jamma bhako belama.
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League of legends, hands down the best!! Can’t believe no one play that lol
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'Limbo'. I haven't played it really, but I liked the overall presentation of this game due to my artsy inclination. I studied this game at one point of time and was really inspired about this whole idea of bringing minimalism to the game culture. Also I was equally fascinated when I found that Ubisoft people went to Nepal to study about the setting to incorporate it into the game, 'Far Cry 4'. They did take some creative liberty but overall I admire their vision to bring their interpretation of Maoist insurgency into the gaming world. This goes on to prove that stories are everywhere, we just need to look. Besides, lately I have not been following anything as such, thanks to the mess in my life.
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Thanks Bennedict, yes I have played Farcry 4 (Ajay Ghale) the Yeti DLC is the best. I also wrote to Ubisoft thanking that they chose Nepal and let lots of people know about the country (in a way)  I also found this Nepali game but it is a horror game, which I am not interested in 
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