Advance Parole Received Today
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I received my AP document today as it was approved on 10th of September and I applied on last week of February. I was so happy because I thought it comes with the new expiration date of Dec 31st 2022. But I opened the envelop with excitement today but suddenly I was almost collapsed as it came with the expiration date of Oct 4th 2021. I am planning to travel Nepal on end of December this year and I already got my leave approved from my work. What should I do? Should I apply the new one? I understand that it costs me another $575 but my concern is the processing time as it takes several months. Any suggestions folk? Thanks in advance.
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There is no other way around it . You must apply for a new one . In case it’s an emergency and you can prove it , USCIS local offices can issue you one but that is pretty hard.
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Kevin, maybe get an appointment with local USCIS office. Hopefully they will show empathy to your situation
Sexy In Sari
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17 days left for expiration.

I want you to listen, carefully. Now, three things going to happen ( sound like a movie line, don't remember what movie is that)

Anyway, Do Not filed a Form I-131 yet.

We are going to do Expedite Request.

You should visit your local field office by scheduling an InfoPass appointment.

Once you are there, tell your story, and the local office will instruct you to complete and submit a Form I-131 with appropriate fee.

They may use the same biometrics but usually they schedule a same-day, walk-in appointment with ASC for biometrics.

Lets see once they do the expedite Decision, they will give you locally-created Form I-512 right there. Or if you agree to wait couple of days, they can request from service center.

If you have to spend money again, lets do this process, it might work.

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Thank you folks for valuable suggestions. Certainly I will have to reapply again. I will wait until the current AP expires. I heard USCIS rejects the application if the current one is still valid. Actually I got emergency AP once from the field office back in 2017. I went their without appointment and I had to convince guards to field director about my emergency situation (normally it is almost impossible to get into the field office without infopass appointment and I got AP within few hours). That emergency AP was valid for 45 days and only good for single entry). I think the better option would be to put expedite request and send application to the NSC or through local USCIS field office.
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Call uscis direct number and request them to consider changing the dates to Dec 2022 and send you the updated documents.

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Sexy in sari
Expedite advance parole is valid for only one re entry . Hero banera listen carefully bhanis ni ..
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