Kathmandu- the capital of political ideas?
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Paris was the capital of political ideas in the early 18th century. The French revolution went through many phases. Looking at the political changes in Kathmandu in the recent times, makes me wonder if Kathmandu is the capital of political ideas of the modern times?

Do you have any history buff to shed some light on my possibly far fetched comparison?
Tesla guy
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Harke u sound to be the fcuk would we know this ?? Were u expecting us to Google about the French Revolution and answer it ? Or u trying to be smart ass here in ur thread. I am confused harke . U tell me how would we able to shed light on yr unconvincing comparison .
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I am not a historian. I just know key moments. I am hoping if we have historian who knows details of the French revolution.

My "unconvincing" comparison is based on mostly two things.

1) The revolution that went through many changes. Monarchy to Napoleon to finally republic. Kathmandu has been also seeing many political changes on the last century from Rana regime to Monarchy to Republic.

2) Nepal is still at the start of industrialization process as was France during that time. I am not comparing France today and Nepal today. I am comparing Kathmandu of today to Paris of 200-300 years ago. It is like a time travel. 🤓
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Really guys, no comment/reaction about politics, no name calling to the leaders? I thought that is ingrained Nepali psyche. Come on guys, don't hold it just because you're in the US. Have your say. It won't take more than a couple minutes. We can always slave to the corporations later!
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I don't blame the politicians either. In fact, the current crop of politicians in Nepal (or anywhere for that matter) is a true reflection of the society they were nurtured in. Adapting it from the skit by the great George Carlin : These politicians come from Nepalese parents and Nepalese families, Nepalese homes, Nepalese schools, Nepalese places-of-worship, Nepalese businesses and Nepalese universities, and they are elected by Nepalese citizens. This is the best we can do folks. Political ideas sounds like it's meant for people who want to acquire or maintain political power. The term you are looking for is "Civic Engagement". In a nutshell, it is a process in which people stay informed of the current state of affairs and use responsible civic activism to bring about a positive change in the society. Ralph Nader, whom the establishment and the American people snubbed in several of his Presidential bids, has been championing this form of activism for several decades now.
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Modi's man is in Kathmandu meeting top politicians

And, the Chinese were there few months ago. The Chinese president, the second powerful man, visited Kathmandu last year. Modi had visited 3-4 times already. The US wants the MCC ratified. Everyone's eye seems to be on Kathmandu right now. The capital of the new world order! ☝
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