F1 student. Port of Entry (POE) ma problem huncha?
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Hello, my graduate program start date is Aug 5 and class start date is Aug 10. However, I spoke with the international student advisor and he said I can report to university by Aug 16 at late. I am looking to reach DFW, TX on Aug 10, stay with relatives for a day there, and take domestic flight to my university at different state on Aug 12 (I will book domestic ticket before leaving Nepal and take the printout with me).

Do you think my itinerary is going to cause any problems at POE in DFW? Thanks
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U r good himalphedi... no worries
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Please contact university's international office and request them to write 'Late arrival' letter so you can show it to immigration at port of Entry.
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I would not risk it. You can always visit relatives later. The officers at POE are really picky sometimes. They may doubt your intention. I would directly go to Georgia first. 
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I suggest not to miss classes if you can help it. Even missing a couple of classes can hurt with unit test, quizzes etc and will be harder to catch up. But if you don’t have a choice then it is what it is.
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coming from delta epicenter ( Nepal ) , u cant just book a domestic flight and travel GA after spending few days in Texas unless you quarantine yourself for 10 days in Texas produce a negative test report before they let you board. if you meet the deadline for the class you can do it otherwise don't risk.
Tesla guy
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Don’t listen to these fools. Just write short email to the advisor . Do what u want man . Make some pandemic dramabaaji and enjoy ur time ... these all fools havent been in us for long time .. there’s are rookie and they will suggest u rookie ..
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How will the domestic Airlines know that I just arrived from Nepal? I will be using unexpired Oklahoma driver's license to board the domestic flight to GA (I should have mentioned this part before). Also, I will have a covid PCR test from Nepal which will be about 3-5 days old at the boarding time. Won't that suffice? Thanks.
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