Re- designation and extension of tps for somalia
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Sec of homeland security announced 18 months extension and re- designation of tps till 2023 . Nepal is next .
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Just wondering. Are folks in TPS allowed to pursue other options? By that I mean, can they go to school and apply for F1, find a job and apply for H1? If those options are allowed, it might be good to pursue those. That way, one is not beholden to Congress’s whim.
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U need to get your ass in the computer and Google it . You dont sound to be tps holder and u are indirectly telling me to go get some job and get a greencard . Btw how the fuck did you earn your degree via desi consultancy .... other STOCkDALAL will drill his 5 incher on to your Back hole ...mind it .... munyaaaadaaaarrr munyadaaaaaar rascala
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No. I had no ulterior motive. A simple question. You could have answered with without throwing insults.

Good luck to you nonetheless.
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Chicagoan !

I think TPS is allowed to pursuit all other options including F1 and H1b but better than both.

Why go through F1, H1b if TPS is far superior than both. They can go to school without F1 and can get any H1 job or better without H1b; They are not limited to working for only sponsoring company, they can work for any company except feds and few others

It is even better than green card (to some extent) as there is no 6 month limit on overseas travel. Of course, green card has its other merits.

I thought you were legally knowledgeable, did you mean anything else by asking the above questions?

USCIS usually extends TPS at least 60 days before it expires, for Nepal it expires in November 4, so two months before that is August 4, 21. This is my understanding, in case any one of you have more updated info do let us know.

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I see. Good luck to you
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