DACA TPS Crisis is Opportunity??
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Can this DACA TPS crisis change into opportunity? Will this put pressure on Congress to take action? I am saying this b/c Dems have already begun working on it through reconciliation which can take shape next week.
What do you all think?
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Ram ke bharosay..
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Yasto Kaam haroo sabai uper wale le take care garcha.. usle dina mann laage dincha .. dina mann na laage didaina....
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Kuro ..... lol . Well now these republicans senators are roaring like a lion in a jungle . They are saying immigration reform like tps and farm workers will
Not be apart of this bill . They are urging demo senators to vote NAY .
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Joe Manchin is in, I guess Sinema is also going to vote for it, so if 50 is secured then VP can break tie the reconciliation bill.
The real challenge is if this can be included in the reconciliation bill in the first place.
Don't get carried away by nay-sayers or deniers, this is a different approach, never done before.
DACA is not just a problem for Democrats, Republicans will have to deal with this too.
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Our fate will be decided by woman called Elizabeth Mcdonald. She will decide if this immigration bill can be inserted in reconciliation. Many people say the chances are slim but there is a chance she will say okay. Republicans fuck over Democrats all the time; time for Democrats to show some toughness.
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Who is this Elizabeth macdonald btw ??
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She is the so called Senate Parliamentarian. Her job is to make sure the content of the bill passes the reconciliation rule; which is like a legal technicality. More details in this article.
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@westcoastlad, yes, it is up to her. She previously agreed on GOP's H1B ruling.

"And Democrats are hopeful that they will get Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, a former immigration lawyer, to rule in their favor. They point to the Senate previously addressing H-1B visas through reconciliation, a move that got GOP support at the time."
Hope she says ok.
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