आफैलाई कामी भनेर आफैले जातिय भेदभाबको बढावा दिएको अवस्था
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This case is absurd. Where does it say in law that a home owner cannot decide on a tenant. A home owner can reject anyone they feel uncomfortable with as they have to practically live with them. That Sunar girl is abusing the old lady.
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This is a tricky matter. Yes the homeowner can reject anyone who asks to be a tenant. But that rejection should be “caste blind”. The so called “untouchability” should never be a reason.
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The old lady was taken to prison without any proof and she was released because there was no proof. The whole situation was just plain stupid. The old lady never said her rejection was based on caste. If this was based on caste then anyone who is dalit can say any rejection is based on their caste and sue others.
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Rupa sunar went to trap that woman. Why did she record the whole interaction if she did not go there with pre determination to trap her
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This indeed is a very sensitive topic and is very hard to know who is the victim here :-(
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Sunar planned the whole thing by recording the conversation. Why is it hard to understand that?
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It’s hard to come to the conclusion without all the facts. Is it possible the lady used some deragotary words before and Miss Sunar went with the recording device as some kind of proof? I am not saying that is what happened but without full details we cannot come to conclusion.
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In the video by Rupa Sunar that started the whole thing, she says she went there for the first time after her friend told her that there was vacancy. Then the older woman was welcoming and even said she was like a daughter. I think she went there to get that woman's reaction by saying she was a kami. It's normal to ask for name/last name and Rupa could have simply said her last name was Sunar instead of saying I am kami. Maybe the woman felt that this girl is nautanki so she did not want to give her the rent. The woman has every right to choose her tenant. But Rupa Sunar went there and recorded the woman and wanted to get her reaction by saying she was kami.

I don't get it why people have to use their caste to identify themselves if they are not castist.If you last name is Sharma you say my last name is Sharma. you don't have to say you are bahun, newar, bhote, jyapu, kami, dalit unless you are castist.
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If it was indeed an entrapment that is quite unfortunate. It will only hurt other so called “lower caste” people. After all casteism still exists in Nepal in some form and real cases of discrimination will also get questioned because of “stunts” like this in case it really is a stunt.
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Kura gahiro rahechha
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