prospects for bipartisan cooperation grow dimmer #tps
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since Democrats hold only 50 Senate seats, they would need 10 Republican votes to break a filibuster and pass any of these measures. And as the political climate on Capitol Hill continues to freeze over, prospects for bipartisan cooperation grow dimmer, thoughts?
Sexy In Sari
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No worry!! Babu haru....

Your Kamala Didi, daughter of an educated immigrant, will take care of you, people of color like you around 2024. HELP her to win the presidency. She is the only hope.

( Democrats marketing plan for getting vote always works)
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Harris/Beto 2024 !!
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Vs Pence/Haley if GOP get out their head out of Trump fat ass!
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lol if only tps lasts till 2024 otherwise fk
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It’s this year or never for pathway to citizenship. Personally I am very hopeful despite challenges. Optimistic about immigration via reconciliation bill.
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Now or never. Dems know that. Prez is ready for that. This is not about color @sexy in sari. Kamala will be zillion times better than pahile ko rastrapati. Niki is trying to play pure Bihari style politics flip-flopped. Said nobody should have supported T on politico recently and yesterday said if T runs, she wont. What a disgrace!
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Dems are trying hard to put "DACA/TPS/Essential workers path to citizenship" in upcoming infrastructure bill. They wrote letter to Biden today but instead should have written to Joe Manchin.
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@mangale. Joe is in on this issue. He visited the border and said should help daca saying, "maybe close the border for 90 days"
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So is it gonna be 2 bills now? Essential Worker Citizenship Act and American Dream and Promise Act? Doesn't look like both of them are gonna be passed!! Do both of them support TPS or just the promise act? Also, i am guessing Citizenship for Essential Workers Act doesn't include TPS holders?
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Chimeki mulukma yesto garna milne yaha chai Mareni namilne rahecha
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yeah US immigration is fked up!! Hope they pass through reconciliation even if they don't get 60 votes!!
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Try to have a backup plan friends. Apply to Canada won’t hurt if that’s an option for you. I’m doing that in parallel myself. Relying on Congress to pass pathway for TPS is like waiting to win Megamillions.
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that's a good idea but not everyone has the opportunity to do that especially some people in TPS!! So it's all up to Congress now, I just hope they do the voting sooner!! Just wanna know whatever the result is and get it over with
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Now or never. This is the best time. Thank god it will at least be up for vote this time b/c of Dems' control of the senate. Read the last line from Axios article posted above by username.
"At the very least, it’s politically savvy to force Republicans to openly deny a pathway to citizenship for the millions of so-called Dreamers, young people living in the U.S. illegally who were brought here as children — as it’s a proposal that enjoys wide popularity."
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