Dems get ok to new tool to get around filibuster! Will Immigration get a chance?
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Dems get a new tool to get around the filibuster rule, the 60 votes requirement to pass a law. They are planning to use it for the fast-track budget reconciliation process for a second time this fiscal year, NYT said, adding, "potentially handing them broader power to push through President Biden’s agenda, including his infrastructure plan, over Republican opposition."
"Top Democratic officials have declined to say when they will use the budget tool again. But lawmakers and aides have floated a number of possibilities, ranging from infrastructure to immigration, that could be steered around Republican objections and into law."
Will they try to use for American Dream and Promise Act 2021?
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They will if they are willing to loose House, Senate and Presidency.
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@mangale. GOP lost House in 2018 b/c of urban votes and immigration was a hot issue back then when pahile ko rastrapati ended all daca, tps, and seemingly tough border approach. If Dems want to loose House and Senate in 2022, then they should do nothing. If they pass immigration, with covid under control under Biden, economy revamping b/c of stimulus and infrastructure comin' up, they better pass this.
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Biden is getting bad reviews on immigration currently across the spectrum and infrastructure bill is getting slammed by both Dems and others. Look for Joe Manchin sinking everything for him. He has the veto power now. I don’t think Dems Congress doing anything for immigration bill at this time , they have other big fish to fry . Best hope is Biden blankety renew TPS for all countries under TPS litigation.
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@mangale. Now or never. Biden can be a JFK and already on the line to become a mini FDR if that makes sense.
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