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I am starting this thread for those who consume only liberal news and rarely if at all get conservative news.
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People believing a con artist deserve to be conned .
I hope they suck all the money off your account and leave you high and dry like y’all deserve.
Fcking nutjobs .

Trump and his chumps wouldn’t even pee on y’all but fcking go on with “We miss you”. You miss destruction you piece of selfish shits .

And watching this rat Sheparo or whatever his fcking name is … y’all deserve such rats .

Tyesto politics audo raicha Nepal ma gayera garey huncha ni … Trump ko murti banayera tyehi pooja garnu ani tyesko shit safa garnu . Fcking idiots
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नाम चै प्राइड एण्ड प्रेजुदिस तर काम चाही देमोकृतहरुको गेडा चुस्दै बस्ने काम जस्तो छ | चुस्न पनि किन नाचुसोस उसलाई जुन ति पी एस देको छ | हाहा

सोल्टी कुरा चाही दिमाग ले सोच्नु पर्छ देमोकृत रिपब्लिकन भनेर होइन

All The Way
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Haiit, I thought ultra liberals are respectful and well mannered. Well, guess not. Why they have to be always aggressive to put their points?
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I am not a big fan of republicans nor democrats but one thing I cannot help noticing is how democrats put all their hope in a senile guy who does not even know down from up. He was selected by corporations because he does their bidding and it's not even hidden. He says' things like he is not supposed to take questions from anyone but the selected journalists. His own people are trying to expose him as little as possible. He comes with flash cards with talking points that read trump was bad. He is the weakest president that America has ever known. He is clearly just a puppet president who dances to the tune of his 'handlers'.
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Funny thing I noticed in the news yesterday was that leftist news outlets were all pointing out how Putin said Biden is not senile so he must not be senile then. I say WOW to that. All decade long they are after Putin. Even Biden calling him a murderer. And now all they have is a statement from Putin to validate Biden's state of mental health. Haha it is ridiculous. They need Putin to validate someone's senility as if it's not obvious in the way Biden shows how clueless he is at more times than not.

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Don lemon admitting Race issue is pushed in news cycle and agreeing racism is past issue in 2014. Seven years later he is race baiting.
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This is interesting.
prem kumar
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Goddam: Can you explain Conservative philosophy even a layman can understand it. Then it will make sense to reader.
Those who did not have any idea on Economics they were against capitalism because they started thinking entrepreneurs are blood sucker of laborers and peasants.

Please do not socialite only Fox News.
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Government should tax less and spend less. Cutting spending to balance the budget should be the priority. Higher income earners should have an incentive to invest (credits). Charity is the responsibility of the people.

Government should provide more services to the less fortunate (like health care) and increase taxes if necessary. High-income earners should pay a larger percentage of their income as taxes.

Above two are comservative vs liberal philosophy.
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Really? People are dying and CNN's breaking news is Trump being sued. WTF?
Told yall Biden is incapable and doesn't have anymore empathy than Trump. Media tricked all the fools into beleiving they were doing the "right thing".
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Good to see you back.
Is it part of conservatism to punish schools who mandate masks in schools ( Floridian governor De'Santos) and seems being tough as well going against public health and interest , voter suppression, control over women wish and body are part of conservatism?
If we compare Islam and American Conservationist are no different in treating women. Is it part of Conservatism?
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Needless to say fake news.

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lets talk about conservative discussion now .....

what is this and where will this lead us can you please tell us goddamn bro ? actually i want to know. .....

is it not related to a timetable ?

people who came here early settled they dont want more immigrants support conservatism .....

people who are new have hope ..... want some reform so support democrats ....

so what should a average nepali do? can you please elaborate ?

i am hoping for big answers from you la ..... :)
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G.Damm: I thought you started a good thread. You have not shown your depth of knowledge to discuss but ended as others just copy and paste. You did not even answer my questions.

Republicans are like Taleban whose sole idea was owning women and controlling them, They can not force Hijab and burka.
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have to agree with Logan on this one ..... looks like Gdamn created this thread maybe with good intentions but there are hardly any arguments or counter arguments towards opposite point of view ....... and yes mostly looks like a copy paste to me also ...........
prem kumar
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“Though young and healthy, unvaccinated father dies of COVID”

Type this and hit search on Google, you will see 300+ news with same heading from all around the world

Covid is some coordinated scam against Humanity
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