Why Biden will not be good for america
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By Sukh Sidhu Nz

As an economist and a stock market analyst I would like to say that the positive performance of the stock market and the positive economic numbers reflect President Trump's successful economic policies... President Trump changed unfair trade agreements that for years caused the US economy to lose more than 5 million jobs.. Multinational corporations in collusion with former US governments have created these trade deals that offshored a lot of jobs .. We saw between 2001 and 2016 about 70 thousand factories closed in America and about 5 million jobs go overseas .. These trade agreements caused the trade deficit to increase and continuous transfer of wealth from the US to China and other countries... President Trump was brave enough to change these deals and agreements.. Thus he moved more jobs back to the United States... He also managed to convince more countries to buy US products like military equipment and other products.. He applied successful economic policies... Also he managed to face the consequences of the Corona epidemic through stimulus packages and other policies... The economic numbers reflects these successful policies... Positive GDP numbers... The stock market reacorded historical highs with Dow Jones Industrial Average adding 45 % to its value and S&P adding 55 %... The economy is witnessing V shape recovery after Corona epidemic... I believe that President Trump has done a great job in managing the economy... I believe that the economy will continue to perform well if President Trump got re-elected... You've done a great job President Trump and the economic numbers reflect your successful economic policies ... I wish you to expose the fraud in presidential election and officially win the elections to continue this positive performance of the economy... I totally support you and I trust that you will win !! ✌️👌
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Soon to be ‘former president’ tRump has done great job of inheriting fortune all his life and turning them into ashes.
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There ain’t no correlation with the economy and stock markets. Stocks markets are mostly run by wealthy folks. Economy indicators are GDP, employment and growth rate, federal interest rate. That being said Trump had excel in terms of economy in his tenure with taxing China to NFTA. May be he was few Replublicans to withdraw troops n killed the war since war lose a lot of monies. 
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