Retrospecting Obama and what to expect from Biden
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It was October of 2008 (exactly 12 years ago), place was south Chicago. Fall was in full swing so the 2009 election. I was so excited that it is first time in history some one like us from minority will become president soon. I used to live in north Chicago and work at downtown. But after work, I used to go to south Chicago (where Obama has a house) with friends almost everyday. I did whatever I can, worked day and night to support him. I was recent graduate and was working as consultant. I had high expectation from him and had impression that life of immigrant will improve if he wins.

Election result came and he became president. I was partying for 3 straight days. Unfortunately my happiness didn’t last for a long. After a month, my employer told that immigration officer raided office. There is new law now in place. Everyone must have a job. If you are in bench then you need to run paycheck (it wasn’t like this before). For renewal or to apply visa abroad, client letter is must (it wasn’t like this before). येस्लाई कन्सलटेंसी कसरि चल्छ, फेक रेजुमी etc, एच १ बनाएर बाहिर काम गर्छ etc सबै थाहा रहेछ अनि सबै भन्दा पहिला स्टुडेन्टहरुको घाटी समात्न आयो

All small consultancies closed. There were several more strict rules. H1 used to exhaust in a day one. After he became president, there were not enough H1 applicant for long time (this never happened before). Heath insurance jumped from $160 to $500/month. My employer told everyone that if you don’t have job then either go to college or find another employer. We were reduced from 120 employees to 20. Many of my friends left country; some went back to college to maintain status. I had really tough time.

I somehow was lucky and was able to maintain job but it was like scary situation. I felt like everyday is my last day at work. I did what ever I can to stay at job.

I am sharing my past experience because some of you might not know what happened when Obama won and may be thinking life will get better if Joe wins. Joe is Obama’s puppet and he will do what Obama ask to do and Obama knows our all loop hole (republication doesn’t care about this kind of loop hole). Don’t be too much optimistic instead keep your both eyes wide open. Republication seems to be rude and try to be tough on immigrant but not like this back stabber. Obama is one of the president who left his place and settled in DC. South Chicago was much better (low crime) before he became president. Currently law and order is almost none there and I feel very bad about it. True leader will never leave his place when there is a need of him.
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Back in 2010, one of my friends got ill ,he was an international student so health insurance was mandatory. It was some small college town in heartland. What started as a mild cough, cold and fever (pretty much like covid) started getting worse by the day, he was admitted to a local in-network hospital system. His condition didn't improve, rather it started deteriorating. The hospital pretty much surrendered saying there is nothing much they can do, and the reason was...there was no ACA, so the insurance had maximum limit, and the hospital system which could treat him was not in-network, so the hospital was waiting for him to die. Some of the students literally fought with the local hospital to get him referred to one of the best medical centers, he was airlifted the next hour his chances of survival jumped from 10% to 40% that very night. He was fortunate he had some smart group of friends who could fight with such insurance companies. His medical bill was around $1 millon not sure how is he managing to pay that but he is very much alive and doing very well. For those who don't have smart group of friends ACA is there for you...that's my experience of no Obama Vs Obama
Thank you

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