Tps bata hariyo patta bare
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Sathiharu aile tps ma chu. Tps paunu agi 2 saal jati school jana chadi baseko thiye. Aile ramro kam payera kam bata hariyo patta ko process vairacha. Voli adjustment garna lai nepal gayera ako vaye sajilo hunthyo vanne sundaichu tara aile tyo niyam pani hatyo re. Ma Californiama chu eta chai tps vayo vane matra pani adjustment garna milne vanera sundaichu tara nagarik ko pariwarlai vanera dherai lekheko dekhe. Kam bare chai khasai dekheko chaina. Yo 9th circuit ma basnu hune koi esko barema jankari hunu vayekale kei share garnu hola. Dhanyabad.
Sexy In Sari
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I don't know what your parents told you when you were a kid, but my parents told me, "No

matter what happens in life, try to finish school, and do whatever you want."

And I did, and I am enjoying my life. NO TPS problem, No Job problem. No money problem. Life is good.

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I think they provide update today regarding 9th circuit below. But it will be really impossible to adjust status with more than 180 days of out of status. if you travel to Nepal with AP and come back and live in 9th circuit , talk to Keshav Sedhai, the old man charge $300 for just consultation but he is the experienced one who may have your answer. Good luck.
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Sexy in sari, congrats for ur carefree life. Mangale ji updatema matter of hgg lagdaina vancha 9th circuitma. Maile 1-2 oota lawyer sanga kura gareko adjustment huda samma tps vairakhyo vane good case huncha vancha but i doubt tps will last long.
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There is no other way around so gamble anyway for processing. Hope Biden wins or even Trump may extend who knows. 
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Adjustment of status employment based requires that you are not out of status for more than 6 months. If you have been illegal for 6+ months, there is a 3 year ban for re-entry if you leave usa. Talk to your lawyer if your advance parole will prevent that 3 year ban before leaving USA

However, family based adjustment by marrying a green card holder or us citizen does not require you to have a legal status as long as you entered the country legally in the past. This is a better option.
butternut squash
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: jobseeker jee
Please do not ever ever try to adjust your status from here bacause that’s a BIG BIG NO . They will simply write a 3 sentences for not maintaining a legal status here. They are not going to care even if u have 10 days of overstay . Please keep this in your mind . I have read more than 20 i485 denial papers. They will bravely write that since your case has been denied ....
Your second option is consular processing from home country . I have no idea for how long u overstayed your visa but if it’s 2 years than you should have a spouse who is us citizen or greencard holder. Otherwise DONT GO .
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If the person has been inspected and admitted but for some reason he/ she got out of status prior to TPS. So if he/ she fly to Nepal in AP and comes back . Does that mean he or she will not have any problem later .
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Sankalal: If you live in 9th circuit or 6th it may work to adjust but others NO.
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