Adhikaar Org. used TPS holder for own benefits
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Sexy In Sari
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As you know, I was against Adhikaar organization's decision to take TPS matter to court.

But a bunch of Greedy lawyers working for the organization thinks they are the only smart people in the world.

After the Court decisions, they are nowhere to be found when TPS holders need the most.

There are thousands of people working with expiring EAD on Jan 4, 2021, need to update the employment profile ASAP for the upcoming year.

Managers and the Human resources dept already warn the workers to present renew documents to put on file by next month. It's sad.

Hare Ram!!! Ke garne hola bechaara TPS holder haru

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पवित्रा बेन्जामिन ले सेक्सी को चाकाँ काँक्रो कोच्ने भइन .
Keyser Söze
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धेरै नखोके, सबैको जिन्दगी कहाँ एकै नास हुन्छ र । कसाई टिपिएसको समस्या हुन्छ त कसैलाई रोगको त कसैलाई बिछोड को। बिचरा हुने दिन तेरो पनि आउँछ । त्यो दिन आफ्नो कुरा सम्झिँदै बस।
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Sexy.. give me a name of other nepali org, that has done anything to TPS besides hosting dashain party and holi mela. I think you have some beef with Adhikar.
Keyser Söze
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कसलाई सोधेको त्यो पनि हो यो चिकट लाई tps ko मतलब लागेर लेखेको होइन है। झुटो sympathy देखाउन लेखेको हो।
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Nas bro.. Adhikar is group of women working tirelessly without expecting any limelight. Bunch of smart women, a grass root organization that has make name of themselves in American Mainstream media and the civil right groups. If it weren’t for Adhikar, Nepal would have lost its TPS 3 years ago. Again tell me a Nepalese organization that are so involved in American civil justice movement.Other Nepalese organizations have limited themselves to a party hall & temples. Well TPS is touchy subject for many esp those from South American who have established their lives here for 30 years or so have USC children’s and irony is they pay more taxes than your Baaba Trump. I hope your baaba Trump may get better soon if he is really sick .
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Chil out.

They did online conf some weeks ago.

They are filling En Banc for full court review.
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होईन के छ हौ ? यो सेक्सी को कुरा र बोका को गुला एवटाइ
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होईन यो संगठन खोल्नेमा सबै भन्दा धेरै मगराली नै बढी अघ्रसर देखिन्छन ?
butternut squash
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