Moving to DFW TX
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Hello All,

I am trying to move to the greater DFW area next year from NYC. I have been researching good area myself but any recommendation or experience of living there? I will be relocating to DFW airport area for work but would like to buy a house in a good school district for my child that is safe, and decently diverse. I have looked at few places such as Flower Mound, Grapevine, Plano area etc. I will ideally live 6-12 months in apartment first and then decide. Thanks for your recommendation in advance.
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House & School: If you have lot of money Southlake or Highland Park areas, (500K+) you have good money Coppell, Plano etc (325K+)if you have ok money Euless, Hurst, Fort Worth (250K+) etc For apartment purpose choose around Euless it’s center to everywhere.
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Thanks Mangale. I want to buy a house and be able to pay monthly mortgage with ease and not feel like the house owns me instead:). Job commute, school district, safe neighborhood are important but school tops the priority list. I am not looking for an area with all kinder garden to high schools with score of 10s. Houses in those areas would be very pricey. I am willing to go upto 320k max with buying a house.
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Saptarangi I don't think with 320K budget you can get the house in a good school district. Dfw metroplex houses are getting expensive day by day. I wish you good luck on your move.
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Go for Keller ISD (Fort worth side) area neighborhood for that money (320K) you will get nice house  , good school , if it’s for high school may be Euless. Euless is ideal for people who wants to surrounded by lots of Nepalese ;)
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Thanks all for your suggestions. I am not looking forward to being surrounded by too many Nepalese. Even if that happens, its ok. I don't mind meeting good people.

My son will be attending elementary school in 3-4 years: he will turn 2 in october.
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Since you are staying in apts for 6-12 months, you will have time to do some shopping and look around for yourselves.
But please keep open minded since houses these days in DFW area are not cheap. From towards mid to end of 2016 and early 2017, house here sky-rocketing.
With your budget in good school zones, you will NOT even find town homes /condo around 2200 sq foot new build.
Just budget and area is not enough info to point in right direction. New build vs old (old vs little old/few years) also comes into play. Sq feet.
But as mangale suggested FT worth with Keller ISD is a very good option. But commute to work will be longer. Houses in FT worth is still rising and has potential to grow faster than other area.
HEB ISD is also good and houses are still cheap there.
Check Viridian community in Euless/Arlington. Might have to bump your budget to 350K and houses are still cheap there compared to other places. but tax is high for that community. But a gem for family to grow with lots of parks and lake inside community.

Flower Mound, Grapevine are expensive. Plano has east vs west (old vs new) concept and good for tech people to find job. Schools are good. In new side of Plano I do not think you will get houses for 320K.
Forgot Coppell, it is crazy expensive.

Remember, rates are crazy low. do not wait too long...everyone/most experts believe rates will stay like this but you never know. a week makes a lot of differences (i got 2.875 vs my friend got 2.5)
If buying old houses make sure to have good agent (even if that means no kickback to you). If new build, try to find agent who gives you good kickback. some agents give back everything except $1k for that 3 % they get. that is 10K for your house which will cover closing cost.

Hope this helps.
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Virdian ..i think there is dumping site and heard stinks often.
Plano,frisco,copell.. too high..hell even cheap irving is high..
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If you are ok with older house 1980 or 1990, you can look around grapevine/Bedford area. You might find decent 2000 sq ft house . Also focus on elementary and middle school that gives you 10-12 before worrying about high school.
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we moved to Frisco (north of dallas, relatively new city) couple of years back. Really good school and good neighborhood. I really like it here.

Let me know if you have any question. I have done enough research before my move and might be able to answer your questions.

You will love it here raising kid. Goodluck with everything.
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friend settled down in frisco and i plan to move from out of state. Really good school and top community compared to other cities. High demand and growth is triple compared to others

frisco is expensive but compared to other cities this is rated on top and house doesn't come cheap.
butternut squash
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Texas ..... hahahahaha..
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Dallas seems better to move. I too have moved recently. Have been looking for the housing market, it's much affordable compared to other cities and metropolitan. Only downside is recently housing market doesn't reflect the US actual economy. I would suggest to wait for another 3-6 months before buying a house.
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GoneCrazy - I do not suggest waiting to buy house when interest rate is this low. House prices will never go down unless major housing bust like 08/09. There is shortage of inventory.
The only good reason to wait 3-6 months is not to compete with all summer buyers who are looking before start of school seasons.
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I still believe housing market will crash. Dallas area ma AA le bankruptcy file garcha. Then there maybe some 1000-5000 houses in the market. Housing market maynot crash but has to go down 5-20%. For the interest rate. Federal already said it would be around 0% for 2021 end
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