Rerun: Mangale interviews Donald Trump. (Still relevant)
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1.Mr Trump, where do you think this country is heading ?

Look mangale, we are in such a bad shape that even Nepal is beating us. For instance, look at the guys working in gas station, they have better phone than average American, they sport better sunglasses than regular folks here, they wear fancy cologne than us & they eat expensive basmati rice and look what people eating here? A cold cut combo!!!

2. You still think Obama was not born in U.S.?

Absolutely. I don't have detail but I am sure he was born in Kenya or somewhere. It doesn't matter where as long as it is not here.

3 What is your stand on immigration and how you will fix it?

Our country is flooded with illegals n legals. Now they are giving TPS to all Nepalese and they are going to take jobs away from our citizens. When I am president and I am sure I will be, I will first cancel TPS, crackdown on these Desi consultancy, send ICE to all the gas stations and beauty salon & deport all illegals.

4. What is your take on Iran nuclear deal? What is your alternative plan?

I haven't read the deal and don't plan to. I am against it since the day 1. I don't like Muslims and I don't trust them. I will take no deal. I will continue my sanctions and may be attack them someday and build Trump petroleum site in Tehran when I am president.

5 What you think about Nepalese people here in America ?

I don't know them that well. It doesn't matter, they don't represent much & even if they represent they will vote Hillary. Some might be good but rest are just losers. They are all midgets from 3rd world country.They rented my hotels in NY for their conventions and they trashed that place like never before. The hotels smelled like curry house and we couldn't rent it to anybody for another 3 months. It was that me.I have given them millions of dollars in charity. The only person I know is Vinod Chaudhary. He came to meet me one time and he said he was from India.

6. What you think about Jyoti Thapa Magar & me the one and only Mangale?

She is a midget Snooki of your country & You are a sore loser & you are fired!!
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पुराना नेपाली गितमा हाम्रो तेन्जिंग सेर्पाले चढ्यो हिमाल टाकुरा सुने, उनि पनि विदेश लागे र बिदेशी भए | उदित नारायण पनि बिदेशीए र भारतको रत्न भएको छ |
तपाइँ हामि पनि बिदेसिएका छौ , बेला बेलामा खुट्टा टेकाउन छिर्छोउ अनि आफुलाई ठुलो देश भक्त ठाञ्छोउ त्यो पनि यो साझा छिरेर |
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Talk radio?

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