GC holder> US citizen and claiming SSN benefits from nepal
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I am GC holder and planning on becoming US citizen. can I have property transferred under my name in Nepal? When I apply for US citizenship how will Nepal know that I am us citizen? After I become us citizen I assume I go to Nepal using my US passport.

If I transfer property under my name being a us citizen how does it work? If I don’t tell anyone about my us citizenship, will Nepal government know about it? Can I still own property?

How about claiming SSN benefits. Can i claim benefits being a US citizen from nepal?
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@ bhikari: I am in the same boat. I have plan to go back and settle in my village a little further down the line but I am unsure about obtaining NRN card or let it stay like this. I have been to Nepal with US passport at least couple of times. But I am reluctant to submit my NEPALI citizenship during application process.
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go through the NRN ID Card.

When you travel with your US passport, your information is recorded in the immigration at TIA airport. Immigration is a government body. LOL
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