Best flight deals to Nepal
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Has anybody bought flight tickets to Nepal from this site, I heard they give competitive pricing plus a complimentary US Vacation, thoughts are appreciated
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Good Luck on your (new?) business. I'm not clicking on it -- Happy with skyscanner.
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Brampton ji, click garna nai daraune, it’s a secure site starting from https, few travel agents told me they have to find another job soon, so we implement this giveaway, nothing to loose if you don’t get better rate from them, help our local business by believing, give a feedback if you think it’s not worth it and I will put this post down
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I clicked the link.
1. Look and feel: it is something I did more than a decade back as my first semester project.
2. Content: seems like a spam mail that we used to get in yahoomail.

Sorry but not sorry.
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Thanks Kalikopoi, for the feedback, so you try to did this project a decade ago, that’s interesting, any outcome of this project ? Love to hear that

Content is the king, and this content has appeal, why do you think mass emailing is still prime form for marketer. In summary this content is saying, “ we guarantee low prices, if we cannot give you lowest price available, we still honor free 3 nights vacation to US”

I know 99% of marketeers are using similar techniques and people get frustrated, but what about 1% who are trying to market their genuine products or services. Either they try to do same thing to millions and finally hundreds will trust them or they go with people who might trust them, like their friends, families, circles like Sajha

The real content of this site is not the wording, it’s the giveaway and ability to promote by every visitor with viral marketing where you get points and the promotions just by sharing the content, you don’t even have to buy anything or give your information

I love to see how it works and will give free vacation to everyone for a limited time, you don’t have to get the quote :-)
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I agree with "KKP". I encourage you the make the website attractive first or you will be wasting time and other resources. My 2 cents.
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Anticancer look at sajha it’s not attractive but i bet its making good money
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