Leg and Knee Pain 30 yrs old
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Hello friend, 20 ma USA aako as Student, gas station, store haru ma dherai uvera kaam garera ho ki k ho I really don't know. I am getting pain in Knee and below knee till underneath foot (paitala) these days. I am just 30. Does this happen to you guys. Its been like 5 years i haven't worked like that in store standing long hour now. but pain is starting since 3 years ago.

If you guys having similar issue, what you guys really did for the solution?

these day if i stand for long hours, i get burning sensation pain in knee and below knee until paitala.
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could be many things brother. You should get yourself checked. I highly doubt anecdotal cures you get from others will help you. The doctors know their stuff (they order many tests), that's the only way, as we are all different with different environmental / genetic factors affecting our body.
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As above poster said, it can be many things.
Try compression socks. You can get for- just feet or all the way to the knee. Just search in Amazon.

Also google "Plantar fasciitis". My spouse has one and right tennis shoes or added gel cushion like Dr Schools helps too.
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What you described mostly sounds like what my mom is going through at the moment. She has arthritis. You are too young to have arthritis but who knows? I would get checked immediately with an actual doctor. Better to get diagnosed early on instead of waiting until your only option would be (god forbid) knee replacement.
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My roommate and are lazy as shi()t we both have lower back pains, we dont do shi(), we just started walking 10 steps a day. I hope it helps.
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Thank you, everyone, for your kind suggestion and sharing your experience.
Initially, I thought this pain was causing since I worked long hour standing during student time.

Also, I forgot to mention that I have Flat feet. I am using an inner sole. This really does not help.

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Could be many things.
I have been suffering from back and abdominal pain for 6 years now, started after sitting long hours. Tried many doctors but it has been fruitless so far. Most doctors will throw numerous tests on you and try to rely solely on that result to make a diagnosis. If you are immigrants they dont even give much attention, which is mostly an unconscious bias.

I was given wrong diagnosis by 2 doctors. One said I had a hernia after touching the affected part for 15 secs, he did wanted to schedule a surgery after 15 days. I became skeptical and went for 2nd opinion (2 different doctors) and was given clearance that it wasn't a hernia. Had I gone for this surgery it would be worse outcome.

Another doctor gave me a diagnosis that it was IBS, which basically is something that cannot be diagnosed.

So, be careful with doctors too. There are so many low profile and lazy doctors for whom you are just a guinea pig and another transaction. They surely do know more than you, but what matters is - do they think about your symptoms more deeply to come up with a right diagnosis? Do they think about your problems after you have left? Do they read your history in detail to look at the problem from every possible angle?

Your problem could have started since you stood a lot. If it's a muscle problem try a chiropractor. If its nerves that's a different story.
Overall I suggest give your body some rest, if possible a full rest if you can afford it. Exercise your body part regularly if it relieves it. Do not hit the gym for strong exercise, but do natural exercises like walking at least 1-2 hours a day, playing a game that seems like helps with that particular health problem.

I have been resting and doing games lately and have been recovering, which is better than taking numerous medicines and wasting money. Believe me that giving a natural exercise to your body really means a lot for improving your health. You are responsible for improving your health more than a doctor.

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Thanks, everestial007
Thanks for sharing your experience, I have also an abdominal pain at lower left. and I also have pain feel in the left hip part. Pain is not like heavy pain but feels very discomfort. I am not sure what is this causing. Also, I have this discomfort since 2013. I have done several checks as well. Recently I did an Ultrasound test and the doctor says, everything is fine. In the past Doctor made me do the colonoscopy . and there was not an issue. I am taking fiber thinking its a bowel moment problem or IBS problem. but still, it's not helping at all. Now I sit a long hour for like 8 hours in work. and when I sit long hours I think this is causing. Is this similar thing happening to you bro? Please let me know if you find any solution. I really do appreciate.
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Could bed be one of the cause too? I know since few weeks i am having pain in thighs, calf areas so, I massage it with ointment(it helped a lot), turned on car heated seat to max and that helped me to relax my leg and back muscles a lot. 

I am also changing my bed to memory foam (online community recommended medium firm)and just ordered one yesterday. 

I would suggest you try some ointment or mustard oil heat it up (luke warm) and massage nicely. Sometimes cold could be a cause too so please try that for few days and see if that helps. The techniques from our ancestors works always the great and natural way of getting rid of problems is the best possible alternative. Remember, our mustard oil massage as kids or when we were infants? That helps muscles and makes bone strong.
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Wear knee or thigh high compression stockings easily available in amazon. It could be the beginning of something called venous insufficiency that leads to varicose veins. If wearing compression stockings is not a relief, visit a vascular surgeon. But don't stress yourself, be positive....It is not that serious as it is in your mind......I am talking from my own experience....!!!!
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@yekku. I replied to your DM. Follow through so we can discuss more. Looks like you and I have almost overlapping problem.
You know that IBS isnt a diagnosis, it's a bullshit word, it's a term for the digestive system based problem for which accurate diagnosis hasn't been found.

This my almost daily routine.
- Drink tall glass of warm water mixed with honey, lemon. It will relax your bowel after 15 mins to half hour. This procedure is a most to do if your back pain, abdominal pain and constipation are associated in some way.
- Walk 1 hour in the morning 1-2 hours after you wake up, not immediately because you want your muscles to warm up. Do not run coz it will injure the muscles more.
- Eat light, eat good fiber but dont overload coz too much fiber can cause constipation too. Nepali food (any asian food) is a really balanced diet if you reduce some amount of rice. Eat cooked green veggies daily, don't have to rely on salad.
- Do not sit for 30 mins-1 hour after eating. Actually for past 3 months my daily sitting hours has been only 30 mins-1 hour out of total 24 hours. I have managed to work by lying on a special table, bed platform. Works great ! I can share this setup but this is for someone who can work from home, partially or fully. But, it can also be used as your home work station for any work.
- Go for another 30 mins to 1 hour walk in the afternoon.
- Eat oranges, fruits, light yogurt for afternoon snack.
- Play light games like table tennis, badminton, couple days a week. Avoid any aggressive sport or exercise if you have any back, leg, abdominal muscle problem.
- Go for 1 hour of evening walk.

Overall, avoid sitting as much as possible. I plan on doing this for 1 year so my body can recover to 100%. I feel like I have recovered above 50 %. My one fren had almost similar issue. After giving the muscle rest and exercise for more than 6 months the dude is back to 85-90 %. So, I am thinking mine should take about an year. I am even planning to take a whole year off work so I can prepare myself so i can enjoy my life.

Doctors while are good in US, they really care less. Most of the time you will only be throwing money their way. I would better take a year off and get back in shape so I can get back to the person I was once. Follow up with me in DM.
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If you guys are open and wanting to learn about mind body connection with Pain and IBS, Listen the audio book below.
28th amendment
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sounds like L5-S1 disc herniation, google exercise for L5-S1 disc herniation and do as the video says (don't overdo it). pelvic tilt was one of them and it helped me lot
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Did you check your Vitamin D level? This is also associated with pain in the body.
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Thanks Everestrial007, i will stay in contact with you
and everyone for sharing experience,
also @ Sarad1245, i check my Vitamin level every year and take Vitamine D supplement, and ,my Vitamin D is in good level.
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लामो समय सम्म उभिएर काम गर्ने हरुलाई एस्तो समस्या भएको मैले पाएको छु । नेपालमा छदा हाम्रा केटाहरु ६ ७ घण्टा उभिएर काम गर्थे, तिनीहरु उमेर ढल्कदै गए पछि मोटाउदै जाने, ब्यायाम नहुने एसले गर्दा BMI नमिलेर खुट्टा को जोइन्ट खियिदो रैछ, एसको दिर्घ समाधान भनेको तौल घटाउनु र physical therapy हुन सक्छ । समयमा ध्यान दिएन भने जिन्दगि भर दुख पाईन्छ। कुर्सिमा बसेर काम गर्ने को ढाड दुख्ने समस्या हुन्छ। ढाड दुख्ने समस्या अभिसाप हो, एसले नमरे सम्म छोर्दैन । समाधान - तौल सन्तुलन गर्ने, ब्यायाम गर्ने, posture मिलाएर बस्ने अनि physical therapy.
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