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I have been working for a hospitality company over 2 years now and they are willing to sponsor me. I am under TPS-F1 status. I was hired through a fair and have promoted to a manager. They said they will sponsor for my USCIS fees and everything. However they ARE UNWILLING TO go through ad requirement process. Is there a way to exempt the ad requirement process. Any suggestions is much appreciated
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Hi. There is no way to exempt the ad. The rigorous process of ad and perm was established to protected american's worker and make it difficult for internationals to get the job if eligible us workforce is present. You should try to convince your employer on this.
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I agree with what Nepali786 said. If you are applying for an employment-based GC, it has to go through the PERM process. Ani PERM ko process includes stuffs like haamro company le ad kholyaa thyo euta position ko laagi, 60 some days samma ad run ni garyaa ho newspaper ma, dherai le apply garya thyo, but haami laai yo maanchhe best laagyo, etc.

There is no way your company can skip that, long as they want to sponsor you through EB1, 2, or 3.

Good luck!!
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